1. Wow….. gives new meaning “To, thanks for your service,” see, old men,send young to death, before they even get, to war…..😫

    1. Reminds me of when Obama drank the water in Flint, Michigan as a publicity stunt. I’d imagine it’s just a publicity stunt for Obama’s VP Biden too. After all Biden plagiarized speeches, so why wouldn’t he plagiarize Obama’s water scam?

    1. Where as this situation is deplorable… WE DO LIVE IN A GREAT COUNTRY…if you’ve ever been to another country and lived there for awhile… Not just visited.. You’d know there are some countries in FAR FAR worse shape and care even less about some sectors of their citizens.
      At least here you have a PROCESS for redressing wrongs … Not so in many COUNTRIES.

  2. Miss Ann Johnson I hurt just knowing about the pain you suffered losing your precious baby and I pray that with time the pain will become more bearable. I truly believe that because we all on this earth affect each other’s lives that sometimes somethings have to happen even the one’s we find painful. If your marriage ended because of your loss then count losing your ex as a blessing. He wasn’t your forever. Think of all the wonderful things and people who have come into your life since losing him and all of those you have given joy to as well as received from. I’m sure there have been people who maybe just needed a few moments of your time to heal them and had you have stayed with him someone might not be alive today. I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Not sure which is more disturbing, the giant rug used to sweep this under, or the multitudes of ambulance chasers running around.😢

    1. @mzvsplace i think the cap should be on a tier system depending on what the settlement amount is. 25% sounds fair if you’re getting millions but not so much if you’re getting thousands and have hundreds of thousands in medical expenses, which some of them definitely have.

    2. many sweep ”sin” under the big proverbial rug all the time, and never think about the consequences

    3. @Sheep of The Shepherd7392 You’re not wrong there. But that’s what people do when
      Caught in a bind , easier to forget about
      It and use power to screw people. Just
      As they did during atomic bombs testing
      That not only sank a entire inland but
      Contaminated hundreds of people living within 200 miles of the test.

  4. This is not unusual. Yokota Air Base in Japan has wells it cannot use due to contamination from an off base dry cleaner company. It’s a HUGE dry cleaner too. Not sure if they found the contaminate before or after it made it’s way into the base water system.

    Also, many USAF bases had contamination from Aquios Fire Fighting Foam.

    1. Fairchild Air Force base near Spokane WA contaminated the water of the surrounding communities with fire fighting foam. Those communities can not drink that water and now relies on Spokane for water.

  5. For every politician who voted against making sure the water was not safe should have to drink the same water. If I was somewhere where the water was known to be contaminated and I was living in the part of town that it’s water was not deemed drinkable I would be bringing some of it to work and give it to the rich employer’s family to drink it, because we all know their neighborhood’s water is safe.

    1. I think that CEO’s of companies dumping toxic water should have to drink a glass of it every day. Would probably change the priority.

  6. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days.

  7. I’ve had cancer twice from the toxic water at camp Lejeune. 2009 and again in 2017. Genetic testing showed I don’t have the genes. So waiting for the next illness to come. My 1st drink of water from that base was in 1978. Please continue to cover this. Semper Fi.

    1. Eco. Just remember .. unrest is our strength . Stay on this msm site and stay strong in the narrative. Remember.. we are mostly victims just waiting for our story to be activated in the plan

  8. Wow finding that out years later could mentally break you but I’m really sorry for her that she had to find out that way🤔

  9. Heart breaks Watching this. How do we let this happen to the people fighting to preserve this great nation. All responsible need to be held accountable! Payment needs to be made !

  10. The contamination goes back to 1953 CNN, my parents were there when dad came home from Korea. My brother was born there in 54. I lost both of my parents to horrible cancers, dad-multiple myeloma/2001 & mom-colorectal cancer/Parkinsons/2022. Affects 7 generations last I read at ATSDR.

  11. My son is currently stationed there. I really hope they actually fixed this problem. Compensation is LONG overdue.

  12. Thank you for the resurrection of this story. As a society we are connected, our actions touch other people’s lives. There must be accountability and correction.

  13. They had to know this for a while even after the fact and still went on I think even the current leaders of the military board should behold highly responsible for this prison time Cause you knew they had to know about this and sat on it

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