Woman wanted for killing elite cyclist who had a relationship with her boyfriend

Authorities are searching for a Texas woman whom they accuse of murder in the death of an elite cyclist who at one time dated her boyfriend.
The US Marshals Service is conducting a fugitive investigation into the whereabouts of Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 34, who is wanted on a first-degree murder charge in connection with the May 11 shooting of 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson.

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    1. @Ruth
      I know there is a time when you were jealous. Don’t act like it never happened in your life, not once. I am sure there was a time when you were in some way.

  1. Another tragic story for “Snapped”! My deepest sympathy to her family and friends 😭😭

    1. The Familly Things she wasn t in an romanthic tie with anybody , in that case , in the name of the people , i say , she was with me , myself , and i , invisiblly , cause , alone me too , i am , in Moscow capital of Russia , 117393 , Help me ( us ) God in bright memory of en sexy , atraktive , healthy , young genuine US girl , eimein .

  2. But why kill…? Move on… PEOPLE ARENT PROPERTY. & the two were on a break😕 Rest in peace Mo Wilson you didn’t deserve this.

    1. @Beautiful Surprise because they saw each other and got lunch DOES NOT MEAN they weren’t on a break.

      And even if they weren’t. That woman has ZERO RIGHT to murder someone. Are you fucking kidding me?! You’re making excuses for a MURDERER

    2. @Kacee Harrison Whoa boy here we go. I suppose you missed the part of my comment where I said “why kill?…move on” and “that’s not how you should handle that situation.” I mean your rant may have made sense if I didn’t include those things…but I did. Also, for your information, the break in question was between Colin Strickland and Kaitlin Armstrong, the perpetrator…not him and Mo Wilson, the victim. The original poster thought that Colin and Kaitlin Armstrong were on a break when she killed Mo Wilson because the video mentioned that he met the Mo Wilson while he was on a break with Kaitlin Armstrong however I pointed out that he and Kaitlin Armstrong were currently still together and even lived together when she killed Mo Wilson so he in fact was not on a break from Kaitlin Armstrong when she killed Mo Wilson. Also, I spent a lot of my comment focused on his actions because I feel they were the catalyst for what happened and if he would have been open and honest with the both of them, then this may not have occurred. At any rate, I thought it went without saying that she had zero right to kill someone, which I think most people understood from what I wrote and why you were the only person that clung on to that, but because it needs to be spelled out for some people I will say that in addition to me saying “why kill?…move on and “that now how you should handle that situation,” I will also say that she had zero right to kill someone. Sometimes it seems like people intentionally misunderstand what you wrote so they can be outraged. Making excuses for a murderer? Where? Exactly where in my comment did I do that?

    1. Yes I’d also like to see how this unfolds. My guess is the scorned woman will either commit suicide or stay on the run. But I usually see suicide in these cases. Not wanting to face justice.

  3. What I don’t understand is… Now you killed her, you think your boyfriend is cool with that fact? No one is worth killing over… If the person cheated on you… They don’t deserve you… Move on.

    1. @Kacee Harrison I never made an excuse for murder . Emotions mix with betrayal is a deadly combination that leads to people getting hurt and sometimes bang your dead!!

    2. @Yellow Quantum that’s making an excuse. Hurt feelings is never an excuse for MURDER. Mental illness is not an excuse for murder. That woman had 100 other options should could have chosen from. Murder was not one of them.

    3. @Kacee Harrison obviously you don’t know what you are talking about! You have very low psychotherapy self awareness. Don’t feel bad most do. It is call psychological work especially when you have lived 30-40-50-60 decades of baggage and ego.

    4. Its less about that and more about revenge……kinda like putting like indirectly you are responable for her death….when emotions like this come up logic goes out the windows and you just want the other party to feel pain like she has…….its as primal and simple as that.

  4. People are stupid, don’t think about consequences?? Now she will spend the rest of her life behind bars!!

    1. @Brian Lohse Passion might be a defence if it occured in ‘the heat of the moment’, but she took a weapon to the place where the victim was at and then cut her down. Clearly calculated, taken time to drive to location (time to calm down????!) and then still chose to murder her in cold blood. It’s a lot different than if she came home and found her there…grabbed gun and popped her. You are probably right…..but why should tax payer have to fund her life in prison…she gave up her right to life when taking the life of another in such a weak and reckless way. Limited resources on this planet….why waste them on a murderer?

    1. If you don’t serial cheat and cake eat like Colin was doing, have some integrity and accountability, you little boys won’t have to worry about any harsh consequences like this.

  5. I don’t think I can love someone enough to throw my life away like that… I mean I’d kill for my momma but not my girlfriend lol

    1. @smkxodnwbwkdns I remember hearing an expert on enmeshed family systems, I think it was the author of the book “When He’s Married To Mom” say that if someone would rather save their mom from a burning building than their spouse, that is a sign they came from an enmeshed family. I remember the famous YouTuber serpentza say that in China, the women will always put their moms ahead of their boyfriend or husband. I heard that in China, enmeshed families are the norm. The YouTuber Ana Psychology, who is a Romanian-American psychology doctoral candidate, wrote in the comments section of one of her videos about enmeshed families that studies show that people from enmeshed families have worse outcomes than people from individuated families, even though most people from cultures where enmeshed family structures are the norm consider enmeshed families to be healthy. Dr. Judy Rosenberg calls the smothering that happens in enmeshed families to be a type of abuse. She calls it “smothering”.

  6. No male or female are worth killing for, despite how heartbroken 💔 one becomes. Start over again, taking care and loving yourself. Condolences to Mo family.

    1. @Drebin2293 the dude wasn’t even dating anyone at the time he hooked up with the cyclists.

    2. @Drebin2293 no. She doesn’t get to murder a girl because her ex at the time decided to sleep with someone else.

    3. You don’t have to specify the gender of the person, they’re both humans and no one should be killed for that of a pathetic reasons

  7. I’ll be very surprised if they find Armstrong alive. She has basically thrown away her own life in a crime of passion. She could be the type of person who might try to start over somewhere else, but that’s very unlikely. She was obviously overcome with emotion when she took the life of such a talented, respected person. It’s too bad Armstrong didn’t feel like she had any other option or alternative. Such a waste of humanity and potential that Wilson’s young life was snuffed out, and that Armstrong’s terrible action also ruined any hope for her own future as well.

    1. I was thinking the same. The longer it takes to find her ,,, the less hole of finding her alive. It’s extremely difficult for anyone to disappear willingly and even harder when police are actively searching for you. I’m sure she had some time to realize that indeed her life is over and the idea of prison and more public humiliation is not palatable to her. Like,,,, she murdered victim is 10 years younger than the guy she supposedly had a short fling with. Wtf is wrong with him? He can’t find tail his own age? I smell a wrongful death lawsuit coming.

    2. @NATALIE KING As usual, the guy escapes any blame, and he tries to act like a white knight. It seems like he was enjoying being the center of a love triangle. He had them both and he couldn’t let one go. It’s too late now to act remorseful and appologetic. It looks like he has a lot of emotional damage to repair.

    3. @gamma She’s far from being a saint. Her story is one that’s been told and retold through the ages in drama, literature and real crime reports. It’s a classic tragedy with all the elements of how human emotion can overwhelm any sense of rational decision making. She commits a terrible crime by ending a wonderful young woman’s life, but she also destroys her own life by doing this. How could she have possibly done such a thing? It won’t be the last time this happens, and why it contues to occur is a subject that will always mystify others who have the same emotions.

  8. Why weren’t the police watching her? They knew she did it and confronted her with the evidence then let her leave without having any surveillance on her?

  9. Wouldn’t it be a” woman hunt is under way” LoL You shouldn’t cheat on people, you never know how someone will respond to heartbreak.

    1. I’ve killed like 3 of my exes

      They never believe you in the beginning when you say “if you cheat on me it will be the last thing you ever do” lol

  10. So you kill the “other woman” and now you’re on the run. You took her from her life and family for a pathetic and selfish reason. You gave up your freedom for a man who likely will move on to the next woman while you rot in jail. So I guess you “won”. And while I don’t condone murder, especially “passion” related, I just don’t understand killing the other person. The “other man” or “other woman” don’t owe you loyalty when you’re in a committed relationship. Your partner (if you’re in a relationship) is the home wrecker as they are the ones who invited the third person in. But when you’re not together no one owes you loyalty.

    1. You cannot kill or give away your toys, so you destroy whoever else played with them. People are objects to this chick.

    2. The “other” it s us … not somebody else , we tend to see oursleves in others , sadlly , hence , she simply did it … took someone s else s life , so easy to dispose of other people s stuff …. generally , so easy …. to keep our own things and dispose of other people s things ….

    3. If you think that you can go around cheating on your significant other, without consequences, you are wrong.

  11. What a sad sad way to exit this world. Folks if you don’t love someone just leave don’t cheat on them

  12. Police: “We have all this evidence against you Ma’am.”

    Her: “Can I leave now?”

    Police: “Sure. No problem!”

    Police: “Where’d she go?!!?” 🤔

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