Woman Gets Probation In First Capitol Insurrection Sentencing 1

Woman Gets Probation In First Capitol Insurrection Sentencing


A woman from Indiana has become the first person sentenced in connection with the Trump-incited Capitol Hill insurrection on January 6. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details.
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    1. @K Farrell
      You don’t remember when the Supreme Court building was occupied and burned during the Kavanaugh hearings?

      The federal courthouse in Portland has been under siege for a year. BLM and antifa have been trying to burn that building down for 12 months.

      These are both federal buildings. I guess you are fine with destroying federal buildings as long as your team is doing the damage?

    2. @DancesWithBears That is patently false. Antifa isn’t even an entity or an organization…it’s an ideology. How can an ideology attempt to overturn the government? Additionally, how can an ideology even have members? Lay off the Qanonsense, it’s got you by the tail.

    3. @drab g
      How are these idiots Biden/Harris working out for you now?

      They have added 15% to the national debt.

      Race relations are the worst since the ’64 civil rights movement.

      The middle east is at war.

      N. Korea is firing off rockets again.

      Russia is massing troops on the Ukrainian borders.

      China is threatening Taiwan.

      Prices on everything are up.

      And inflation is the highest it’s been since 2000.

      Who could have seen this coming, everyone.
      Thanks a$$holes!

  1. I think the leaders that were warned 3 days before should be arrested for letting this happen by not bringing in the National Guard

    1. @Deborah DiCesare your right, you have the house, senate & the White House, & the only thing democrat have managed to do, is ban Dr.Sues

    2. @Alex Mark wow. Never thought anyone would be called a ‘lib’ for standing up for the Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power. Tell me: When did you become enamored with military dictatorships? You obviously want to ignore the parts of the Constitution that deal with the Legislative and Judicial branches of our government.

    1. Government has nukes and they have their guns and poop to smear on walls.
      Looks like losing battle.

    1. You Russians might be used to Molotov cocktails and fireworks. In the USA the insurrectionist scum cult uses bear spray, flag poles, fire extinguishers, gallows, … whatever they can find and throw together.

    1. @IHC Terra The FBI and White house knew there was going to be a protest. They pulled all forces out and led the protesters in and killed the first person to breach the door, which immediately stopped any further protesting. It was all coordinated and planned months before.

    2. @Tom Are MD Trump impeded nothing. He tried reinforcing them, just like all the democratic cities with high crime, and they turned him down.

    3. @Faux Que I watched video of her getting shot. Another protester smashed the glass with a helmet ripped off the head of a police officer. She had to climb over the furniture barricading the door.

      She was the tip of the spear and caught a bullet for it. She won the Room Temperature Challenge.

    4. @IHC Terra she was lifted and pushed towards the barricaded door. News reports were saying she was climbing through a window and shot. That didn’t happen. After the cop shot her the dudes who were pushing her up ran off with the photo journalist who was arrested leaving the property

  2. Too funny. Now who’s going to pay for the two broken windows and the one plastic window? They didn’t even wipe their feet. That’s another cost to the 200 dollar so called riot.

    1. You’re right it wasn’t a riot it was a violent insurrection in an attempt to over throw the government.

  3. There is no need to respond to trolls. They believe bs and the ones who did this were arrested.

  4. “Guilty of desecration…”
    I defy anyone, anywhere, to show me a US statute that describes the offense of ‘desecration’. Go ahead…I’ll wait.
    What ‘evidence’ has been shown to the American public amounts to heavily edited film montages, intended (along with corollary diatribes from MSM stooges) to elicit the most emotional responses possible, which renders it propaganda. There is more evidence available of the existence of a tooth fairy than there is for an ‘armed insurrection’…

  5. Lol, how much you wanna bet that the first male to get charged will have to serve time?

    Just watch

  6. Note to self. Don’t trespass, or take an unscheduled guided tour at the capitol. She probably took a selfie which added to her sentence.

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