Will Weisselberg Flip? Indictments Turn Up Heat On Trump CFO 1

Will Weisselberg Flip? Indictments Turn Up Heat On Trump CFO


NBC News confirms the Trump Organization and its longtime CFO, Trump ally Allen Weisselberg, have been indicted. The charges will be revealed in a New York court on Thursday. But will the loyal Weisselberg cooperate with prosecutors? Philip Rucker, Paul Butler, and A.B. Stoddard join to discuss.
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    1. @Crimdor we can smell a troll a mile away,🤣🤣. We also know there are ones who PRETEND to be sane and rational humans, the bots have changed their tactics lately trying to infiltrate Dems by pretending to be one. Not buying

    2. Susan Hewitt – pretty rich coming from a may 19th 2021 account.
      Seems like we already shut down your last one.

    3. Prisons are rarely used for rich people… wait though, he is not actually rich any more is he??? hmmmm….

    1. @Crimdor Except that those dozens of others who are flipping are involved in other lawsuits regarding charges that have not yet been brought. You won’t find out about them until the charges are filed, and they are in the discovery phase at the moment. Where are all of the nasty facts about the Bidens that John Durham was supposed to have dug up? Crickets from his corner.

  1. Is this the tip of the iceberg? I hope so. If not, Georgia better grow a pair and charge Donny with the voting felony he had the courtesy and stupidity to provide the audio evidence of.

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool I certainly hope so. Nice touch with the Kung Fu reference. Sure would like to see Trump and his spawn roaming the countryside penniless. Just kidding! They need to be locked up.

    2. It’s just the tip of the weisselburg… jumpsuits for everybody…. 😁😂🤣🤣😂😁

    1. America has too as the World has their eyes on you and expect him to be dealt with as a corrupt criminal that he has always been..
      Justice system better do their JOB.!! 👀 👀

    2. @Melissa Graham
      I appreciate the good word. Alas; perhaps I have not lived in vain after all.  
      _(I hope you took note of the missing link lurking far below in the murky depths of my reply to *Mary Antonacci*.)_

    1. @Gregory Thoman He had every reason to believe it would be like every other failed attempt until today. Hopefully this lets him know its time to start talking. I share your doubt and hope.

    2. I don’t think it’s going to matter. It sounds like New York has crossed their T’s and dotted those I’s.

    1. People might not realize it but. this guy’s old and he might be leveraging all this against trump to get more money for his family since he does have all the knowledge of how much trump has hidden away 🤔 he’s from old school of criminals and might not care anymore about spending his remaining years in jail as long as his family is set for life?

  2. It doesn’t matter that much if he flips. They pretty much have everything. Weisselberg should probably go to jail regardless.

    He was a member of an organized crime family that has been committing fraud from the start. He is as guilty as anyone else in the family.

    I’m almost hoping he doesn’t flip so he can be an object lesson for everyone else.

    1. True, Vance doesn’t need Weisselberg. But his cooperation would make it easier to prosecute both the organization and Donald Trump. As for Weisselberg himself, his goose is cooked either way.

  3. If Trump and his kids don’t go to prison, I’ll settle for them dealing with these legal battles the rest of their lives. It’s fitting after all the other family businesses they’ve sued and ruined.

    1. @888strummer Manafort, Cohen, Flynn…….and that isnt all the witches found in the so called witch hunt. Difference here is….they no longer have a Mafia like president pardoning members of his corrupt organization.

    2. @Demond Kemp Mannafort and Cohen went to jail for tax evasion for their own busnesses; had zero to do with President Trump. Trump has never spent a day in jail and is innocent until proven guilty

    3. @Demond Kemp Mannafort’s charges were ALL tax evasion which had zero to do with Trump. Cohen’s main charges were his 8 counts of tax evasion for his taxi business. People here are just full of hate, but also clueless

    1. @Science Facts In your dreams!!! LOL!!! The whole crew is going to go down. I hope they get the feeling how it feels like to be on the other side of reality. I also hope they all look good in orange!! Reality is a bugger WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!!!! They are NOT above the law! & we all know who got the insurrection started, saw with our own eyes No fake news this time. People need to get unstuck on STUPID!!! Everybody have a great 4th of July! Be careful & stay safe!!!

    2. Ras Jahson: I am concerned about Weisselbergs life, It seems like anyone who can bring Trump down with definite testimony seem to commit suicide. Epstein is a good example because Trump could not count on Epstein not turning on him and Epstein had damaging information. Do not be surprised if Weisselberg mysteriously commits suicide.

    3. It’s not a “Witch Hunt”..
      It’s a “Fed Hunt”….you van escape a Witch Hunt….but you can’t escape the Feds!

    1. Sounds like something he might say… so sad for his many troubles… he needs to begin to fall on his knees and pray like he’s an actual believer that God might help him.

    1. Mango Mussolini! hahahaha. I have also heard Agolf. I think of him as an orange pee stain.

  4. Every criminal, like Trump, thinks that personal investigations are a witch hunt!
    But if he has done nothing wrong, like he claims, then he has nothing to worry about.
    Yeah… Right… good luck with that Donald!

  5. This is really why Trump is so upset about losing the elections. What you do in the dark……

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