Will Vaccines be Mandated in the Workplace in Jamaica? | TVJ News - Sept 9 2021 1

Will Vaccines be Mandated in the Workplace in Jamaica? | TVJ News – Sept 9 2021

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  1. Hmm would be unfair given that the vaccinated are equally capable of spreading the virus as the unvaccinated are…

  2. All employees against vaccines should boycott the work place and see how quickly they can find new employees. It is unethical and violates liberty of conscience. What about rights of a patient? We have the right to refuse medication.

  3. Jamaica doing it mandatory,I can’t wait to see this place tumble down…Andrew sacrifice us to the gates of hell

    1. When people want to migrate they have to go and take all the vaccine that is required and they don’t question it

  4. Right now ministers making their staff know if they don’t take the medicine they have no jobs….. anju nuh good!

  5. People don’t have any choice… Jamaica people needs there right everyone should choose if the want to take it. person should not be force the amount of person going out to take the vaccine at their free will.. it’s sad the more vacation the more covid case is it the crowd are what.. just saying.. let’s us continue to pray

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