Work & Travel Scam in Clarendon? | TVJ News - Oct 1 2021 1

Work & Travel Scam in Clarendon? | TVJ News – Oct 1 2021


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  1. What a lucky thing uno never give everything away and pack suitcase fe go airport, lord god why people wicked so, they don’t see how times hard, give him life in a prison, him too wicked.

  2. Whoa, people are still so foreign minded to the point that they have forty thousand dollars to throw away, yet, you were hungry?

    1. Yes because ppl are desperate for a better life. They will take the risk to gather the money because they know that if they go to the states then they will have money to pay back. The ppl are suffering out here in Jamaica

    2. @Sanyalee Wright it was hard for me and I was desperate to go to American but trust nobody was going to scam me of my hard earn cash. I will say to people be patient pray save your money keep and keep on trying the Embassy

  3. I can’t feel sorry for these ppl anymore. I can’t believe ppl are still falling for this scam, SMH

  4. I really think anyone who takes advantage of poor and desparate people should pay the penalty! this is just wrong!

  5. I do not know why Jamaican people are so they hear about this all the time but yet they still go and do it what happened

  6. I went to Canada on a work program, 2 years after they where shut down by the authorities because they got greedy and was taking more people that they could catered for.

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