Worker at Seaforth High Shot & Killed | Fatal Police Shootings up 2% – INDECOM – Dec 8 2022


  1. Indecom needs to back up and leave the security forces across Jamaica to flush out these insects indecom and Jamaica for justice is part of the crime problems Jamaica is facing right now

    1. We need check and balance. The young men running rampant, we won’t be able to deal with it if security forces are allowed to do the same.

    2. @Joahn Bennett-Scott if they were being fair thay would be ok. They’re just using random numbers take the security forces look bad. If the security forces are going on the offensive against criminals of course the number of shootings are going to increase. There’s nothing illegal or wrong about that. They’re acting as though a mere increase in security forces involved shootings is inherently wrong…as long as security forces shootings are lawful i don’t care if they shoot 10,000. Matter of fact, that’s what I want. Would they rather criminals kill more innocent than the secforces shoot more criminals? These prare insane.

    3. @Wayne I think you’re well aware the security forces are involved in criminals acts as well. Not saying all is the same, but wrong is wrong no matter who you are or the position you hold. Our aim should be to get rid of all criminals.

    4. @Joahn Bennett-Scott I’m sure every profession has it’s bad apples
      .I have no problem with indecom in theory. However, they won’t stay in their lane. They’re Job is to determine wether an officer’s actions were lawful in a given interaction with the public. They seem to think their job is to reduce police shootings. They can’t be an impartial oversight body if they’re also trying to reduce police shootings. Clear case of conflict of interests. They’re also looking at an officer with 6 shootings or more and saying that’s a bad cop. Nope…not indecom’s role.. was any of those shootings unlawful? If yes. Charge the officer…if no…leave the officer the f alone to do his job. Additionally. Officers, are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty…if the officer has a million fatal shootings under his belt and indexom has no evidence of wrong doing ..leave the officer alone….if there’s evidence ..charge. simple. The fact they’re going on about officers with multiple shootings but haven’t brought a case lets you know they don’t have the evidence. Front line operations officers like swat will be in shootouts constantly…so yes…those officers are going to have a disproportionate nber of shootings.

  2. How do they know it’s murder suicide?
    Don’t take everything as they may seem! If these individuals weren’t at war with each other, why would one kill the other & killed himself? Detectives need to investigate the environment

    1. Exactly!! It could be staged to look like it was a murder suicide. Look at everyone, other family memebers, the last persons to see them etc.

    2. Nothing should be ruled out including suicide. People are very good at putting up appearances. Not everyone fights publicly

  3. RE: Flow cable theft – I wish there was a way to make them electrified, that would definitely teach those thieves a lesson. This is getting out of hand and making life difficult for so many people. Devils!

  4. To me each and every one of you are aggressive believe it or not even some of the same people who sit inside you’re listening to you some of them worse

  5. So indecom why you people announce your recommendations as if unu no like police. Was not liking police an essential apart of your character to being an indecom investigator.?

  6. Were they good people? What should the police do when faced with the kind of criminals that the country is infested with?

  7. I love that your teachers need to go and see psychologists too because you have problems mostly the female teachers when they having problems with their boyfriend at home you go to school and take it out on the children so you all need to go to a lot of training too

  8. The aggression in the society comes from the way the police deal with the society. A brutal police force creates a hostile society. This judge misses the point.

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