Will The NY D.A. Indict Ex-Pres. Trump? Here Are The Legal Clues | MSNBC 1

Will The NY D.A. Indict Ex-Pres. Trump? Here Are The Legal Clues | MSNBC


Whether citizen Donald Trump is ultimately indicted or not may turn on Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance, who is currently leading the criminal probe of the Trump Organization. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on Vance's legal track record and how his approach to "do-over" cases offers clues for the investigation into the Trump Organization. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Considering Trump’s planning another coup, I hope the FBI is listening to every communication coming or going from Mar A Lago.

    1. @William H Music 2021 republicans LOVE projecting! Don’t call others fascist cause you’re too scared to admit your ideology is evil

  2. They better indict him and not wimp out. He is not above the law, Martha Stewart was thrown in jail for a lot less

    1. Arizona is attempting to set the gold standard for election audits.

      The Az Senate intends to inspect every ballot cast in Maricopa County in the 2020 election (more than 2 million total). The original scope was Presidential and US Senate races only.

      If the Senate expands the audit to include all races and,
      If it expands the audit to include all counties in the state,
      It sets the bar high for any state that follows.

    2. @David Cat like you say, name one crime that Trump has been convicted of. Here’s the problem. If Trump had at any time been convicted of a crime, he never would of been able to run for President.

    3. @Vicki-Lynn Olson
      I just did a little checking on the Constitution. You are WRONG, a convicted felon can run for president because there is no part of the Constitution that prohibits a felon from contesting. All the Constitution says is that you have to be over 35 years of age a American citizen and reside in America. That’s it. Not doing very well are you Vicky? I never mentioned trump ,so you got that wrong and then you stated a felon couldn’t run for president and you got that wrong. I suggest you shut up and go away.

    4. @Gospelfan Man WHY?, Hillary doesn’t have a single court case coming up! tRump has LOTS of court cases coming, Dont try and change the subject, we are not talking about Hillary are we!, If you believe in him so much DEFEND HIM if you can

    5. @Ron Wylie …. and if YOU LIBS reverenced THE CONSTITUTION and LAW and ORDER so much, as you pretend to when a Donald Trump is in office, then Hillary would be in court EVEN TO THIS DAY with Republicans AND DEMOCRATS adding more time to her jail sentences

  3. If Trump legally can pay only 750 dollars in taxes a year. I need the number of his accountant.

    1. @86 commies you do have to provide responses. Otherwise you’re worse than a democrat – if you can’t support your own statements. Also, you need to support and provide evidence about the welfare part. Don’t dodge it – are you scared?

    2. @86 commies go ahead and prove I am a democrat on welfare. Otherwise you’re fake news. Don’t be scared. Go ahead and prove it.

    3. @Kathryn Elizabeth Actually, it was legal and it was reviewed 100 times by the IRS. It is called real estate and property interest and depreciation and loan debts and wages offset income.

  4. 0:35 Well, your average New Yorkers know who Cyrus Vance is. He’s been DA for a long, long time.

  5. Cy Vance doesn’t usually prosecute big fish. I really hope he does the right thing, but I don’t have much hope.

    1. I agree. I think that Vance is going to take down Trump. I hope he takes down more than one person! I understand why you don’t have much hope but I have a lot of hope and faith in good over evil.

    1. Miller was supposed to do his job as well, yet he chose not to follow the money and he fizzled and finished with a whimper. It was easy for Barr to burry it because he used such an arcane phraseology in his conclusions, it took me two reads of his final memo to comprehend ( and I have 2 BAs and an MA). It’s just disappointing and a waste of effort and treasure.

  6. You plan on retiring Cy Vance, this “do-over”, will be your legacy.. Just play that RICO card

    1. No one could take another minute of the crazy criminal crud. You know He might be safer in prison.All that hate He created.,it’s come back to get Him.”No doubt.”

    2. @Regulatory Affairs delusional fool. Where’s your proof.of anything you claimed? Oh yea. It was on.fake faux news,, Qnuts and right wing nut media.

    3. @Jay Mo I love the term “ magically 81 million “ like no way that many people would vote for someone I don’t like it’s witch craft I tell yah but if rolls we’re reversed they tell us take the L bla facts don’t care bla feelings hypocrisy

    4. @Injail Outsune No worries about giving him something that makes him groggy. Something that knocks them all out would be a benefit to everyone else.

  7. Born and mostly raised in New York State…New York allowed this Drump organization to get this far, I expect New York must clean up the mess!! Investigated, prosecution and incarceration!!!!

    1. After this is all over, we need to investigate how the Tax people allowed a known tax fiddler and general con man to pay NO tax and even get MILLIONS of tax in rebate!.

  8. Wow! This was an eye-opening report! When we’re so fast to jump to conclusions, others like DA Vance, make calculated decisions to make sure we get what sticks! But I am not celebrating just yet!! RICO!!!

    1. @NICHOLE Hey, I think if Vance has the goods he will indict him. Once indicted you will see a sprint away from Trump that would make Usain Bolt envious. They will drop him like a burning cinder!

    2. @Rich Cooper I mean I could care less really. It would just show me that yet again politicians are never held accountable and will relentlessly go after anyone who opposes or tries to take any power from them.

  9. Aren’t Republicans the ones that keep screeching. “If you have nothing to hide, let the cops in.”

    1. Lock them all up. Including the proud boys terrorists and Trump and all the white collar criminals.

    2. @Kyle Rhein you mean those seditious POS on Nov 6th. or the loser GQP screaming on 2016 to move on.

    3. @NICHOLE “Dictionary
      Definitions from Oxford Languages
      Search for a word
      the technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counteraccusation or raising a different issue.
      “the parliamentary hearing appeared to be an exercise in whataboutism””

  10. Ari Melber, you knocked this reporting out of the park! Keep this type of reporting up!
    The thing I’m waiting for is major cleanup on isle #45, with sentencing of the failure of the orange!

    1. @Rude One They have been right about EVERYTHING, it just takes time, the grand jury is a good start though, not long now then we will have out inquiry into the insurrection, nothing will stop that.

    2. @JD D ALL TRUE, it really is WAR, they need the worst sanctions ever made until they stop it. NOW tRump has shown them the easy way of destroying democracy CHEAPLY, just pay a greedy criminal like tRump

    3. @Manuel Are you THAT desperate for something to say!, we are coming out of a covid nightmare, the reason oil and gas are high is they lost ALL that income when we couldn’t GO ANYWHERE

  11. It’s a foregone conclusion that with all of the time and money spent on these investigations, plus the present special Grand Jury…charges are going to be laid. A fine end to a family of grifters, phonies, liars, frauds, and cheats.

    1. @David Ross TELL US David?, what crimes {and not the usual made up stuff YOU always spout}. You cant…….
      tRump sheep waffling

    2. @Tom apt I hate to say it but thats true for the world, however the insurrection may have been a huge mistake, ordinary people are VERY angry and want action, they will get it

    3. @David Ross Trump was President between 2017 and 2021. Why were no charges against the Bidens brought in those four years?

    4. @DANNY Kaye It would appear that in America that very descent and honorable part of the constitution has been corrupted, NOW your defending the right to tell lies and lead an insurrection through those lies. Do you REALLY think that is what the founding fathers had in mind when that was drafted.

    5. @Ron Wylie Prove it. Show me where I defend lies. Don’t fk with me foreign ttroll. And it is spelled “decent.” Your foreign troll front is exposed.

  12. I wanna see . Lets start the trial. Make sure yaw have everything in order before doing so. IRS needs to investigate trump also

    1. True. But Trump is not smart and thinking has never been his strong point. It’s all about his gut feelings and his Id. Besides, I get the impression that he and his poodle may have had a falling out given his apes were chanting “Hang Mike Pence.”

    2. He is crooked. He was planning on being president for life so he could continue committing crimes

    3. A federal Pardon does not protect a person from charges brought before the State Courts.
      So a pardon from Pence does not help him with these charges from New York.

  13. tRump’s indictment has been ”coming soon” for 4 years. Tell me when it’s actually happening.

    1. Really though Trump has been committing fraud and illegal business crimes for decades.

    2. There is literally SO much crime it is getting in the way of each other, he is rotten to the core and so are these republicans. It is worth waiting, the Grand Jury is ready

    3. @Ron Wylie I think that was the Trumputin idea all along: create chaos and burn the country down.

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