Woman Chopped to Death in Clarendon, Jamaica - February 16 2021 1

Woman Chopped to Death in Clarendon, Jamaica – February 16 2021


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  1. Good afternoon viewers
    Despite my immediate family and I being at loggerheads,(s/o to marse Jimmy, dat him did call me. Apparently it’s a bird. Reference to my hair at the time)
    Can’t forget where I came from. Crooked river
    *if the female too smart for you, don’t beat her, leave her! Plenty more less sophisticated models available* best advice my mother ever gave me

  2. Before you teck a stick a clop the man two a onnu stand up and a call fi help. Why you neva do something .what not get a big stone and send it pon him while.him a chop her two a onnu clap him. Den h im

    1. You should go help
      Kmt the man have a cutlass what they have to go help plus he rush the shop keeper only a Gun could stop him. People just love comment without thoroughly thinking about what they are saying.

    2. He cannot take down two people at the same time. Ever heard of surprise attack? For your Information I listened. They could have helped. I am not taking it back

  3. Devil find work fi idlers….and if u nuh believe dat verse in the Bible is true , AND YET SOME PPL THINK THE BIBLE A FAIRY TALE BOOK

  4. All this crime is because of the broken family structure, bad parenting, and jamaicans not teaching morals in the schools.

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