‘Wingman’ To Witness: Roger Stone Aide Flips | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Roger Stone’s longtime aide, Andrew Miller, who worked for Stone for a decade, will testify at his trial in November. Former federal prosecutor John Flannery argues, the prosecution is zeroing in on two key witnesses, they ‘were already identified in the indictment,’ including Randy Credico who has already ‘told the truth about his lies.’
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'Wingman' To Witness: Roger Stone Aide Flips | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Even if stone gets convicted he will serve maybe 6 months to a couple of years cause he has money. Meanwhile a poor dude has a bag of weed and does ten years. I hate the United states messed up system. Our standard as best country on earth is fading fast.

    1. Only Americans have thought it has ever been “the best country on earth”. Richest, strongest, yes, best? Never

    2. @Girlonfire Trinity – so you are fine with the 10% that own 90% of the wealth? Should i just accept the crimes they do?

  2. Let’s keep praying that there’s gonna be more and more of all these wack jobs that go down. (TrumpS included)

    1. @Kris Ainsworth yeah it’s my… home town…. if I get back I’ll claim to have chatted with lineages of the town founder…. ha ha
      Wish you the best

    1. @Laura Harris hi yes I beg to fully agree. Love them both along with Richard Painter, Rick Wilson, and David Cay Johnston; talk about compelling; two of which are amazing authorities & authors on the life and tribulations of fraud traitor Trump.

  3. 🍔 Obama didn’t have different branches of government investigating him. he didn’t talk to the rooskies either

    1. He was a flexible, wild and crazy guy though. He did let Nuland work a sweet coup in Ukraine and got Putin wrong on the Crimea question. One of many sad realpolitik reamings you excused him for.

    2. @SkyGemini Yes, you would be surprised. The records are sealed. You don’t know anything about him except the legend.

  4. 🍕President Obama never paid off adult film stars. His campaign manager and his lawyer Warner never locked up individual number one

    1. @frederic rike ‘…and by their fruits shoal ye know them”, Old English Bible. I am an African so US politics matter less to me than world politics . America’s contribution has been amazing. 😱😱😱

      1. Dr J P Bond (note name similarity), a French Diplomat was summonsed by Reagan to clean up the Marxists at the World Bank. He chose Dr Bond because of the resistance from people in the US . Dr Bond received Frances highest civil award, the Legion of Honour. Dr Bond later worked on Bush’s bank fiasco. Today he is a US citizen.

      2. I said Marshal robustly opposed the Marshal Plan and the Amazing Truman (and others) forced it through. Truman had studied Woodrow Wilson’s attempts after WW1. Marshal was a staff officer (planner and advisor) throughout he’s career. He didn’t command a fighting unit. I believe he was a very political technocrat rather than a “famous General”.

      The idea of a peace corps goes back to POTAS Teddy Roosevelt, probably earlier. JFK made it happen.

      America has had a couple of BAD presidents and this elephant in the Oval Office will also pass. ( I m of course talking of the Republican elephant… 😂😂😂”)

    2. @Mark Kollmer Really. …

      Please re-read my post. Criminals continue to do criminal acts and elsewhere in the world and outside the Republican party, POTAS is a criminal. Of course you will claim everyone else in the world is wrong and Trump supporters are right.

      Oh and I am an African. I was once a soldier for the Apartheit government fighting black Africans. No future in that! 😣😣

    3. @John Bond Thanks for your gentle touch. I’m a somewhat crabby 68years old- I doubt I will see the fix on all the apple carts upended so far. The Constitution itself isn’t to blame- it like the sermon is as much aspirational. Unfortunately unscrupulous people have been trying to “put the genie back i the bottle since Andrew Jackson was POTUS. Thank your kinsman- unfortuntely the Chinese are figuring out how to use the loan gambit now. Another genie run amuck.

    4. @frederic rike Hey China’s greatest impact will be the New Silk Road. Take a look at the YouTube videos on its construction. They are frightening. China doesn’t have to “show a profit in the 4th quarter”. They are taking a 6 to 10 year gamble and it looks like paying off. A road and rail network from Japan and Shezhen to Paris, London and Moscow. Also down the east coast of Africa. 8 days from Hong Kong to London at 20% cheaper than shipping. Even faster by road. General Grant was the 1st person to understand the stratigic importance of rail in winning wars. It’s interesting that the Chinese are using his military strategy.

      Gentle… I have been called many names and that’s a new and complimentary one. I was a conscipt soldier in two African wars. They embitter one a bit. I am a year younger than you but my motorbike is the same age as you are… 😩😩😩

      … ask not what America can do for you. Ask rather what you can do for America. JFK
      THE BUCK STOPS HERE! Harry Truman.

    5. Gilda Provenzano
      Since obama is no longer in office, Maybe you should be hung in place of him, for hating others.
      I’ll volunteer to wear a hoodie to hang you 🤨☝️

    1. curandero verde While that would be awesome, the truth is that celebrity prisoners get solo cells with amenities and added protection

    2. The chances of him going to prison are zero to none, even if he deserves it. The chances of him being in a cell with Bubba are none. With the screwed up system we have, he would have secret service protecting him and the govments secrets.

    1. @Another Guy Really – The Democrats dont?…
      A president was impeached for liaison with an intern girl and then lied about it. (Clinton)
      The current president uses PROSTITUTES and lies about it and nothing happens…

      The Court of the Southern District of New York has a world wide reputation for prosecuting without fear or favour and have prosecuted many African politicians. They say there is no case. I beleave them rather than the stupid conspiracy theories of the 42% who support Donald Duck Trump. SORRY.

    2. @lady bug No, please please don’t lock him up.
      Us foriegners are captivated by this bizarre Reality Show playing out on the front lawn of the White House. It is far better than The Apprentice or any previous Trump TV. show.

      I nominate him for the EMMY Primetime TV Show 2019. 😱😱😱

    3. @Another Guy I don’t seem to understand that Republicans are the swamp that Trump promised to drain. Neither Don Junior nor Ivanka have been charged. No one from the NRA has been charged. Trump continues to push the Putin Russia agenda which is also illegal. Oh and Clinton probably committed a crime and hasn’t been charged.

      Trump committed another crime the other day by distributing classified photo of the rocket site. That is unfortunately treason. In many states, you get the death penalty.

      It seems that I, labeled a dumb African by Donald Trump know more about the Republican crimes than you do. But I also follow the EU, Britain, Hong kong, China and the problems in Japan If I am stooopid, what does that make you…

    4. I would hope so but I highly doubt it. The U.S. has become a banana republic under the GOP. Everything is for sale

    5. @John Bond That was funny. Truthful. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of this. I expect a “Blue wave” in 2020. Notice how many Republicans are jumping ship via retirement. Have a good weekend.

    1. No kidding. They know where the bodies are buried–it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were treated as state’s informants just like mafia wives.

    2. @Dreamingrightnow

      The case is against their husbands, there are no other questions that can be asked. No self respecting prosecutor will even try this unless he has leverage on the wives, it’s just a waste of time and effort.

    1. Many jury members can now can be vetted online by either counsel without even the court’s knowledge. Once they have the jury’s names and basic information, an intern with a laptop (and online access) can Google each member. Anyone with a social media account will likely have revealed their political leanings. Bottom line, a jury candidate may claim in court that he’s politically indifferent or open to all ideas, but if he’s uploading vehemently pro or anti-Trump propaganda, he’s clearly not telling the truth and would consequently be dismissed by either counsel.

    2. poor-  It absolutely is their job to report on successful and well received policies that’s part of the news.  If it’s not as you say then it also wouldn’t be their job to report on bad policies.  Leftists media like cnn claims to be fair and balanced yet spend all their time making up lies, propaganda and bashing the president.  The job of the news is to report the news but that’s not what they do. 99% of what they do is commentary and 99% of it is lies and/or negative coverage of republicans.  Leftists media are so clearly biased yet will never admit it.  Fox at least tells you where they stand as to not fool you into believing their not biased.  Fox also doesn’t lie and make up fake stories like leftist news does. Is leftist news talking about the fisa abuses and illegal spying, no because they think that somehow helps the president. Instead they spent over 2 years making up stories for the Russia hoax and screaming the sky is falling anytime he enacts his reasonable policies.

    3. James Buzan You have Reagan to thank for that. He removed the requirement for news to be truthful and balanced in 1987.
      Fox New is banned in my country, and rightly so.

    4. @SDX Actually 10 crimes (Mueller report, Vol.). Plus likely campaign finance and fraud charges. But the 10 obstruction counts are a good start and carry a 20 year maximum.

  5. Roger Stone has the exact same mental issue that trump does. They both have Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And so does Steve Bannon. And so does Alex Jones. Anyone see a pattern here? They are all so like minded that they are drawn to one another. They recognize the very same personality traits they all have and therefore it “validates” that they are not alone in having these mental issues and same traits. They actually think THEY are normal and everyone else is not. They adore and love themselves yet need to always have enablers surrounding them so they can justify their behaviors….

    1. You think its coincidence he and trump were Roy Cohn’s prodigies?
      Trump has 3 settlements for assault on boys aged 9 to 13. Which is why he won’t release his taxes. Melania and Ivana are trans. His mar a lago mate eggstain liked boys too. Ever notice how trump hates women, but especially hates black women.
      He also dies his hair blond like boris and assange, this is to worship the sun god of Macedonia, appolyon. This reflects alefantis profile of a Greek boy lover, the Greco Roman motifs on little st James and trumps penthouse. Just like the vrill society as proposed by benjamin disraeli (aryan semitic alliance) how many dozens of Republicans have been caught buggering boys? Almost as if it’s a prerequisite for joining

    2. They are not trans.. i understand how you feel.. but no need for a blatant lie..just no need for it.. the facts are bad enough

  6. Stone getting arrested is slightly more enjoyable with the Sinclair Group (local news controlled by a pro-Trump organization) logo in the screen corner

  7. Don’t lose sight of America’s most dangerous enemies.
    Mitch McConnell, Stephen Miller, Graham Lindsey.
    Trump is merely a corrupt and very stupid puppet!

    1. I’m not American but I will agree if you can take that prat Boris off our hands, technically he is also a US citizen and many Brits would be eternally grateful, including his own father, brother and sister.

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