Will Trump go down as the worst president in history? 1

Will Trump go down as the worst president in history?


Donald Trump is no longer president. But while his term is over, the analysis of where he will rank among our best and worst presidents is just starting. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains where Trump will fall in history.


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    1. @The Zombie Whisperer He is one of the best, a God-believing president unlike Biden-Harris who favor abortion even on the 9th month of pregnancy. If you are a Bible believing Christian would you have eaten your words.

    2. I’m really curious what the people saying Obama are thinking. And that funny agent of Russia in here… Axel or something like that. All you Obama haters, give me a reason why he is the worst in history. (Especially after Trump’s fail coup)

    1. @Lisa Longo A person like you even can’t bear yourselves to read classical writings from ancient era philosophers just because they are ‘not american’

    2. ​@BzRazor No, I do what most informed people do: I read… while also absorbing a multitude of media sources and having the intellectual curiosity to follow up on or Google or triple check any new information that may seem surprising. And yes *THAT IS EXACTLY what most informed people do.* Not bend both knees to the evidence-free machinations of a single man-child or whatever right-wing network he happens to approve of that week.

  1. Instead of carving him into Mt. Rushmore, how about we have him break up the rocks at the bottom of the monument as part of his prison sentence?

    1. I honestly don’t know much about Trump for you Trump haters perhaps you can provide me a video what makes him a bad President. And went it comes to Biden I see plenty of videos of him clearly not fit to be President with his Dementia. I see Joe Biden saying if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black what a racist person would say. I see plenty of videos Joe Biden groping women and children.

    2. @Phoenix Starborn exciting a riot for openers. Tax fraud . If being an idiot was a crime he’d be on death row

    1. How were Bush JR and Obama any better?
      I think Bill Clinton was a better President compared to Trump, Obama or Bush JR but he did pass some middle class killing policies like NAFTA
      The list could go on, Trump should be in the bottom half but he’s nowhere near the worst President.

    1. Intellectual types with zero moral compass invented gas bombs, Nuclear warheads, and machine Guns — Don’t you dare virtue signal.

    2. @paysonfox88 They also invented medicines, infrastructure, transport, and the very technology you’re using to spread your _holier than thou_ moral outrage.

      ‘Intelligent’ is not the same as ‘moral’, but trump was both not overly smart and morally bankrupt, which is all well and good until he becomes the leader of one of the richest and most influential countries on the planet. It wouldn’t even have mattered that he was unintelligent, except that he always assumed that for every subject, he knew better than every other top expert in the country. But that’s malignant narcissists for you though I suppose.

      Maybe be careful knocking weapons too… those 2A defenders will be after you….

    3. ​@paysonfox88 “Don’t you dare”????????
      What is this, a school yard ????
      What has nuclear war heads and machine guns got to do with this?? Trump is a moron, clearly not qualified to run a country. Trump’s neglect and lying about covid19 killed a lot of people. You can deflect if you want, but that is a fact.
      “Don’t you dare”???????? ?????? Come on, let’s talk like adults

    1. @bluecrunch JFK is pretty good. Unfortunately foregin policy on his short era untill the end of 1980’s is marked with the US-backed communist purges in many parts of the world, that era is also marked with the installations of pro-US dictators in many countries to secure US interests abroad.

    2. @Mightbeyourfather 6969 If you ask non-US to mention 10 best and 10 worst presidents USA ever had, they will never mention woodrow wilson. But i’m sure majority of them will mention Obama, Lincoln, JFK, Trumann, and FDR on their best list while they also will mention tr***, Bush Jr, and Nixon on their worst list.

  2. So no insur rection acts being called out on all M S M channels yesterday, today?? Portland, Seattle, etc r io t s destroying bldgs & fires of businesses by b l m .
    No surprise that is all being ignored and hiding from Americans. No nat l guard called in?? My heart goes out to all those business owners & families in the area that are feeling helpless by their govt officials

  3. Anyone with a list of objects he “lifted” from the WH prior to leaving the place? Bustnof Abraham Lincoln and the Xi painting come to mind immediately…

  4. Had no business holding an office that high. He clearly was a mistake that this county should but behind itself.

  5. At least trump didnt go that low to make up five new levels of racism, call his opponent s family’s and act like a pack of high school scum bags who’d cry if they met him in the flesh and now they know there careers over goodbye

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