1. My heart breaks for them both . It’s sad that poor woman have 0 choice to go out of state Many will die and the Repigs don’t give AF

    1. @TourCaddie She shouldn’t be forced to go to another state, which is added expense and delays treatment. States where abortion is legal are being overwhelmed and wait times are long. Regardless, the intent of the forced birth crusaders is to gain control in Washington and pass a nationwide abortion ban. This has never been just about states deciding. Choice means a woman makes a decision about abortion, no matter where she lives, and politicians have no part in it.

  2. Common sense
    This is her body, it’s no one business what she does with her body

  3. Unlike most mid terms the Supreme Court has totally canceled out the shoulder shrug for the incumbent party.

    1. @suezcanal1 I understand. When I use the term “divisive,” I mean it in a very specific context, and that is relative to those that profit from the divide. On a moral level, I know full well that we men have no place making choices on this issue. But in my focus on how the divide works, I’m talking about the way that money works in politics. Those that profit from the fundraising that they get from anti-abortion politics often don’t care about this issue at all, just the money. And, those with the big money donate in order to have influence over those that win elections, without caring a lick about the issues. I wish there was a better term for it. If you know of one, please share. I just need a way to point out that people are getting sucked into a place that worsens the divide, and those in power do not care at all about the moral implications of the issue itself. Why would they when they are happy to make political choices that push people into poverty and/or political choices that get people killed. Cheers.

  4. If it was about saving babies, these people would support universal healthcare and education. It’s not about saving babies, it’s about controlling women. Don’t let them get away with it.

    1. @Killed The Cat Burton is a regular troll around here. If he had anything of value to say, he squandered his chance to do so hundreds of times already. Just ignore him.

    2. No it’s actually just about saving the 29,343,740 babies killed this year so far. Pregnancy complication and rape is not that common that’s 10s of millions of murders.

  5. If there is a woman you love on this planet, stop this. Edited to add: My beloved New Mexico was never a slave state, either, in spite of a terrorist attack by Texans during the Bloody Kansas era. Kailee and her husband will be fine moving next door.

  6. How insane are these politicians. I wouldn’t live in Texas until these crazies are voted out of office and these draconian laws are changed. I feel so bad for these people. Their state has failed their people horribly.

    1. I agree 100%. Such a betrayal to this family and countless others. How very sad. I felt bad listening to her. She really wants a healthy baby and the added stress of a sick baby in her womb and this fear of her doctors going to jail for advising her is insanity!

  7. This story points out what happens when a woman is denied an abortion that could save her life. In my opinion, abortion should always be allowed if it’s necessary to protect the life of the mother…and I consider myself predominantly prolife but the extremism of religious beliefs is going too far! This woman should have been able to have gotten an abortion in her own state!

    1. The problem is that the doctors, when they think a woman’s life is in danger, cannot just schedule a surgery. They must consult with lawyers and who knows who and all of this takes time and puts the woman’s life further in danger.

  8. You get what you vote for- republicans have been very clear- this is what they always intended to do. Make voting a priority and make wise decisions when you do.

    1. @John Freedman Of course you don’t get it sweet heart, because you didn’t listen to the video and are completely ignorant of what being pregnant entails πŸ™‚ As pointed out int he clip and I suggest you go back and watch it since you clearly missed it- the “loophole” of “the mother life being in danger” is extremely vague. Does that mean immediately endanger such as hemorrhaging? Does that mean if she develops sepsis and won’t die immediately but the longer it’s allowed to go on the more likely it is she’ll die and once it gets to that point the odds of saving her could go down? The creators of this hideous law have so far refused to clarify and they are threatening the livelihoods and even freedom of doctors who have to make that decision so it places them in a position where they have to err on the side of caution. As for woman going out of state it’s not that easy. That means having the money, the means to get yourself there because if anyone helps you thanks to the bounty hunter law those people can be sued- taking time off work and if you have children finding child care or somehow taking them with you. They designed it specifically to make it very difficult for women to obtain necessary health care.

  9. Please feel free for anyone in the US to correct me if I’m wrong on what I’m about to say. The states that are implementing these abortion bans especially the ones that do not take into account incest, rape, the health of the mother (I.e no exception rules), the laws are being passed by state government officials none of which are trained as medical practitioners. So even setting aside the no exception rules the comments made by people like Texas governor Abbott show they lack even the most basic understanding of how a woman’s reproduction / menstrual cycle works. Saying things like 6 weeks is enough time for a woman to know they are pregnant and ample time to obtain an abortion shows he has no idea. I’m Australian living in the UK (44 yrs old) when I 1st lived here at 21 I found out I was pregnant, realised I couldn’t move home expect my parents to have to help raise the child if I went through with the pregnancy so organised a termination. Nature beat me to it but I had to go to hospital as the miscarriage didn’t completely do what it was meant to. Not once did I have to think if I go to hospital what legal, medical and political no man’s land will I end up in where hospital staff have to for one sec think if I help this woman will I commit a crime. States creating this crazy insane situation where doctors are afraid to do what they are trained to do for fear of breaking the law, woman are potentially put in life threatening situations is quite frankly inhumane. The party of minimum government interference cherry picks when they want to step back their role (minimum wages, making corporations pay taxes, introduce maternity leave and subsidise child care costs) but are happy to over step telling women what to do with their bodies. How about these pro life state leaders get together and agree the US needs federally mandated paid maternity leave seeing the US is the only western country that doesn’t have it.

    1. @Travis Watts You should read the Houston Chronicle article about the woman’s story, and think about your comment.

    2. @Travis Watts just saying, a woman’s life is at a degree of risk simply due to the fact that they are pregnant. There is risk healthwise and also has a heavily increased risk of being victim to domestic violence. That’s why there is so much trouble deciding what level of risk is Meaningful enough to decide the pregnancy should be terminated, and lucky us we have politicians making that decision for us.

    3. @Travis Watts You cared enough about PART of her story to comment on it, but not enough to read the full story. This video just tells a small part.

  10. A little talked about aspect of all this is how hard it is for women to intentionally be sterilized. There are people who are at extremely high risk of fatality if they tried to complete a pregnancy or have extremely high likelihood of miscarriage. They decide they never want to take that risk. They try to get their tubes tied or get a hysterectomy to prevent the situation from occurring. If they are haven’t reached menopause, often then will be refused by doctors and just have to live with the risk. So even protected sex with their spouse could be a death sentence πŸ™ or risk their health. No choice after conception and no choice before conception :/

  11. Legislators making laws regarding medical treatments should be jailed for practicing medicine without being licensed to practice medicine.

  12. In 2007 I chose to get medically sterilized in a fashion that would guarantee that IF (a super big if) I got pregnant, it will 100% be ectopic. I agreed to this based on abortion as a last resort if medical sterilization didn’t work as nothing is 100% (except my guarantee for it to be ectopic as I don’t have fallopian tubes so there’s no “entrance” so to speak). I live in Arizona where it is both banned and has the 15 week ban at the same time. Abortion is completely shut down while everyone who isn’t important can figure out which law to follow. I’m fucking terrified of bleeding out in an OR. I have been talking with my bf of 10 years for limited medical power of attorney and started planning a lawsuit in the case of my death due to Arizona governor Doug Ducey. Since he’s the one who signed the 15 week ban before the federal ban went into effect and of course our moronic GOP led local government wants to take it back and go with the more horrible option.

  13. I would LOVE to hear what texas governor abbot and his stupid pro-life officials have to say about this. I got into and argument with someone about abortion and despite laying out so many reason for abortion, they’re response was β€œall those are unfortunate, but it’s still a life.” These people have nothing to back up their views.

  14. It pains me to think that after something similar happened in Poland (also a developed country) over a year before overturning of Roe vs Wade and consequences were seen for all, many legislators in USA still went ahead and now act surprised when it turns out they destroyed not only lives but also feeling of safety and trust toward so many institutions, including healthcare.

  15. I still think about that pregnant foster teenager whom, by now, must be 15 weeks pregnant. Can someone in a friendlier State take her under your wing and foster her, if it’s too late for an abortion, help her through the pregnancy and see her make a supported decision upon delivery?

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