Will Trump pre-emptively pardon himself and his children? 1

Will Trump pre-emptively pardon himself and his children?


Political analyst Stephen Farnsworth and GOP strategist Cory Crowley discuss if U.S. President Donald can pre-emptively pardon himself.

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  1. He can’t save himself by using a Pardon that only affects his Federal mishaps. The state of New York and others will still have their way with him and his.

  2. Still waiting to hear what crimes Trump is supposedly responsible for. Unlike, say, Joe Biden and his son.

  3. To do that, he would have to have an ounce of awareness or self awareness, as well as responsibility. We all know he doesnt have those things.

  4. Mitch McConnell for the first time appears to accept Biden’s election victory over Trump
    John L. Dorman
    Business InsiderTue., December 1, 2020, 3:08 p.m. EST

  5. There are Two realities co-existing at the Present. One is based on lies, omission and propaganda. The other is NOT. Which will survive?

  6. Looks like Trump and his clan have done something and are trying to think ahead of of how to get out of it.. what a complete looser

  7. ‘Nemo judex in causa sua’… “no-one is judge in his own cause”. To pardon someone, means to overturn a judges ruling in a case…ie: pass judgement. You cannot pass judgement on yourself…it’s literally one of the most basic rules of law that you learn in high school. It doesn’t matter if you are President or not. As for pre-emptively pardoning his kids…you have to specify what you’re pardoning them for…it’s not an open-ended ‘get out of jail free’ card, getting you out of anything and everything that may come in the future. That’s not how it works.

    Edit: It’s was actually already established by the OLC just days before Nixon ultimately resigned…”under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself.” It’s not just some old English proverb.

  8. Peak Trump Derangement.
    Trying to milk Trump for everything he’s got cause your ratings will collapse after he’s gone are we?

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