Woman Delivers Her Own Baby at Hospital in Jamaica | TVJ News - June 7 2021 1

Woman Delivers Her Own Baby at Hospital in Jamaica | TVJ News – June 7 2021


A Jamaican woman who lost her baby after delivering the child by herself in the accident and emergency department at the Spanish Town Hospital in Saint Catherine. The 26 year old woman told TVJ News that she was neglected for hours by nurses who told her they were not trained to deliver a baby and the doctor was on his way.

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  1. The nurse that turned around and said there was nothing she could do needs to lose her job that I’m not asking you I’m telling you why are you a nurse why do you practice midwifery this is the whole point absolute disgrace

    1. @Dania Facey are you telling me you are train to just stand still and watch people die? I dont mean this in bad way

    2. @Dania Facey well at least call a midwife then . So it’s OK for a baby to die in care ? Come on man.

    3. @Veronica Graham u have a point dear… I am not defending the nurse but am letting you guys know how the health system goes, however she should’ve called for an assistant in which when we are unable to perform a duty we report it.

    4. Please cold no heat if she try that cin the USA she would spend the rest of her life in Orange jump suit..

    5. @Cordell Waugh exactly true… We as nurse can not do anything that we are not trained for… Goodly if she go help u hear say a she make the baby dead

  2. So sorry my sister. But I know that some of those at the Spanish town Hospital are locking of Compassion and so Much more truly sorry for your lost

    1. Glad she’s alive. She must sue the hospital. They the workers need to change their actions

  3. Jamaica for far too long have tolerated one of the worst healthcare systems in the world with some of the most unprofessional and disrespectful staffs across the country.

    1. @Kerry-Ann Knight first of all I never said it’s the worst in the world but rather “one of the worst” and I have seen the Jamaican healthcare system back in as recently as the 1970’s when people including diplomats and dignitaries who would travel to Jamaica from other territories for various procedures. So I am not speaking from some abstract argument on “feelings” as you seem to be.

      I have witnessed the deterioration and malfunctioning of this institution firsthand.
      We build billion dollar highways but cannot build any new hospital to provide even basic care.
      Great buildings are erected for the illusion of prosperity yet we haven’t figured out how to provide portable water to the majority of the country.
      Our priorities are misplaced or misguided and most like yourself will never see it until something happens to you.

      Hopefully it won’t be too late.

    2. @rick flint I work in the healthcare system…. However, you are speaking from experience… I dnt know then… I know there are deterioration but there are many who care and give their all… I get pissed those who care zero but I won’t stop and lots do the same…. It’s just that when persons do wrong it’s highlighted which of course should but when those who give their all do the work NO1 KNOWS… however I still don’t agree with how the patient said she was dealt with…

    3. @Junya dan Fully Scaach if you should me you will think differently…. I save lives every single day. I do what it takes for lives to survive no matter how stressed out I am.. no matter your condition…it’s a pleasure to do what I do… It’s my passion to see someone who was at the blink of death survive and go back home.. Jus want to let you know there are still those who care…

    4. @Kerry-Ann Knight god bless you kerry, I know your job is stressful and is very hectic…ofc there are some very wonderful nurses who are very conscientious…but the reality many don’t care… u might feel a way but a just the truth…just gwan do what u do best and be a good person…

    5. @Nikoli Krishnokov she might be going through a hard time at work, but people need help. If she couldn’t at the time, then try to ask someone else

    1. @just build skin has nothing to do with this. This was % abuse of neglect and lack of personnel. Period

    2. @Living on Purpose !! exactly it doesn’t matter about your skin colour if your poor in our society you tend to get shun by certain people I’m sure if she had money she could be treated better

    1. Is longtime Spanish town hospital nurses stay like that ,don’t care about people! I remember when I went there to have my babies that’s 34years ago ,when young girls use to come in to have their babies.they would be in pain and z nurses would sit an looked at z pregnant girl an ask them if when they were taking them man if them never know say is so baby pain hot; they would sit an laugh ,and curse out z poor girls them an class them, that same Spanish town hospital .longtime them nurses there wicked ! Jamaica have some of z most uncaring nurses in z world .

  4. No man we has women need to demonstrate for that nurse to lose her job n face some form of additional punishment that’s gross misconduct…smh

  5. No one will be held accountable as usaual…no one cares!!! The health system in JAMAICA is a joke…

  6. Jamaica have some cold hearted people especially in the hospital the nurse them wicked too much of them in a job they have no love for.

    1. @Sandrea Rose Its the truth they treat me bad when I have my daughter they dont answer when you call them.

    2. And they same one come to the USA and would hump over whoops in there jobs.m

    3. @As I see it I stand for something Most of us as Jamaican think we good some of us wicked those nurse can be pigs dont know how to speak to people.

    4. Wolves in sheep clothing tired fi tell unuh some of them just wicked an who nuh wicked just go nursing school just fi seh dem a nurse that’s it no passion for the job whatsoever

  7. This is extremely sad, why is this happening in 2021, I have learned that no amounr of training can make a person like their work, only God knows why they choose to do this type of career and do not care about people

    1. Agree with u y is that nurse working in that part of the hospital and don’t know mother she could at less run to get a doctor my God that’s wickedness

  8. This is sickening, total madness! Unacceptable!!!That nurse SHOULD BE FIRED. WRONG PROFESSION. KMDT very upsetting

  9. Sad & angry at the same time because I’m a dad & I wouldn’t want that to happen to my unborn child or my baby mommy

  10. This is a sad situation and one that should never have happened; to think the Health Minister spends so much funds on revamping hospital structures instead of taking the necessary financial steps to improve patient’s experience is distasteful.

  11. Not even an animal should be treated like this. Where is the love of jamaican gone???

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