Woman Killed, Suspect Arrested as Angry Mob Gathered | TVJ News - June 2021 1

Woman Killed, Suspect Arrested as Angry Mob Gathered | TVJ News – June 2021


A developing story police have arrested a man suspected of killing his girlfriend in Rhoden Hall, Kellits, Clarendon today. She was eight months pregnant the police had to fire warning shots to ward off an angry mob intent on affecting jungle justice.

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  1. Is it that police not sure he killed her so they don’t allow people to mob him? Jungle justice is the way to go in this case ppl work to hard to pay taxes for them to eat

    1. @GODFALL I know we aren’t but killing our sisters and brothers like they are animals and stay alive eating drinking is not the way either him kill himself so case closed

  2. Wicked.. this is one time the police dem should have turned up late Mek d citizens dem deal wid him. Uno notice how him did move fast with the police dem cause him fraid a lick. Sad

  3. News just in on Nation wide news net work he committed suicide in lock up… conscience I think start bother him of what he did

  4. Nothing is wrong with Jamaica. the country is still the most beautiful place on earth. The problem is this: we are living in the last day and the bible warned us that perilous time will come especially in the last days. each and everyone of us must ensure that our soul is in the right place with God. Stay away from evil and devil worship. the devil is like a roaring lion seeking the souls of men & women. this type of killing is not new it’s happening all over the world. In the name of Jesus, I pray that the demonic forces be chained and cast in the pit of hell where they belong. God let your spirit take full control of this beloved island. JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE…

  5. Eye have the same reoccurring dream for the last two years. The country of Jamaica needs to get out from under Queen Elizabeth and her monarchy for Jamaica to be it’s own country represented by its own people… There should not be one person to ruling over Jamaica! Jamaica is a very wealthy country and the wealth goes to England not Jamaica where Jamaicans still our poor in many parts. If you can spend US American dollars over there then you should be able to have US money. Jamaicans own money! When eye was lookin for a new home to make my home eye chose Jamaica. Eye came here hoping to be able to change to get Jamaica of the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth, that there’s still so much hatred and killing among yourselves, the innocence of a young woman and her unborn child is evident Jamaica could not make it possibly without a ruler. The culture of Jamaica is one of the most beautiful cultures eye have seen eye’m American eye fell in love with the Jamaica and the people. He cheated on me eye wanted to leave. Love this man with all of my heart. Eye was not going to let this stand in my way as my dream of making Jamaica free. Instead eye stayed because eye have a purpose here my purpose is to help Jamaican people, to prosper and make their own money and it stay within the country of Jamaica. If there is anyone out there who would like to join with this me to better Jamaica, be in touch. Now all eye need is my afternoon feast of beautiful fruits for my lunch!Peace! One love!

    1. Blood sacrifice ritual that andrew made in Westmoreland before the election..Blood for blood.When the amount is reached it will stop.Evil has taken over.

  6. It is so funny the police dem always on time to save criminal but never on time to save the innocent ones jah jah know!

  7. Omg how can a man heart so wicked to a woman who may God help us condolences to the family members my heart goes out

  8. Nothing is wrong with Jamaica still a good country, killing happen everywhere in the world, imagine if y’all was living in Israel and them war zone place deh, y’all would say it’s the last day’s also and it’s been happening for centuries even worst than what’s happening in Jamaica now. still them should have let that man go to the people’s

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