Woman dies after being struck by tree during Ont. storm

Peel police say one woman has died after being struck by a tree during the fast moving storm that rocked parts of southern Ontario.

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  1. Got no warning in Peterborough. The sirens haven’t stopped yet in 2 hours. Power has been off since.

    1. Emergency alerts were sent to all smartphones. Unless you changed your smartphone settings

    2. @Rupert Periwinkle well Peterborough is outside of GTA so potentially they didnt get the alert since it seems to only be certain regions

    3. @puzz88 There are trees and powerlines down all over the the city. All the garden displY plants and the racks they were on were blown out of the Freshco parking lot, across the road and into the parking lot across the street. Apparently there were tornado warnings. My Android updated this morning, better check my settings

    4. @puzz88 Yes, that’s possible. Hope all is well! Saw a few trees uprooted in a park.

  2. We had trees down on our street in brampton. Came on fast. Got no warnings though, other than the old tried and true method of looking up at the sky.

    1. You’d think they’d know what to report, when & where since the govt makes/manipulates the weather…

  3. I got the warning about ten minutes . . . AFTER . . . the storm had passed. VERY helpful.

    1. I normally don’t get alerts but today I did in Stratford oh, I was in my rec room in the basement when I noticed that it was dark as night, not a lot of damage but some, very sorry that woman died oh, that is a tragedy

  4. Was working out in the garage and all of a sudden, I thought there was a tornado right infront of me in Scarborough. Had hail the size of small salt pellets coming down on my car.

  5. I was taking a leak outside (I’m camping) the wind picked up and I pissed all over myself

  6. omg – i didnt think they would die but i knew that it would be hard in ontario in montreal we are okay !! i hope her family is alright

  7. DanaπŸ†π—™**π—–π—ž Me! Check π— π˜† 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗢leπŸ’‹ says:

    Got the warning in Scarborough. Seconds after I got home, the horror started.

  8. We were out doing errands from 11 a.m we were at Best Buy in Kitchener and I was waiting in the car for my husband, you could see the storm coming. We got home, at 12 p.m after going into the underground parking & upstairs to our Unit the storm hit with full force. We were without power for 6 hours but safe. I’m so sorry this lady lost her life.

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