Will Trump Be Indicted After His Trump Org And CFO Were Charged? 1

Will Trump Be Indicted After His Trump Org And CFO Were Charged?


The Trump Organization, after years of dodging various criminal and civil probes, is a criminal defendant along with the company’s CFO Allen Weisselberg. While the indictment includes fifteen years worth of financial information, it doesn’t make any reference to Trump’s infamous taxes and it doesn’t say what Trump knew about the scheme. In this special report, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber explains why Weisselberg’s cooperation is critical to the probe.
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    1. Drumph is finished this time 😂 I am a brown immigrant. I will support that con man even if shoots someone on 5th avenue, over a democrat. Ever. Democrats are THAT disgusting.

    2. @Vincent Brancato Proof or leftist fake news. I know it’s fake news but I’m still giving you a chance to redeem yourself.

    1. This was going on for 15 years. That’s disgusting. That was allowed, if we did this we would be in jail immediately.

  1. When will the money laundering be investigated. They paid Cash! for the golf courses in Scotland! That just SCREAMS money laundering!

    1. In March of 2015 Trump’s Taj Mahal casino was fined 10 million dollars by the Treasury Dept. for money laundering, it ws the largest fine to date for a casino.


    1. Trump U… was like Barbizon Modeling School. Talk about indoctrination. They told me, my 5’10 self, I couldn’t wear stripes. I showed them, by flipping out the center, the next year. Couldve run the place, if I were as shallow…choices.
      Be proud to have morals!

    1. @gene hunsinger You obviously haven’t been in much of the world, have you? Pretty well all of Europe, for a start, was REJOICING at Biden’s win. Speaking here from Europe, in case you wondered.

    2. @gene hunsinger what a load of b/s they would sell their soul for a story. We are used to the Murdoc ways in my side of the world. There’s an old saying paper never refuses ink. Except now it’s a camera and a group of people I.e Tucker, Walters etc……

    1. Well, his spray on is running today. Especially his mascara. Time to change his Depends 😁

    1. Well this went sideways right off the hop, thanks guys/gals (whatever in between). 😋

    2. @The Tweatles It sounds you have a crush on Donald Trump, try maybe he’ll get a divorce.

    3. The Wanna-be Dancer Queen/tweatles D tweatles Dumb/ Wanna make out with Dumb trump. TrollS all the channels to let everyone know he’s in love with trump. You SideShow Freak. Haha

  2. I’ve wondered if all his LLC companies are real active companies!!! Shell corrupt companies to hide money!! Waiting!!

    1. Im sure 90% of his money is overseas like the rest of us. The money is untouchable. How do you think he files bankruptcy 46 times and is still a billionaire?

    2. @Polar Opposite It’s highly debatable whether Trump is still a billionaire. Aside from the fact that he’s up to his neck in debt, and that major banks have cut ties with him, why has he fought so desperately to hide his taxes? Releasing them would have:

      1. Proved his innocence in all these investigarions. (As it turns out there was indeed a reason he didn’t, cue the indictments being handed out).
      2. Proved to his base that the dems are truly on a witch hunt and he was a helpless victim, which would would have gained him considerable political mileage.
      3. But more to the point for purposes of my comment, it would also have proven that he’s a billionaire, and we all know how with his ego he has to show everyone that he is the best and that he hates being considered a “loser” in any way. The fact.that he had to endure his success being called into question and did nothing about it speaks volumes.

      Anyway, with almost a billion in debt becoming due over the next 4 years, and with financial institutions having cut ties wirh him, we shall see just how liquid he is in the near future.

  3. Trumps defence “I don’t know the organisation, I never met the organisation, this is the first time I have heard the name Trump organisation.”

    1. @Lê Thanh Hiệp very funny, it will be the same as usual. I don’t know Donald Trump, I never met the him, this is the first time I have heard the name Donald Trump.

  4. This dude makes Bernie Madoff and Nixon look like choir boys. People with common sense knew he was a crook in 2016. I’m sorry 1995.

  5. This is going to ruin them. He owes way more than he has. No banks anywhere will work with him to reestablish himself. I don’t see him surviving this. And as soon as the company is indicted and convicted, all the banks will come running for their money which he doesn’t have.

    1. @Michael in Houston That is why he ran for the republikkkan nomination. it was all a publicity stunt for free, and when he won against hillary, he grifted like no one has grifted before, to try and shore up his finances

    2. @Jamsie his election wasnt for free. Lol. No ones is. Also he never took one presidential check while he was president. All presidents and politicians are grifters.

    3. It’s ironic that in the beginning he shouted up and down about crooked hillary Clinton……phony ! ! !

    4. @Bruce Wislofsky Remember in trumps twisted mind, he is perfect. Everything he does he feels entitled to do, even if it’s illegal. He doesn’t care. He’s gotten away with lying, cheating and stealing his whole life with no consequences. Its all he knows. He couldn’t run a legitimate business if his life depended on it. He’s sick and that’s the huge problem.

    5. @Bruce Wislofsky And the Bushes, and the Bidens, and the Clinton’s, and the Obama’s. Everyone’s crooked but him.

    1. I saw a short story about that. 12 or something like that have his name on it but he only own 4 of them.

  6. Allen Weisselberg to AG, after talking with wife, my sons, grandchildren I listening to them and knowing this cause a great pain to my dear friend and protector Donald, I decided to cooperate and testify against him in exchange for a lesser sentence.

    1. @My Pillow Guy YouTube fascist deleted my comment so I’ll post again. Did you ever see the video of HB getting a footjob while ripping a meth pipe repeatedly. Somehow he breaked in tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries why his daddy was VP. But JB who is dumber than a football bat did say hunter was the smartest person he knew 🤣. I’m good with hating Trump, but can’t stand people who give JB a pass

    2. @Rusty Shackleford
      Yeah sure, MAGAt. Like I said, conspiracy theories don’t hold up in a court of law. How about you deal with reality, give it a go for one day and see how it feels.

    3. “If you don’t fire the prosecutor then you ain’t getting the money. ” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    4. @My Pillow Guy the reality is JB uses his son as a shield to hide is corrupt dirty backdoor dealings with our adversaries

    5. @My Pillow Guy reading through your recent comments 🤣 TDS is going to ruin your life! You seriously need to get bad orange man out of your mind. Find something healthier to obsess over

  7. EXCEPT the CFO isn’t family, he lied on HIS TAXES AND I’m assuming he also cooked the books at work to match.

    1. He was in did what Trump told him to do with the money. Yiu know Cook the books which is felony

    2. @Peggy Bonham gotta prove trump told him to do it like i said it was his own salary he was lieing about

    3. @Peggy Bonham cause right now the way it LOOKS not necessarily the way it is but at face value, seeing as how he was the one arrested, he was possibly stealing from the company, no matter what, what this says is they have to climb the latter to get to trump and I don’t know if you know but he is never at fault he makes sure of that. 🤷‍♀️

  8. i wanna see Mnuchin go down with them. i know he was covering for trump by not releasing the taxes. get em all!

  9. Of course Trump is denying knowing anything, when has he ever taken responsibility for anything? Oh yes, NEVER!!!

  10. When is that man going to get what he has coming? He never seems to be charged with anything. It is sickening.

    1. If there ever was a real antichrist, I swear it’s him because he gets away with every bad thing possible

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