Witnesses Detail The Final Moments Of George Floyd's Life | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Witnesses Detail The Final Moments Of George Floyd’s Life | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


During the second day of testimony in the Derek Chauvin trial, multiple witnesses testified about the harrowing final minutes of George Floyd's life – including the woman who filmed the video that launched protests worldwide. We discuss with Joyce Vance and Holly Bailey. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Witnesses Detail The Final Moments Of George Floyd's Life | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Defense: “There was an angry man there who wanted to fight the police.”
    Witness: “Actually, I called 911 to get the police to stop a murder right in front of our eyes.”
    Defense: “Ohhh, umm. Mr judge, sir, can we like, start over or something?”

    1. @Ash Roskell Another dummy who’s brainwashed into thinking Trump has anything to do with George Floyd.

    2. @Free Speech I’m going to guess you don’t understand the math on cop stuff. In the grand scheme of 800,000 cops in the US making multiple MILLIONS of arrests each year, the average man’s chances of getting killed by the cops is so fking low it’s not worth worrying about.

    3. @CribNotes I read it. You misread my answer. Your response should gave been no one should be kneeing someones carotid artery ANY TIME because “every one” knows that can easily turn into lethal force do to any “underlying condition” to include the “bad habit” of needing blood in you brain.

    4. @CribNotes There are 284 million cars in the US, and 34,000 car related deaths per year. But what you’re telling me, is that I shouldn’t concern myself with safety because my chances of dying by car, statistically is 0.014% Is that correct you racist? I guess I’ll stop wearing my seatbelt.

    1. Not guilty. The officers were doing as they were trained to do by placing the knee to the back of the kneck as shown in the training video entitled “Maximal Restraint Technique”. The police chief lied. To be fair, the video also instructs for the suspect to be put on their side in a “recovery position” that Chavin and the other two officers did not do. But the video doesn’t explain when that should happen following restraint and in fact makes it out like a step towards getting the suspect in the squad car. George Flyod requested not to be put in the squad car so that is reasoning why they didn’t do that. Most importantly, the training video doesn’t describe the “Maximal Restraint Technique” as life threatening nor does it describe the “recovery position” as life saving.

    2. @The Alpengeist Man – then the cops need to kneel on the neck for like 10 minutes of all them anti-maskers,…they’re always resistin

  2. Something is really wrong in the world today when a witness has to call the police on police committing murder in broad daylight

    1. @The Alpengeist I agree with you, there’s been some people who actually done everything you stated. Still they’ve been killed including children, Brenona Taylor just one of many. Reference to this case, just my opinion the police officers handle this so wrong from the start of the even this case, resulting in a unarmed man loosing his life. Instead Deesslating the situation, it was Eeessla

    2. @The Alpengeist I agree with you on what you stated there’s been some killings where people have died doing exactly what you’re state. Including children. The little boy at the playground he had a toy gun a lady called the police on him, when the police got to the park before he spoked to the child he killed him before he got of the vehicle. Brenona Taylor killed in her home, the police killed a little boy in the park h had a toy gun. A woman police killed a unarmed African American man in his home, claiming she thought she was in her apartment. What was she on. The list could go for centuries. Yes there’s good and bad police officers. This is definitely one. With his record he should been fired long time ago

    3. @Sarah F His stupid…i guess is easy for whites as they dont regular stops or harrassed for about anything(sitting, in your home etc)

    4. @The Alpengeist : The Police are more than glad that these Crimes are Committed, otherwise they wouldn’t get paid for Killing Black Citizens, & that’s exactly why many Racists joined the force in the first place!!!!!

  3. I was tearing in such pain listening to the witnesses. I could feel their helplessness and the shock of all that. It’s so hard to watch the video.

    1. Here are a few common-sense tips for EVERYONE wanting to avoid trouble with Law Enforcement – DO NOT BREAK THE LAW, do not steal what is not yours, do not commit murders or rapes, do not rob liquor stores or convenience stores, do not break into other peoples homes to take their belongings, do not steal other peoples cars or vehicles, do not carry or sell drugs, be polite to law enforcement officers if stopped, do NOT RESIST arrest and try to fight with Police officers. It is a VERY, VERY simple solution to staying safe during a traffic stop or stopped on the street.

    2. @The Alpengeist how is anything you replied relevant to my comment on the video? I agree with each and everything you said but I still don’t understand your point. What if the law enforcement who are as human and fallible as you and I, decide to plant drugs, treat me with excessive force as I scream in pain that my shoulder joint is gonna break, have a cardiac issue, not able to breath as the the knee is crushing my ability to stay conscious and is asphyxiating me.
      There are countless moments when no harm would happen but how am I to know that someone won’t bodyslam me when I ask for probable cause or reason for a stop or whatever other reasons?! How can a dead man get justice even if the murderer is caught and held accountable?
      I saw some of your comments on other videos and I felt that you are pretty fast at judging. I have nothing more to add dude. I hope you find the good in what I expressed. God bless and cheers

    3. @I I It’s relevant because had Floyd complied with officers, he’d still be alive. If he would have listen to his friends who were telling him to stop resisting, he’d be alive, if he didn’t have Fentanyl – Norfentanyl – 4-ANPP- Methamphetamine in his system, he’d still be alive.

    4. @Noir Path Ohhh no…someone who doesn’t share my opinion…do you wanna cry about it some more? Or maybe act like something resembling an adult?

    1. Of course he was, “angry,” but who wouldn’t be? It’s distressing enough to witness a murder. But, to see it at the hands of the very people you’re supposed call to STOP such animalistic cruelty, that’s life altering. Who among us is, “safe,” really? . . .

    2. Lawyers are heartless . I think the lawyer is trying to have the record established that the crowd was adding to the confusion of the moment. I am sure that they would rather prosecute the case than defending.

    3. @Lee it’s exactly why no matter how much money they get, it’s a career choice I’d never make because I value my morals and integrity more than dead presidents

  4. There are no words for how much these witnesses tried to save a man’s life and reason with those who were supposed to protect and serve and provide duty of care to people in their custody. They will live with the trauma for the rest of their lives.

    1. I hope “JUSTICE” prevails. The citizens of the USA & hear the disturbing testimonies “CLEARLY” what happened to Mr. Floyd.

    2. The official autopsy report shows a concentration of 11 nanograms of fentanyl per milliliter of his blood. Fenatanyl is about 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine, so, a little bit of that can lead to an inability to breathe and then death. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3,” the autopsy notes indicate. But it is possible that Mr Floyd’s body was so used to speedballs that it was used to it. However Mr Floyd died while carrying this load of fentanyl in his blood.

  5. That policeman was posing and looking at the other officers who did “NOTHING” to save Mr. Floyd’s “LIFE” ~~~ A DEPLORABLE ACT that turns the clock backwards on a civilized society.

  6. I hope “JUSTICE” prevails. The citizens of the USA & hear the disturbing testimonies “CLEARLY” of exactly what happened to Mr. Floyd.

    1. The cop did nothing wrong. The knee maybe illegal now but it wasn’t when he did it. Mr. Floyd was on opioids and had health problems that caused his death. His death is tragic but facts matter.

    2. @lou Albino One day I hope a cop doesn’t do this to you or your family! You won’t stop until it happens to you! It doesn’t matter who he was, what he was on they haf him detained! The cop killed him, the paramedics had to pull him off a dead man! Man is not God and had no right! He broke his own law to protect and serve to uphold justice!

    3. @Divided&Conquered Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Everything i posted can easily be proven. Don’t be surprised if the officer goes free and is given his job back. What happened to Mr.Floyd falls solely on the hands of the department for the way they trained that officer. Btw,this did happen to me when I was a hard headed teenager and I thank god my health was in almost perfect condition back then. Only took one encounter with the police for me to decide I didn’t want to “interact” with them ever again.

    1. @Justice F. All don’t kick the cops. You won’t die. Don’t over dose and you won’t die. Don’t resist.

    2. @Noir Path lol. What a wonderful conclusion you have came to v thank you for the honour. Lmao.

    1. You know where this is going. The killer is scared of these “black people surrounding him”. No intelligent jury would buy this.

    2. I see witnesses standing obediently at a good distance calling out to cops. Seems like Floyd was having a panic attack from claustrophobia and fear of police . They should’ve called for ambulance for him from the moment he said he couldn’t breathe. This needs to be policy. Better training and better policing of police needed. Get white chauvinists out of police.

    1. Child that still has compassion and a sense of right and wrong, yes, bless her heart and keep a hand over her life.

  7. I don’t know if most people realize this but even if convicted, George Floyd would have been facing up to one year in prison and a fine for passing a counterfeit $20 bill. For this he lost his life .
    That is so utterly ridiculous!!!

  8. If I was there witnessing this I don’t know how I would NOT have intervened forcefully and yeah — died trying.

  9. 1:10 ” As you were there, you grew angrier” I am hooting like an owl right now. ‘Angry black man bad.’ And he knows it’ll play to an American jury. That lawyer’s suppressing a drawl, too.
    3:24 Judge ain’t even listening. Just scribbling.
    4:55 My dear, if you’d have tried they’dve bashed your brains in.

    We’ve been here before. Anybody remember Rodney King?
    He was ‘liquidated’ as we’d say in Europe.
    Cops walked.

  10. Without that video the 17 year old girl made, I shudder to think what chances Floyd would have to bring Chauvin down.

  11. The world watched this murder with tears in their eyes and on their cheeks, the world now watches the trial with hope in their hearts, hope that justice will be served and his killers punished-so that they can breathe again

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