Woman ignores train barriers, nearly gets hit #shorts 1

Woman ignores train barriers, nearly gets hit #shorts


A Dutch transit agency released this footage of a woman's narrow escape after she ignored warnings at a train crossing.

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    1. @Louis Fleury well based on how the vaccines are made we’re pretty sure what the long-term side effects will be. Which are little to none.

    2. @Leutrell Bodden Well I’m going to correct you there. Traditional vaccines are a weakened form of a virus. This allows your immune system to become familiar with the characteristics of that virus. The new mRNA vaccines use your cells to produce a protein that has the characteristics of a virus. In the case of the Covid vaccines, they mimic the spike protein. This technology is different enough from traditional vaccines that long term testing should be done.

    3. @Leutrell Bodden I say all this to explain to you, that just because someone disagrees with you, it does not mean they are less intelligent. If you still don’t agree with what I have said that is fine, just re-evaluate how you talk about others.

    4. @Louis Fleury sorry, I didn’t get notified. I just randomly saw that you replied, but thanks for calling me smart

  1. Why wouldn’t she of just waited for it to go by before crossing back over ? It’s was like 2 seconds long. Smh

    1. theres no way for her to get through the other side the way its setup. she couldnt go through and had to run back or get crushed.

  2. Sounds like Trudeau calling an election in the middle of a “pandemic”, making it back to the barrier still makes him think he has a mandate – nope.

  3. Even if she didn’t get hit, she still gave the conductor a heart-attack. It’s incredibly inconsiderate. (The same goes for the streets; you might be able to make it, but drivers can’t see that, so it’s not cool to walk close to cars.)

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