Women and girls face crisis after Taliban takeover

CNN's Clarissa Ward returns to Kabul, where the Taliban declared victory one year ago as the US withdrew from Afghanistan. Nearly half of the country's population is hungry and living in poverty, according to the UN. #CNN #News


  1. “Since it is obviously inconceivable that all religions can be right, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are all wrong.”

    Christopher Hitchens

    1. @John hahaha πŸ‘Œ Johnnyboy do spare us plebians your tremendous insight, as we are not worthy πŸ˜‚ o la sa mia

    2. Why does every single person that say they can think for themselves always repeat Progressive talking points?

  2. *What was hidden from us. Video not for children! Watch the video you will be shocked* OVERDAY.ML
    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

  3. Is this the culture that practices bacha bazi (boy play)? It’s practiced so much it’s normal there. American soldiers had problems “looking the other way” while they were there. Under Taliban rule they are against this practice. The Afgan people let them take over again. I think they need rules to live by because they can’t seem to do it on their own.

  4. It’s really sad that the women living in Afghanistan are having to go through this. The citizens living their all seem to be struggling and it’s just unfortunate that they are having to endure these problems.

    1. @Zach Braxton pretty relieved that the US has a President who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law

    2. @Zach Braxton He’s actually not, if one pays close attention. Watch his speech as he signed the inflation reduction act yesterday and tell me if that’s a senile man speaking. It’s an OLD man speaking, which isn’t at all the same.

  5. Afghanistan should be left to do as it pleases. Although it pains to see all this, if their neighbours aren’t complaining who are we to talk, we should just turn a blind eye for it will just be a lost course.

  6. Afghanistan is kind of on its own at this point. I can imagine it remaining feudal for another 100 years.

  7. I love the girl who said she knows she’s strong, that’s incredible. Something needs to change for these women and children. It’s heartbreaking

  8. Thank you to all the troops that tried in Afghanistan. You can lead a horse to democracy but you can’t make the horse appreciate it.

    1. Islam means submission to the word of Allah. That’s what matters to them, not democracy and ‘man made’laws.

  9. It’s their problem. They are free to take up arms and start fighting for their rights instead of depending on foreign troops (mostly men) to fight & die for Afghan women’s rights (a total waste).

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