Woman Murdered in front of Her Daughter | TVJ News - August 7 2021 1

Woman Murdered in front of Her Daughter | TVJ News – August 7 2021

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    1. Ppl have been praying for years it’s not doing anything. I’m sure she prayed and begged the shooter, it did nothing. Wake up! The Jamaican government need to make laws to protect their ppl.

    2. Well if the whole world have turn their back on God what do people expect. People a make sin take over dem life and lifestyle without true repentance and more. We can pray and pray all we want. But if you have any iniquities in your heart God will not hear you, and besides many think they can live forever. A person who truly loves his life shall loose it If God calls you home there is not one thing that can be done about it. I hate it when people seh God is not real or people been praying for years and nothing if our lifestyles is dutty what you expect. People really think God is some genie a nuh God. People need to know the devil/enemy a take over and a run rampant so that he can take many souls down with him. Everytime something happen people blame God and sometimes its our own actions.

  1. Define kick off the door… Cause a wah mek them door deh??! How man fi jus kick off door so if it lock..

    1. @joanne jackson this was actually a genuine question…… Is the term kick off door just a phrase for going into her house and property unannounced or did they actually physically kick it in…

    2. @Thor bigz physically kicked it off. Remember the force from the kick will loosen the hinges. It also depends on the quality of the door.

    3. @Thor bigz that is actually a genuine question. I heard that all the time and ask “how come these doors are so easy to kick off”. Some of these gunmen doesn’t look strong enough to do such thing. Maybe the doors are poorly made but so sorry for this poor child for losing her mother like this. I can’t understand why we are so cruel to our own people especially to the women and children of our country.

  2. Do know if she and someone at work was in a disagreement but police need to go ? Everybody at har work place, community residents enuh affi tek back the community

  3. It’s evident that the Jamaica Constabulary Force cannot deal with the perpetrators of these hideous
    crimes.The Government has a duty to protect the Nation, I cannot understand why the Army has not
    been used to dig out the evil criminals and bring them to justice.

  4. “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. Don’t wait on THIS government nor FLA to tell you when your and your family’s life is worth any value.

  5. I can’t understand why Tvj and the other broadcasters are not pushing in the media for the Jamaican government to bring back capital punishment!!!! Which side are they on???

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