With Recess, ‘Two Weeks Of Impeachment Purgatory’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. There is no rush to impeach him. He’s been impeached, already.
    Now nothing gets done until Pelosi is satisfied. Oh well.😉

    1. @Denyze and how many others born in the USA are drunks and/or drugged,
      and the presidents children/women don’t do drugs ?
      How many are only sober to go to church …

    2. @Crystal Giddens What he said, over and over, was he found no evidence of political bias affecting the investigation. He also said the Steel dossier was not the reason for the investigation, that it was properly predicated. And that Trump was never spied on, nor were informants placed in his campaign. All the rhetoric Trump has been screaming was proven a lie. Read the damned report instead of repeating the insane talking points you hear on Fox. Trump and Barr have been libeling the FBI. These two disreputable thugs need to apologize.

    3. @Ni Abdi trump didn’t commit any political crimes because he was still a private citizen, but he did commit many criminal acts which he hopefully will be indicted on. it’s time for him to pay the piper. these statutes of limitations for these criminals need to be abolished. he needs to be removed from office & held accountable for the first time in his miserable life.

    4. @crocusflower what is a “political crime”? of cause he did commit crimes while he was campaigning – he’s even named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Cohen case…

  2. There is no risk for Democrats. The bumbling fools on the other side – the wrong side of the Constitution – have put themselves in a box time and time again and when their top talking heads proclaimed its not going to be a orderly trial, there is nothing Pelosi can do to botch it prior to moving the case to the Senate until #MoscowMitch pledges for a serious trial and that includes the 4 witnesses Democrats want to testify there.

    1. The bumbling fools? wasnt your talking heads that predicted when Trump gets elected the economy will crush, new wars and basically the end of the world? You demoncraps look very desperate, hateful and just silly.

    2. Sounds like a bunch of angry Karens here lol..


      Also Democrats: ”Bill Clinton was a good president.”

  3. Nancy Pelosi should hold Trump impeachment til after the 2020 election folks, because it going to be election year, Moscow Mitch did that kind politic to Merrick Garland supreme court nomination.

  4. Trump IS impeached. There’s no question about that. The House did their job. The McConnell can just sit and spin for all I care. He made it known that he was going to conduct a biased trial.

    1. Trump is not “impeached” until Nancy hands the Articles to the Senate. You can’t rely on MSNBC for the truth. It’s a shame their followers keep getting misled – like YOU.

    2. @AK Riffle that not true. Trump is impeached. Its the senates job to try his case and see if he’s removed. If the house doesn’t give the articles over, he won’t have an acquittal but he’s definitely impeached. Like Clinton was impeached but not re moved

    3. That would make Moscu Mitch McConnel break the law by not honoring impartiality as a lawyer or defensor.

    4. @Salvador G. Jimenez So, it was ok for Schiff, but a problem with Mitch. I see how you are. We need lots of people just like you ……. to make examples of.

  5. The political risks are heavily on the Republicans. Every day that passes, Trump gets closer to that big, final disaster that he’s surely headed for. The only danger for the Democrats is that the fool will take us all with him.

    1. Verruca Hmmm I’ve lost count how many times you’ve said Trump was headed for “disaster”. I think I lost count somewhere between Stormy Daniels and the Mueller testimony

    2. @Councilman Les Wynan Like the boy who cried wolf. Dems are legitimately delusional. Remember nuclear war with North Korea? I guess that’s not an issue anymore lol. It’s like using a laser pointer on a cat hahaha!

    3. HE IS DANGEROUS and his actions/policies have caused deaths at the border and the middle east and the press (Kashoggi- never forget what he said about that: Nothing).

  6. There’s no down-side for democrats except for the weak and fearful. Take the time to have a fair&balanced (hahahaha) trial. Moscow Mitch is in a meeting with mr. derapaska we will wait until he is done with his corrupt ideas. Senator Klobashar, Buttigieg, Biden they want to spread the belief that the ability to compromise with corrupt republicans is a good asset. Give me a break. Didn’t President Obama sell us on that idea? Did Moscow Mitch EVER compromise with him? NO. #2020SandersorWarrenorBUST

    1. Teresa Barrett vote for who ever has enough votes to win their primaries. They will be nominated. We want this nut job gone. If anyone votes for this clown they are basically voting for Putin. That’s a risk we cannot take anymore.

    2. I watched a piece from Vox about just this, where the republicans became less and less willing to work with democrats and (literally projected onto democrats) more radically extreme over the past few decades. The crappy part is believing they must cave to republican demands in order to get things done, when the opposition doesn’t want to do anything and will stall,sabotage, or disrupt any attempt to do so.

  7. Theory: Waiting is an excellent strategy as Trump cannot help but run his mouth (or tweet), overriding his 5th amendment right to not incriminate himself, all on his own!

    1. @Little Janmarie I may not play chess, but I agree that Pelosi is playing at a higher level to Trump’s barber shop checkers! She KNOWS what she is doing based on experience and intelligence. He knowledge is from his gut. That’s going work out for him, fer sure!

    2. @Original Vince Carter Sorry bud but pelosi has no clue what she’s doing…. all the independents and moderates are laughing at her….she will get nothing from Mitch…… absolutely nothing….. She’s not in charge there.

    3. @Original Vince Carter I know lifetime union democrats that are going to vote for trump because they are sick of this impeachment and the union people are working full capacity.

    4. @Stone Men You keep letting Hannity & Limbaugh (BOTH college drop-outs) keep convincing you how stupid Pelosi (political science graduate), who served 4 decades in public office, is!

  8. Mar-a-Largo, if you’re listening, PLEASE, PLEASE feed Baby Donnie all that delicious chocolate cake he wants! Breakfast, lunch, supper, midnight snacks… Nature will take its due course… HAHAHAHAHA

    1. @Barry Sutton Think about next year, when the biggest blue wave in history annihilates Trump and the Republican party. We’re very happy right now. It’s gonna be glorious.

    2. @Barry Sutton Think about next year, when the biggest blue wave in history annihilates Trump and the Republican party. We’re very happy right now. It’s gonna be glorious.

  9. Pelosi and the Democrats are being incredibly smart about this what with Moscow-Mitch pretty much saying, ‘I won’t allow a fair trial!’. 63 Mil Americans may have voted for Traitor-Trump, but 65 Mil did not! Every single one of them deserves a fair trial! Thus Moscow-Mitch needs to recuse himself. #Remove! #voteBlue2020!!

    1. 2/3 of americans voted for hillary. he didn’t come close to winning. they manipulated the electoral college vote. i wonder how many of them actually regret it.

  10. I just assumed Bolton doesn’t want let any bombshells out before his book is released. After all, if you find out beforehand in the trial, why buy the book?

    1. Well there will many revised editions from many fools directly and indirectly involved … Fun-Stuff
      Popcorn shares through the roof.

  11. Give tRump and turtle all the rope they want. They will hang themselves.
    Impeachment: Its a Good thing, not a Bad thing.

    1. Larry Klooze It’s a face plant for Democrats. It’s a lose-lose situation for Pelosi and she knows it. The Democrats are the Keystone Cops of Congress! 🤣

  12. There are only three scenarios where the Senate Republicans go forward and vote to remove Trump from office.

    1. They actually grow a conscious and listen to the facts and put country before party. Chances of that happening: 0%

    2. They study polling in their states to get a read on how the wind is blowing and it shows that continued support of the president would be disastrous. Chances of this happening: a little higher than the first scenario but still not particularly good.

    3. Their donors call them up and tell them to cut him loose because he’s too much of a liability and is damaging their bottom lines and images. If this happens, he is ABSOLUTELY gone. These are weak, spineless, and subservient people we’re talking about and the only thing to snap them out of their fear of something is to give them something even bigger to be afraid of.

    1. His Bubbliness
      1. There was ZERO evidence presented, other than hearsay and opinions.

      2. Trump’s approval rating actually went up during the impeachment sham. There was a 20 point swing among independents towards Trump. Additionally the polls indicate Trump will win approximately 20-30% of black voters. = Trump landslide.

      3. The stock market hits new records almost daily. Bottom lines have never looked better.

    2. Rod Allen you are delusional. Get help. Magatardness and Fox propaganda has eaten your brain leaving you stupid and useless.

  13. Apparently Mr. Trump has never heard the phrase, “A man’s tongue is like a shovel, he can dig his own grave.” He will rant and rant and he will pop. This is how to remove an unstable, belligerent, cult leader who is also a thin skinned bully.

  14. McConnell is denying Trump a fair process to clear his name. Here is his opportunity to provide Trump the due process he deserves. Let Trump and all his men testify! Let him clear his name openly and in public. McConnell give Trump the fair trial he demands.

    1. Naomi Ogle I’ll give you that. I was incorrect impeachment is a tricky word that I wouldn’t expect most 5th graders to know.
      I looked up Noah Feldman and read his article. Then I went back and read the constitution. Noah, who I’m sure is a nice guy and much smarter than me draws a huge heaping handful of supposition that is not based on the constitution. I just read another opinion by Micheal J Gerhardt that made no mention whatsoever of the delivery clause Noah made up. The constitution is a living document open for interpretation by all of the citizens of the United States.
      The house has the sole power of impeachment and further empowers “each house …to determine the rules of its proceedings. That last part did go to the Supreme Court in 1993. But is still open to reinterpretation by the Supreme Court. Until that time I’m holding to my interpretation as it is consistent with my research.
      Thanks for the honest and open debate. I’ve learned a lot.

    2. ​ Naomi Ogle “Do Democrats ever intend to have another Democrat as president?”
      The GOP should have applied that to themselves when they made such a big fuss over a little blo job. Not to mentioned when they ragged on, slandered, and obstructed the tan man like they did.

    3. @Paul Henry I do hope you are not trying to convince me that the Democrats brought a witness to a hearing to testify before the American people, who makes things up. That’s a significant charge.

    4. @U.S.S. Scambalam Bill Clinton was impeached for insanity. You would have to be insane to lie in front of a grand jury on television.

  15. No rush, Madam Speaker, steady as she goes! More evidence of his crimes are sure to come to light! Among other things… Get those tax returns!

  16. Only the blind and corrupt support the psychopath in chief who will do anything to be a DICTATOR like his love interest Kim Jong Un and his handlers KGB Putin and murderous tyrant MBS. These are his role models. He is sick in every way. His hamburger and coke diet have paid off. He is fat and ugly . He has no conscience or caring of any kind. He is void of spiritual connection. He betrayed his country and deserves the ultimate penalty.

  17. Bolton could probably sew this up in an afternoon, but refuses to because he doesn’t want to hand the Democrats a win. What putting party before country looks like

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