Will Take Police Years To Recover From George Floyd Murder: Bratton 1

Will Take Police Years To Recover From George Floyd Murder: Bratton


Former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton joins to discuss the need for police reform in America, the toll on law enforcement's relationship with society after the murder of George Floyd, and his new memoir, 'The Profession.'
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    1. @Roger C Have you considered moving to Somalia. You really should. Ore one of the other lovely spots with not police force. I look forward to seeing your liveleak video.

  1. Good. The truth is we need more police. But we can’t have huge forces who think they are a “brotherhood” or “fraternity”. They need to be a professional public servant who follows the letter of the law licensed in each state, with a bachelors degree.

  2. In addition to education we need to (1) fire and/or prosecute the bad cops and (2) quit hiring the people who will become bad cops.

    1. There are no good cops, they are all part of a system of racism and corruption that blocks true patriots from having freedom. We can see things are only improving with Defunding the Police, now we have to Eliminate All Police Forces

    2. @Roger C Putin approves your nonsense. There are many good cops. All encompassing negativity if unhelpful, whether it be left, right, or anarchist.

    3. Both have always been possible by the Democrat mayors. Why have they waited this long to reform?

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  4. Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Stop and Frisk himself. What’s the deal, Mark Furman not available?


  5. Oh, poor cops. Let give them tax-payer funded psychological treatment, so they don´t feel so bad.

  6. “Will Take Police Years To Recover…”
    Yeah, that is if they stopped murdering people, today.

    1. In the meantime, countless minorities will be murdered by their own kind. Fixed it!

    2. @Todd Nichol,
      Lol. All caps, complete with exclamation point, totally triggered.
      FYI, the punishment for crimes and resisting arrest is not murder.
      Cops aren’t judge, jury, and executioner. This isn’t Judge Dredd.

    3. @Dean Foyle, you think minority on minority murder exists only in my mind? That’s like the theory if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, than it doesn’t make any sound. Perhaps everything only exists in my mind including you.

  7. baseball… basketball… football.. go team go… touchdown…we’ze wins… the important things in life… leisure time…

    1. They did a U-turn on that policy, they’re seeking an additional 6 million from city council to hire more police.

  8. Do we want the police to recover? What we must do is have them change their policy because we have seen so many police shootings evolved from minor traffic stops. Should armed agents of government be able to act as tax collectors when they see a car with expired tags? We have seen so many times that a car with expired tags has been stopped and terrible things happen as a result. Why not change policy and have the police record the incident and then contact DMV and have them send out DMV officials to the registered owner to take care of the license tags.
    Several years ago to Texas highway patrol officers subjected to women two searches that included cavity searches on the side of the road. Those officers were fired and the women received compensation.
    Random traffic stops should end and should only be allowed in Felony the situations. The armed agents of government (police) Should not be tax collectors. Let’s put a stop to random traffic stops.

  9. Some police reform is necessary, but we also need to demand: (1) that parents teach their children to behave in public and (2) that public schools teach children good, responsible behavior.

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