Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping | Elections? PNP Ready | TVJ Midday News – July 7 2022

Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping | Elections? PNP Ready | TVJ Midday News - July 7 2022 1


  1. She’s crazy…what about people who are really in danger this might cause police to not take the real kidnapped victims seriously and it may be to late for them…wow

  2. 9 teachers in Jamaica died in 9 days,one thing I know all of them have in common taking the vaccines

    1. @Delroy Williams being silent is agreeing with government madness,we need more Nancy’s and Paul Bogle in Jamaica too much mouth badman deh a Jamaica

    2. Thousands of Jamaicans from a wide variety of professions also took the vaccines, so why isn’t there an unusual number of Jamaican taxi drivers, lawyers, bank tellers, etc., also dying?

  3. I think Andrew should follow Johnson footsteps give somebody else a chance too much crime and corruption, and the truth is he can’t control any of these two problems that the country is facing.

    1. @Winston Johnson I saw lots of Jamaicans enjoying themselves and moving around, and they are not looking over their shoulders, yes I agree that the crime situation is bad, but some in road can be made to control it if government with the help of the people take the necessary steps to do so, look at what have been happening lately in America, even sitting on the sidewalk and enjoying an event can be dangerous, look at countries in the region, while some of them are experiencing an increase in violence, they are not at the level as Jamaica, so it is up to us as Jamaicans to help to control crime in our country.

    2. @Dawn B. we always argue about politician when politicians don’t give a damn about us, we employ them on they go in office, live big life, and use psychology and us, it’s time for Jamaican people to wake up and open their eyes, and realize that politics is tricks on stop argue, about PNP on JLP both of them same style of leadership dreffent name.

    3. @Glorious Blue but with the help of God, we can, God could have delivered the children of Israel, but He put a man to lead them, Moses, God used people, he did the same with Gideon, so with God’s help we can if we try.

  4. Keleasha William’s is very beautiful articulate and should be the everyday news broadcaster.

  5. I agree Local Elections should had been call long time, and such a shame Law cant even make him call the election. Delay after delay how much delays.

  6. I wonder if this 27 years old individual ever heard the story of: “The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Wolf !
    “Lock her up.”

  7. Crime has passed pandemic status in Jamaica for many years. After we gained independence after years of slavery it was then assumed that we would come together as 1 people and build a great future for ourselves as Jamaicans. However the political leaders divided us in groups/garrisons and to this day crime and gangsters has been steadily increasing to what we are all scared of today. Our political leaders allows criminals and gangs to extort the hardworking citizens millions as well as give these criminals and gangs millions of dollars in government contracts all of which breeds more criminals, gangs, kidnappings, rapes, robberies and murders. Then these same political leaders spends millions to fight the same criminal system they finance . They put minor systems in place and leave the root causes of crime to keep spreading and evolving. Plus no updated crime laws and extremely poor border protection. Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

  8. Jamaica is on a good path though the crime has been a loonnngg standing issue for years. I don’t seeing the PNP back in power eight now as the country is in a good economical standing compare to rest of the world who are struggling financially and food shortages. The PNP still need to move away from the Michael Manley politics and be more united. This is the 21st century we need to stop living in the past. We can learn from it and don’t make the same mistakes.

    1. @Althea Nelson have you seen other countries internationally especially Barbados where everyone speak so highly of PM mia. Look at them now economically and look at their unemployment rate which is soooo high.

    2. @Althea Nelson so the 18yrs PNP led the country was it good? Wonder where were u when the country shut down cause of the high rise in gas price and the amount of IMF deals we had to go through. Every yr tax increase, unemployment was rising daily and of fiscal debt and borrowing soaring to new heights. Did they give back to the people during those crisis worst when we had a economic meltdown. Did we get any grants?

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