Woman Injured in Crash Speaks Out #TVJNews – May 3 2022

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  1. Gloves are very important when handling body fluids. Emergency teams must always have them on board.

  2. What happen to all the money the cops found the other day that can more than pay tole .Andrew y di police dem tole no prepaid or y are they not exempt

  3. Sincere condolences to the family of the officer. I will not comment on what happened afterwards as itโ€™s truly sad. But for those who have listened please wear your seatbelt. As even a low speed crash can be dangerous as they were thrown from the vehicle. So please ensure that you and your love ones wear the seatbelts

  4. If this lady have died Jamaica wouldn’t have hearing all this from the horses mouth, see I pray and I thank God for this lady has pulled through, almighty God pla cover and protect this lady under your divine blood, condolences to the bereaved families, may this cop rest in peace. This country is seriously running shabby the man lives could be saved, what a shame and terrible loss..

    1. Sorry, but god didnโ€™t help the other guy, but just let him die. He died primarily, first, thru his own actions- not wearing his seat belt; and then it was compounded by poor training on the part of the original police officers, as well as the toll operators. Gods had nothing to do with all of that. People are responsible for their own actions.

  5. This breaks my heart I thought that the police force should have an emergency kit with them at all times especially when you called and tell them that thereโ€™s an accident and no ambulance that is available to assist you Jamaica is behind time sorry to say I love my little country but we are behind time yes youโ€™re not supposed to move anyone in an accident Because of the situation that we have here in Jamaica someone have to assist you to the hospital we have no ambulance To get to you in time so that youโ€™re able to transport to the hospital no emergency vehicle are available by the time the emergency vehicle come and help you he will be there either way

  6. Jah Jah know. Even though a man have to think about his own safety they could just get blood up and wash off to save the man. Am now thinking that the force should start train police as emergency medical technicians to save lives to the amount of accident happening on the roads. Is fire fighters in ja trained in that area?

  7. There is a lot of factors need to be revealed before making judgment. at what speed the vehicle was going? was the road wet.? or the tires bald. why wasn’t they wearing the seatbelts? as if the car have airbag it can kill you if you are not seat belted. were the police vehicles marked or police id shown at the toll booth? police are not trained medics and a ambulance would been the better choice so this is what happened. We can’t compare first class country medical emergency with Jamaica as the government does have those funds. the toll road is sparsely used so the toll operator cannot afford that. who is willing to pay more taxes that such a measure can be implemented?

  8. I’m a mother of 5 and 4 of MY kids are military personnel their training at home and in the military taught them empathy and first response to those in need shame on you POLICEMAN MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

  9. Jamaican people speake up demanded ,The Minister of Health implement Trains Medical personnel, paramedic and EMS Ambulance for these emergency , police officers they are not medic The officer live could have save Emergency Ambulance should have been there with in 10 to 15 minutes, Every Highway on the Island should have Sub Station include Fire Brigade Unite Medic Emergency Unite ,and a police traffic patrol station.all in the building.please stop the practice of untrain police removing lifeless body from the scean wheather in gun violence or accident. Emergency Medical Services must be there to apply Medical assistance to save the lives of the individual transport to the hospital. Gov”t the 88million seas can use in the area as well.

  10. Appalling! Where did these policemen think they were going? Every police unit should ALWAYS be equipped with first aid stock for emergencies. Also, the government needs to address this toll issue in regards to emergencies. Why can’t common sense prevail in situations like this with toll operators. Are they saying there is nothing in place/on the books for life or death/”what if’s”/any exemptions?? They would have to fire me, if I worked there, because I would let them through without a second thought. Too many people die needlessly in this country. It’s sickening.๐Ÿ˜ž

  11. All I know is they should have help them blood or no blood. And the man could have lived but they watse alot a time and make the man dead but those there your day will come and yall go want help and hope you not bloody or make sure you not bloody rest my case. But God you alone sees๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ•Š

  12. a so Dem treat civilian but it surprise me they treat their own that way it is so sad he’s an officer how can u take so long to help him come on now * n the police officer who then hold up some more time at the toll after wasting so such to get to him u r VERY heartless u no if u had pay it u would have gotten it bk u r WICKED I hope God have mercy on u condolences to the officer family I no it hurt b strong n wait for justice

  13. It is so shameful how the man died. Can you imagine essential service government vehicles such as ambulance, fire trucks, police and jdf service vehicles being subjected to toll fees. Those vehicles should have a special free pass by law. I can’t imagine getting in an accident on the toll road and die because the essential service vehicle operator doesn’t have any money to get pass the toll Booth because of a fee under $2k jamaican dollars. Hope the toll operator who refuse access sleep well at nights.

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