Witness From Columbus Police Shooting Calls 911: ‘We Need A Police Officer Here Now’ | MSNBC 1

Witness From Columbus Police Shooting Calls 911: ‘We Need A Police Officer Here Now’ | MSNBC


During a press conference, officials play sound from two 911 calls made by witnesses on site where 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was shot by a responding officer. The officials have not yet identified who made the phone calls. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Witness From Columbus Police Shooting Calls 911: ‘We Need A Police Officer Here Now’ | MSNBC


  1. *I don’t know what else the officer could have done. She was swinging that butcher knife with genuine intent…*

    1. @Jordan McDonald this officer saved another girls life let’s not lose sight of the picture. He had no idea who’s house it was she was the aggressor when he got there her and the guy knocked on person down the kicked them in the face then charged another person with a knife.

    2. @Asad Bashir it would be a lot more difficult to shoot someone in the leg who is moving around rapidly. That’s why police officers are taught to shoot center mass. The objective is to stop the threat and a gun shot wound to the leg probably won’t stop someone who is literally 1 foot away from stabbing someone. SMH it’s not that hard to understand…

    3. People on here only say the cop was wrong because the girl shot was black. More white people are killed by cops.every year than black but you wont see that on the news… why ?? Because it dosent fit the narrative,,, it won’t swing voters

    1. They didn’t have to shoot her boo hoo bad police. Now I’m going to my safe space let me know when it’s time to loot I need a new TV

  2. I normally am not on the side of the police when it comes to shootings. But, honestly, if my family member was about to be stabbed, you better believe I would want the police to take out the threat.

    1. @Simba Durio even if it’s you or your daughter about to get stabbed? The cop did right, he saved the girl in pink life.

    2. @mcota5 finally, someone who sees this situation has nothing to do with race. It’s not like the George Floyd tragedy.

    3. @mcota5 I think saved her life is a bit strong. More accurate is he prevented her from being attacked with the knife. The victim was in a defensive position and had a high probability of just being wounded. But the question still remains, why fire 4 shots? One couldn’t have done the trick? She wasn’t Jason Vorhives

  3. The video shows big girl trying to stab the other with a knife, she got shot! End of Story get over it and charge the guy that kicked the woman in the head while she was on the ground!

    1. @C H okay but that’s a police officers not your family member. She could have been tased to stop her or even had one shot in. It’s not that hard if he got 4 shots in

    2. @Cherelle Roberts to save another human being life? Yes they were necessary, and taser don’t work on that kind of scenarios, there is another incident in which and officer tried to tase a suspect to arrest her and the officer ended up been shot in the gut by the suspect, so no, a taser was not enough, it was a high risk situation, a life was in the line so you shot until the attacker falls to the ground.

    3. @Matthew Torres Yeah well had he not shot her the woman in pink would have almost a zero percentage of survival..

      In this case you are in this situation and adrenaline takes over. You don’t know how you would respond if you are not in that situation.

  4. Anyone else notice it was a kitchen knife? So if she was in fear of being jumped as the Aunt reported then either A) she was inside the house when the girls showed up and she went outside with it to meet them or b) she got away from the scenario got safely inside to get the knife then returned to the driveway to fight the other girls. Either way, she was inside the house safe from the people she was allegedly afraid of at some point. I don’t see how anyone can support the idea was defending herself.

    Edit: Option C) she always carried a chefs knife because of her passion for the culinary arts.

    1. @Freddy C No comments were made about the cops above. I was pointing out the situation was completely avoidable in my opinion.


    3. @Black Beauty Thank you for yr statement, the adult man who kicked the other child in the head while she was down, was in arms length if the girl with the knife he could have grab her tried to stop her, but he choose to hurt others in front of the police

    4. Option E: She was planning to go out to eat at Golden Corral before all this started and thought she’d need to take her steak knife.

  5. I saw the whole video when the two girls fighting. This one is dicy she turned pulled a knife and was about to stab the other girl in pink near the car. That dude who kicked the other girl on the ground in the head should be arrested to.

    1. It’s not dicy it’s pretty simple
      Whose life matters in the end?
      What about the girl in pink who was gonna get stabbed, does her life matter?
      Of course it does but if the officer would’ve let her die WE WOULDVE NEVER HEARD ABOUT THIS INCIDENT

    2. @Reed Thompson I said dicy because people are going see what they want to see, the officer made the right call on this one.

    3. @-X- PHYSIQUE yeah
      You’re exactly right
      It no longer matters what’s right or wrong nowadays people only wanna see white cop black person and it’s sad

    4. @zan Lehman What does that mean people want to see police stop using lethal force? Sometimes in order to save a victim they have to meet lethal force with lethal force, just like they did here. A taser isn’t always effective since it’s less accurate, requires both prongs to penetrate the skin, and sometimes the taser will just have no effect on certain people.

    1. Only thing where did the knife come out of, it was like a magic trick. She didn’t have it just seconds before going to the girl in pink passing the girl that was on the ground.
      Even slowing it down her hand nearly clip’s the guys hand that is kicking girl on the ground but he doesn’t have a knife in his hand to pass her quickly either.
      Bit strange

    2. He doesn’t need an award. He did his job. He gets paid to serve and protect, and that’s what he did. Well done.

  6. Based on the video posted on line, it appear that the subject that was shot by the police was attacking another person in the neck for head area of the body. Arriving on scene the officer likely perceived this as a grievous bodily harm or death incident or the use of force model for response. The video clip certainly appears to show the assailant attacking with a blade edged weapon

  7. It’s really tragic but justified. She was going to stab someone else’s kid. I watched it the slowmo version and you can see the girl in pink raising her hands to cover her face in fear, while Bryant is raising hers to stab. The officer did the right thing

    1. @Marshall Barkema he wouldn’t have reached her in time. She was literally about to plunge the knife in. I’m not sure how many times he should have shot, but she didn’t drop after the first shot.

    2. @mcota5 Why are you asking me when I already mentioned they didn’t fire a warning shot, or shoot her legs instead? “you still think the police shouldn’t shoot?” is a vague question. How many times? Where? I’m critiquing a 16 year old, defending herself at home, being shot 4 consecutive times, in the chest. NO. I wouldn’t want the police to shoot _4 times in the chest._ *Excessive* force is excessive force.

    3. @Tseleng Botlhole lol, I would not put myself in that position. I’d lock myself in my house and call police, easy, I’m not a angry rabid animal stabbing people. Only a ignorant violent person would savagely try to stab another. Your question shows your actions. Better question for you is, if you were the girl in pink about to get stabbed, would you still disagree with the police actions? Or, even if it was your sister, mom, or grandma about to get stabbed, you would rather see your loved one stabbed because police didn’t stop the girl with the knife? Why don’t you go and train as a police officer and make a change, instead of complaining and justifying violent acts against others. A person with a knife or gun is a threat, period.

  8. All I seen was some crazy individual attempting to stab a person and was shot. I see nothing wrong with that.

    1. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that all cops are racist. Gotta turn this into a story to keep the flames lit.

    1. You’re a depraved person. An officer should be rewarded for killing a child? I bet you’re a Trumpian.

    2. @Nathan Davids you sound pretty racist.. Only some black lives matter! That white cop should just let that unarmed black teen die? God knows BLM doesn’t care about Chicago. I should know since I live there!

    3. @Daniel Glover What part of my comments made me sound racist? You’re not black, you don’t care about black people. You’re only here to gloat about black people’s death. Whatever is going on in Chicago has nothing to do with those people’s race – it has everything to do with poverty and lack of opportunities. All as a result of the racist legacy of the US. Have you ever seen middle class black people shooting and killing each other?
      You live in Chicago, why don’t you look around and see who lives in the nice neighbourhoods and who lives in third world neighbourhoods. Do you think it was by chance things are the way they are?
      You don’t seem to be able to differentiate between murders committed by criminals and excessive force and killing by the police? Every time black community mourns a death, ignoramus like you bring up Chicago. You must be a Tucker Carlson’s fan boy.

    4. @Nathan Davids Stop pretending you know anything about me. I called you racist because you are not taking into consideration that the woman was trying to stab an unarmed black woman. Had he not acted the way he did that unarmed black woman would’ve died. You don’t seem to care about that. It’s almost like only a few select black lives matter.

    5. @Nathan Davids I really would love to know what you think that cop should have done in that situation… Should he have allowed the woman I’m pink to die? If so how does this bode with the phrase black lives matter? Didn’t that woman in pink matter?

  9. He focused on the deadlier threat first. He thought fast. Its tragic, but hey . He did his job.
    There was a black man kicking a woman in the head and he survived so this could have went bad in many ways.

    1. @zan Lehman The girl was about to stab someone. What if the taser didn’t work? Then people would be upset that he didn’t save the one about to be stabbed. He yelled, ‘Get down’, several times and she was still coming at the other person with the knife drawn back to strike.

    2. @zan Lehman U ever seen a tazer work? No, a cop was tazering a woman going for her un she shot him twice he was luck he lived.

  10. Justified use of force. Officer saved that girl’s life. The deceased girl’s action led to her demise. My heart goes out to her family for their loss, to the officer forced to shoot that armed teenager, and to the victim who was nearly stabbed.

  11. This is what we need. Instant transparency before the fires start and the narrative snowballs

  12. I saw the slow motion video… in 11 seconds the police officer hopped out his car, walked up with his hands up (to display he’s no threat to them) saying “what’s going on?” Then the young girl killed, attempted to stab another girl in the neck/face who was visibly cowering, covering herself in a defensive way. 100% justified that the police officer pulled out his gun and shot her. Unfortunate for all those involved…

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