1. If you start a question with “Will Trump take responsibility if…” the answer is always no.

  2. She stated, “they will be given the mask, it’s up to them whether to take that decision, CDC guidelines are recommended but not required.” That’s the responsibility end state.

    1. Maybe after the rally, employers should have the right to require attendees to take 2 weeks unpaid leave and be tested before returning. (Same for any event of this kind).

    2. @Joanna Karlsson what is the difference between trump rallies and black lives matter protesting and riots?

    3. @Jane Wright I guess you are suggesting the black lives matter do the same thing…no?! then sitdown the adults are talking.

  3. This is the longest trump has gone without having a campaign rally. That is all his presidency has been. Rallies, golfing, and failed press briefings!

    1. @D.A. Risse And he didn’t create that do your research all he created was devistation to the American people.๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

    1. get lost How do his rallies help him win? The people going are already his maggots. Heโ€™s losing support, not gaining. He will never win the popular vote. And heโ€™s too stupid to realize that his rallies could kill his supporters who are mostly older people with pre-existing conditions.

    2. All have the right to be what the want to be, even stupid. But some are just abusing their priveleges

    3. @get lost Would be funny if it wasnt so tragic. But there wont be many left to vote for trump. In what way can a busineess be desperate over a political election? Trump is giving them one free headline after the other. It will be a loss for them when hes gone.

    4. @N 827 Yes, trump can very well win the next election. but theres plenty to about it, like.. you know?? voting?

  4. Will CNN take responsibility when the million people they encouraged to walk up and down the street shoulder to shoulder get COVID? Oh sorry, I forgot COVID doesn’t effect protesters.

    1. What’s worse is the CDC said protesting is ok but a campaign rally isn’t. What happened to stay home stay safe? China News Network and their false narrative

  5. they will end the rally with a drink called “hydroxyclorox” with background music of “enter the sandman”

    1. CNN is getting desperate because they know once the trump rallies start that the demotards are done!!!!

    2. @get lost Grown man that use 3rd grade insults like “demotards” can hardly be expected to understand what’s going on in the real world. In the real world the Republicans took a historical pounding in 2018 and a new poll shows Trump down by 16% in Michigan, a critical swing state. I think most Americans are sleeping quite well knowing that the nightmare called Trump will soon be ending.

    1. @Frankie Says Can you imagine growing up and thinking, “My narcissist father wanted me aborted and would have left me for non-existence, but I’m going to go ahead and support him as he destroys the country.”?

  6. Kaylee is literally lying and putting herself in a rabbit hole one lie at a time like the others, And when it’s all over she’ll be just like the rest of the gang who were his press secretaries lost, alone and unemployed ! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    1. Do you only watch the edited CNN versions of these press conferences and interviews? I assume you do. Maybe watch them for yourself, unedited, if you want the truth. If health experts agree looting, rioting, and other so-called “protests” are not a COVID concern, then it’s obvious to a small child that a Trump rally is not a COVID concern, either.

    1. I didn’t know scientific reports on the effects of the virus had a political affiliation. Oh wait, they don’t.

  7. No he’ll blame the media for covering it or just do his โ€œfake news” rant while lookin like a ROTTEN tomatoe

    1. don’t see any democraps taking responsibility for the scores of BLM rallies all over the nation. along with the countless anti-police protests. nope… not a one. what about those wonderful rape camps antifa set up in seattle? any dems wanna chime in on that? nope…. nothing but crickets. try using your brain, stupid.

    2. MyrnaMinkoff and the rapper who told someone heโ€™s blow their head off for painting on someoneโ€™s business who had paid then to protect?

  8. But what about the millions and millions of protesting rioters the last three to four weeks were they exempt from the virus???

    1. Lets stop these damned riots then, you can’t have it 100 percent your fling way!!! Americans will not tolerate your evil hate and lies anymore!!!

    2. Group of 16 friends went to bar in FL and ALL tested positive afterward. So how many people might test positive out of 19,000 if max rally attendance? Incredibly dangerous. There will be deaths from this, especially with masks not required.

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