With Fewer Than 200 Polling Locations Statewide, Kentucky Could Be Headed For A Primary Day Disaster


  1. 100 yards is a long stretch for many people. They’re banned from these facilities simply by distance.

  2. So whats McConnell been doing? All those years Moscow Mitch has been in office and, yet, elections don’t work and the people of Kentucky are still one of the biggest recipients of federal cash handouts….

    1. While Rich Mitch has gotten Richer, his constituents have gotten poorer and are worse off, vote Booker

  3. Just a way to deprive you of your rights as a citizen! Stealing an election! Is this America or
    nazi Germany? Did that end well?

    1. Go read the comments under a Faux News Channel video. It’s a lot like the radicalization of Germany and nobody seems to mind.

  4. Is this America? This is some crap that we would have sent Jimmy Carter to investigate during the 1990s

    1. @Mike Galbraith yes, and at the same time he reinforced HIS relationship will dictators Putin, and Kim

    2. mateowey : You, like many others have are conflating “Communism” with “Authoritarianism”. Donnie’s only action that could be considered “communistic” was his giving “farmers” (in actuality big Agra-Business), who are the epitome of “means of production”, the “welfare payments” for his disastrous trade war with China.

    3. mateowey: 2) In the last fortnight Kim has broken away from Donnie, but you should include Brazil’s Bolsonaro.

    4. @John David Wolf Authoritarianism is the start of communism, if it wasn’t for congress he would trample all over the constitution for his own political gain. I imagine he would try to do what putin did to take over Russia.

    1. Esther Mendez : It’s RIGGED. And, they deliberately screwed up in Georgia, South Carolina, and other states. The GOP can’t just sit around, waiting to lose the elections, and then go to jail, America??? You HAVE TO FIGHT for your Republic. You always have. But, this time, you could LOSE IT FOREVER!

    2. Democrats only cheat to win. I can not imagine any politician with the records the Democrats have being re-elected back into the office for decades by sane human beings.

    1. Your public school teacher brainwashed you into that attitude so you won’t be proud enough to fight for your own life. Communists have been doing that since the 1st Communist Internationale of 1907.

    2. @Jeff Gibson
      What is your point? Make one. Don’t just spout crap about something that wasn’t even mentioned.

    3. @Pricilla Shivvers-Triplett If Joe Biden shoved his fingers up YOU, would you still vote for him? Of course you would.

  5. This is textbook voter suppression and Republicans know it. They can’t win without cheating and gerrymandering.

    1. Yes, they DO know! But what is sad is that mealy mouthed “Governor”!!!😑

      EXCUSE ME?!!!🤨

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