Witness recounts harrowing scenes at Texas mall shooting

Joshua Barnwell, a Navy combat veteran trained in emergency care for wounded people and a witness who performed CPR on victims at the Texas mall shooting, joins AC360 and recounts harrowing scenes of victims before paramedics arrived. #CNN #News


    1. I had appealed to the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting to release the photos of that massacre of their children, so the American public could see first hand what an AK15 does to the human body. All those poor children that were slaughtered. Some of them piled up together next to the adult in the middle, the teacher, who tried to protect them as they all ran to her…at least that detail was leaked.
      I know how difficult it would be for these parents to do this, but I do believe the country will finally wake up!! The parents could see this as something good coming out of all the bad, and that the loss of all their children’s lives was not in vain. Incidentally from Info Wars, many in the Republican Party believed it never happened because they never saw any pictures. They believed it to be a false flag to take away their guns……..
      It is the only way to stop this carnage!!
      Right now it is so sensitized that we see absolutely nothing when this happens in the US. I even get forget about them and tend to get many of the shootings mixed up! Most people died in the Las Vegas shooting but very few people remember that one.
      (Yet, when Kenya suffered a terrorist attack where a terrorist (of one particular religion, YouTube will censor the comment if I say the name but you all which religion I am referring to) used an AK15 style weapon and shot all the people in the mall, the US did not have any problem in showing all the bloody ghastly scenes which I still see in my head right now. I vividly remember the video of the dinning room, of people either hunched over in their chairs or had fallen back, all of who were shot when they stopped for a coffee break with a snack. I still see their coffee cups and feel of the dead eerie silence of all the countless bodies still in their chairs and a few on the ground surrounded by pools of blood. The Africans were outraged, and rightly so, the racist US is so careful not to broadcast those same images here in the US, but has no problem showing dead Africans slumped over in their chairs and the pools of blood. I do also recall one body on the ground as it appeared that he didn’t die immediately but had tried to crawl to a place to hid but didn’t make it.
      So the hypocrisy is disgusting! )
      The British refer to America as the place where all nuts carry guns!

  1. Mr. Barnwell is the finest example of a man I have seen in my 56 years in this crazy world. We need more like him.

  2. Thank goodness for Joshua Barnwell. Thank you for your service in the military and in the mall.

    1. The shooter also served in the military and was discharged due to mental health problems…. yet he still had access to guns.

  3. Mt. Barnwell, a true hero, was risking his own life to save others, while our politicians are SILENT. “thoughts and prayers ” without no actions will fail on your God’s deaf ears.

  4. What a hero. I would be so lucky to see him there for me if it happened to me. He was as descriptive as possible but as respectful as he could. Most importantly, he didn’t just have thoughts and prayers, he actually did something.

    1. @Bab Blo definitely a weird call….

      Someone is behind him reminding him as to what to say, and at the same time taking advantage of the trams he is not was going through. He obviously hasent had a moment to process what had occurred and what actually happened, yet he still hasent slept of been able to walk away from that situation, only to ultimately return back and comment.

      Someone is obviously taking full advantage of his ongoing sleep deprivation vs tea mix life threating situation that just occurred.

      Someone should ultimately be there to protect him , and send him home , and speak for him tather than poke n pride and use those Exausted emotions to put forth or express one’s agenda.

      Not saying there was an objective, But I am saying there’s obviously plenty of people keeping him going taking advantage of the moment to assure we as Americans fully get and understand gravity as to what just happened.

  5. I just can’t ! I can’t ! As a mother, I cannot imagine ever losing my child. May God bless all the families affected.

  6. Amazing work by this guy…so frickin sad and tragic, man… 🕊️ To all victims…We need to change our mentality on gun control AND mental health..THIS HAS TO STOP! Don’t act like this isnt a problem

  7. This makes me so sad and angry. I would go insane if my family became a victim to such a thing.

    1. It’s just a matter of time …every one plants several seeds and we keep arming them 😑

  8. It’s beautiful that people band together in times of such devastation to aide in recovery, but we need follow their example and work together to prevent these situations from happening. No parent should have to lose their child like this. Other countries have successfully lessened the incidence of such crimes to nearly none. In America, we are too focused on stoking hatred and arguing. We have to work together because we all want our families to be safe.

  9. In Jesus Name Bless this man and see him through this horrific tragedy! My God this is so bad. God Bless everyone!

  10. This is so unforgiveable. I left the US after six years working in an inner-city ER. On an average weekend, I saw more gunshot paediatric patients than I had seen in an average month working in combat zones from the Balkans to East Africa to Central Asia. A child is safer in Tanzania or Turkey today than he/she is in Texas! 😢

    1. *T.A.K* Kia Ora I hope my comment does not offend – but as an outsider, we can hear the graphic details – but nothing will change. How many more days the next mass shooting, – another dark day. Regards.

  11. This is EXACTLY the sort of graphic detail people need to hear. Too many people seem to imagine the deceased like a movie character with a neat little hole where the bullet goes in. The reality is splintered bones and severed limbs and faces being blown off. When you have to identify children by their clothes or shoes, that tells you about the severity of the injuries. And more people need to hear it.

    1. On Twitter, you had pictures of these poor people…brain matter, faces blown off, etc. Just awful and nothing I wanted to see(couldn’t sleep at all that night), but possibly needed for those that continue to go on about the 2A… there was also a video, but I’m glad I never saw it. It’s just insanity, this state-sanctioned domestic terrorism.

  12. God bless his soul and the others that witnessed this tragedy. I HATE THAT THIS KEEPS HAPPENING. We have to find a solution. What we are doing isn’t working. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  13. May Allah give strength to parents and family of the victims and quick recovery for the injured.💚

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