William Cohen: Vote To Acquit Trump Betrays Sacrifice Of Previous Generations | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

William Cohen: Vote To Acquit Trump Betrays Sacrifice Of Previous Generations | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Former Secretary of Defense, William Cohen discusses his experience after he voted to impeach former President Richard Nixon as a Republican member of Congress in 1974. Aired on 02/12/2021.
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William Cohen: Vote To Acquit Trump Betrays Sacrifice Of Previous Generations | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. I have a great uncle kia in Paris, 1918. A father who served in the Army Air corps during WW2, a mother who was a war bride, 2 brothers in the Navy, a sister who served in the Marines, classmates who died in Vietnam, one who NEVER saw his 4 day old baby.
      Here we have a cowardly draft dodger who lets others do his bidding and dying. The Republicans are complicit in their silence and just as corrupt as the Traitor in Chief.

  1. What a poor excuse it is to say “I’m afraid to do the right thing”…..it’s as cowardly as anything I’ve ever heard!

    1. @Dennis Vance It is true. The Constitution is what keeps us all in line and keeps this country free. You can wrap yourself in the flag while you try to burn that Constitution, but that means the US no longer exists, flag or not, Trump or not. No first amendment, no second amendment, none of it will count anymore.

    2. @Dennis Vance So you support a Trump dictatorship right? Where is the party of law and order? Right-they are cowering in fear of the orange fool’s base. Grow a brain and a set.

    1. @Drake Fire thanks… I know it is a troll but the hashtag was new… these idiots are living proof that education standards need to be raised.

    1. As I Brit, that very example came into my mind weeks ago. If men of similarly wretched nature as those GOP Senators had been at Omaha beach, it isn’t that they wouldn’t’t have got off the sand. They would have refused to leave the boats.

    1. @Scorpio King Leftist marxist Susan Rosenberg bombed the Capitol building in 1983. Under the urging of Representative Jerry Nadler, she was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office. Rosenberg became a college instructor and now helps to run fundraising for BLM, a favored and supported democrat movement.

    2. ​@Lion Home Ok Trump cultist, what you’re doing is called *special pleading,* which is an argument in which the speaker (that being you) *deliberately ignores* aspects that are unfavorable to their point of view. So, what that means is you are operating under a logical fallacy, you actually just disproved your own argument.

    3. @Lion Home I guess you don’t comprehend I’m not condoning any form of extremism; whether it’s communism on the far left, or Nazism and fascism on the far right. Your statement is moot. I’m not referring to, nor is the discussion in any way, shape, or form regarding global geopolitical ideology; it’s about here in America. And history clearly demonstrates that the greatest threat to American democracy, liberty, and the American way of life always has been, still is, and always will be from the far right. From the conservatism that supported the British Crown during the Revolutionary War, the conservatism that fought to keep slavery in the traitorous Confederacy, the conservatism that supported Hitler here in America before the outbreak of World War 2, the conservatism that supported Jim Crow laws in the South, to the conservatism that supported storming the Capitol building. Conservatism = statism in any definition of the word.

    4. @Lion Home Just for giggles, answer one question: Name one piece of signed conservative legislation in the last 100 years that benefited all Americans, not just the wealthiest. And tax cuts don’t count, because they overwhelmingly benefited the wealthiest Americans, while barely benefiting the rest of Americans, if at all.

    1. And so much for blue lives matter. Apparently not when their trying to maintain law and order against trumps domestic terrorists.

    2. I think he did something … he enjoyed it !!

      Oh and apparently ate snacks and drank Coke !!

      He’s a coward and it’s spread to his party

  2. if you’re such a coward, maybe you shouldn’t be signing up to serve the country in Congress. oaths and honor don’t really mean much these days…

    1. Personal safety??! Too bad. Welcome to every dem’s daily life since 2015, if not for years and years earlier. They aren’t cowering to the far-right domestic terrorist mob!

      This is also obviously a transparent ploy that shows they don’t want to do their duty to impeach, so are using this as an excuse. The media should not be amplifying this nonsense creating false sympathy for them.

    1. Yep, he set it to the day, lied on permit so police were understaffed and he was silent while it burned. Then he told them he loves them…

  3. Selfless courage from a generation, that had the courage to listen to their hearts and do the right thing. These GOP senators do not have the courage they were born with.

    1. @Spider Taylor Joel Osteen has his cult believing he is a God and he isn’t even a Christian. He’s a Jew just like Joyce Meyer.

    2. @evil khor he’s the worst. Not because of him being a Jew but he’s SOOO fake don’t know how people can’t see through him!

    1. Since they are guilty, they need to be voted out in 2022 and beyond. Hopefully the American voters will give them a hard lesson.

    2. @Priscilla Robb Voted out in 2022? These are Republicans… party over COUNTRY. That’s why all criminal crooks join them cause they can get away with EVERYTHING. At least Trump was honest… he can shoot anyone on Fifth Ave. and get away with it. Fascism at its best!

    1. Both in many cases… cowardice on the right has been an infliction for the entirety of 45’s disgraceful presidency. The go-with-the-flow was a path of complicity. Gross. You can’t wash that stink off!

  4. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “The only thing we have is fear itself” – Senate Republicans

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