1. “You should treat your neighbors like yourself, because kindness comes back to you.” Sharon Bass’ words will ring in eternity and she is living proof there are people on the earth who make us proud to be a part of the human community. We must learn from the Ukrainian war of independence. Israeli government officials must listen to Sharon’s words as well, because we all know that we are going to hear in the months that come of Israel building more suburbs on Palestinian land. We know we are going to see young Palestinian protesters shot and killed for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. This is all because the Palestinians do not have a sovereign country. I am stupified that the 26 Arab nations cannot find a way to secure a decent parcel of land so that the Palestinians can have their own country and give the Gaza strip to the Israelis. The Palestinians have been living in limbo for generations now and this must stop. Somebody in the UN, a president of a country out there must know how to help the Palestinians so that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and Israeli people can be on friendly terms with their neighbors. I know my words come off as naïve to many in the middle east, but we must use the Ukrainian war to help us solve other slow-burning conflicts that affect the human family as a whole. We are one world; let’s act like it! Let’s peacefully dismantle the authoritarian regimes that are wreaking havoc on our beautiful planet.

    1. Russia is ” Nazy germany” , Putin are Adolf Gitler🙊🙉🙈
      Dont buy or sell to russian, dont buy russians stuff in youre shop!!!
      Then you buy or sell russians you sponsor World War 3🙊🙉🙈

    2. It’s the golden rule isn’t it? Across religions, across cultures… That rule still stands. Do towards others.. and all that.

      If humans could just accept that one rule, we’d all be doing better.

    3. I agree with you totally, except for “giving the Gaza Strip to Israel.” That’s part of the Palestinian’s homeland and I think they’ve lost enough of it already. It angers me when people ask why Europe doesn’t want Syrian etc. refugees. Only a couple of those Arab states help their own brothers, the rest couldn’t give a toss. I thought charity was supposed to begin at home?

  2. Our Greatest Generation fought in WWII for democracy, human dignity, and freedom from tyranny. It’s our turn to do right for generations to come.

    1. I am amazed at the stupidity of Europeans!? Russian Russians in eastern Ukraine have been waiting for 8 years for the Nazis in Kiev, who seized power in 2014, to come to their senses, but instead the Nazis gathered a military group of 300,000 people, heavy weapons, aircraft under the slogans – “Cut the Russians”, did the Russians really need to wait for the carpet bombing, shooting at civilians in columns refugees? Ukrainians are not fighting, but degenerates poisoned by Nazism. The people of Ukraine, you say, are at war?And under Hitler, the peoples of Europe also went to the east to fight for freedom? Europe has once again decided to act under the banner of fascism and covers it with words about democracy.

    2. @Matt L I could sense the unnecessary Hate. Why are u guys that are in the trump cult always so full of hate?? C’mon u really want a Putin lapdog/agent as a POTUS? Enough is enough man.

    3. @Danny Freedom I can sense the brain washing in you! Tell me, what’s it like being a sheep waiting for the slaughter! If you are so worried a put whats going on our there, Pick up a rifle and go fight! I did my time fighting, why not do yours!

      Also, it’s a proven fact that Hilary created the fake Russian collusion. Funny how it disappeared when this war kicked off….

  3. This is a beautiful story of kindness. Life gives us opportunities to extend our hands and hearts in kindness. Don’t miss yours.

    1. Russians are Nazy SS (Kazaks, Kadurovzi, Rosgvardya, Vagner…)
      Dont buy or sell to russian, dont buy russians stuff in youre shop!!!
      Then you buy or sell russians you sponsor World War 3🙊🙉🙈

    2. *CNN BBC will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    3. https://youtu.be/wMKFYrqucmU Joe Biden in Ukraine. 49:49 Joe Biden at Poroshenko’s inauguration!..
      Victoria Nuland handed out biscuits to hired protesters. Victoria Nuland confessed under oath to the existence of American biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine.

      Joe Biden in Ukraine. 49:49 His son Hunter worked on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma

  4. I sincerely wish the Ukrainians to quickly end the war and throw the aggressors out of their country like garbage.

  5. “What goes around, comes around” isn’t just a saying. Compassion comes back to you a hundred fold when you give it generously to others. When you’re hateful, one day that hate will destroy you.

    1. Let’s hope that innocent civilians in Russia are not swept up in the Karmic retribution for Putin’s clear violation of the rules!

    2. @Alan Izat A lot of “Putin loves Russia and wants to reassemble it because” theories going on, have you noticed? I disagree. RUSSIA is its people more than being a land mass. He couldn’t care less about the people, actually shows monumental disdain for them with his disregard for their happiness, their rights, their absolute need to know the truth in all things. Zelensky is showing a strength that makes both Putin and DJT look so nakedly, so openly, like the selfish, egomaniacs they are.

  6. I was raised and taught by my Polish grandma to never forget my heritage. I’m in the USA in SC and on fixed income, I know how to survive be strong and pay homage. I don’t know how to host a Ukrainian Family and I would love to do my humanly humane part in life .

  7. Way to go, mensch(es)!!!!My heart lies with the Ukrainians and Jews, and all other peaceful folks with good souls!!!

  8. Nice to hear a wonderful story filled with mutual love and kindness. Thanks, Brianna for bringing her on.

    1. I find that the family you make in your life from friends and people you love is deeper than the one of blood

  9. Beautiful story. As a Jewish woman this really resonates. And all countries should be eliminating barriers for Ukrainian refugees. Jews in Europe didn’t think it would happen to them, and I’m sure the Ukrainians didn’t imagine something like this. There is no such thing as “it can’t happen here”…..Best wishes to Sharon Bass and her guests.

  10. Unbelievably moving and so beautiful. Some people don’t get how kindness pays off. “Blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy.” Thank you for this wonderful story. 🙏🏼

  11. So moving…kindness, giving back, memory, gratefulness…in action. That’s what the world needs now. ❤✌

  12. That is great that this woman was able to help this family and I hope more families can do the same around the world as this war continues.

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