World in race to stop spread of mutating coronavirus: WHO 1

World in race to stop spread of mutating coronavirus: WHO


A WHO official says the world is in a race to stop the spread of the virus as it continues to mutate.

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  1. We certainly need to find out if the variants are more transmissible. There is no evidence that they are but we should make sure.

    1. UK variant is already 50% more contagious than the original strain. Frustrating that non-essential air travel has been allowed to take place during the pandemic.

    2. @Joey Gonker This is actually not a proven fact. Transmission may be up 50% on expectations but this could be due to changed behavior in winter and or Covid fatigue and or Christmas socialising.

      There is actually no proof that the variants are more transmissible. This is why we need to study it’s transmissibility and find out if it is more transmissible. We may be pointlessly shutting down air travel when it is not necessary. The precautionary principal applies but we should not allow hysteria to replace science.

      Many countries are enforcing strict quarantine and or testing on air travelers. Some countries may be using the variants as an excuse to not bother doing this and just closing air travel completely.

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