Witness Describes Escaping Colorado Shooting | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Witness Describes Escaping Colorado Shooting | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Multiple people were killed at a grocery store shooting in Boulder. Colo. Eyewitness Ryan Borowski describes what he said and how he escaped. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Witness Describes Escaping Colorado Shooting | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. This behavior will never be curtailed until individuals who do this are rightly labeled as terrorists by the federal govt. I’m not a proponent of the death penalty but in these situations hanging and firing squad might be a good deterrent.

    1. @T. R. Campbell
      They’re “Legal” now. So were machine guns until Americans got tired of idiots shooting up the Cities.

      It’s time to put semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns in the same category as automatcs with the same associated licensing and fees.

    2. @Ralph Boyd The problem is how would we define this. Basically, these products are semi automatic in nature. A semi automatic rifle covers a wide spectrum. We have BB guns that are semi automatic, we have shotguns that are semi automatic, we have hunting rifles that are semi automatic, we have hand guns that are semi automatic.
      Someone to limit high-capacity magazines to10 rounds only. We might recall the Boulder shooter killed 10 people, so our 10 deaths acceptable?
      So how would you define what is illegal?
      The machine gun was a fairly easy definition which was multiple shots per one trigger pole. A semi automatic is one shot one trigger pole. So would you define all “black rifles” as being illegal? So obviously then the rifle manufacturers would repaint. How would you define what would be illegal?

  2. NRA issuing ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ form letters as we speak. You realize how empty that is. While people may have faith about life in general … nobody expects or understands if God pulls your mom’s ticket while she’s shopping for lettuce.

    1. Ralph York
      you do realize God has your ticket. You also realize that words from anyone is empty when dealing with death? We could use atheist sentiments on a death.
      Non Caring and No Hope. I am curious what do you say to someone that experiences a death in their family? If you think thoughts and prayer have no power do you just ignore
      people who have to deal with a death? If you send flowers and a not of sadness for their loss, that is a thought. You wasted your money on an empty gesture.

    2. @Alex Hamilton Thoughts and prayers are empty when people who utter them claim to be Christians but use the statement as cover for their unwillingness to do ANYTHING to stop the violence. They put the second amendment before everything.

  3. The Trace: 102—America’s year-to-date total of mass shootings, defined as four or more victims. (Gun Violence Archive)

    1. Couldn’t care less whose graves you stand on I’m still not turning in my rifles. Not my fault no one shot back.

  4. Another argument for Mental Health Awareness and education for ALL. Freedom should not be given to those who terrorize, assault their spouse or child etc.

    1. @Alex Hamilton does he know how to make a bomb does he know how to use a knife and I mean in a combat probably not what is you’re point and do have a answer or are just talking bs

    2. @Alex Hamilton gun controls would solve that problem.
      The solution is not for everyone to drop their groceries and start shooting. Big talk no brains.

    3. @I’ll comply with Gun Control one round at a time. ya perfect scenario, everybody drop your groceries and start shooting if you can tell who the actual shooter is…duh

    4. @Jenny Gater it’s usually the guy randomly shooting instead of running.

  5. The constitution needs to be Amended, it’s the biggest flaw in our Law. I’m sick and tired of this vicious cycle.

    1. Couldn’t care less whose graves you stand on I’m still not turning in my rifles. Not my fault no one shot back.

  6. So sad. I lived in Boulder for 10 years and used to shop there all the time and eat at Tandori grill/ Under the Sun… really sad. Violent crime is luckily fairly uncommon in boulder. I’m sure this is a huge shock to the community.

    1. Same. I live in Indiana now but spent my teenage years at Fairview HS and spent every lunch at that shopping center, usually at Abo’s. This just breaks my heart. It’s such a good community of people

  7. Normalize mental health check-ups like we do doctor visits. Your brain is part of your body. It’s not less important. Mind-body dualism can take a hike.

  8. The numbers are very clear. Since 2000:
    People shot by crazy person with a gun: *2,370,000*
    People shot by crazy person without a gun: *0*

  9. The wary product peripherally hug because existence histochemically jam than a symptomatic structure. fixed, nice hour

  10. Someone knew that guy needed help but did nothing to him the help he needed. I’m praying for all of the families. Look to God he’s there with you now.

  11. Every time I’m out in public, I’m aware that at any moment there could be an active shooter situation. I assume it’ll probably happen once in my life time. I can’t believe this is life in the greatest country on Earth.

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