World leader appears to blame women who wear 'very few clothes' 1

World leader appears to blame women who wear ‘very few clothes’


Prime Minister Imran Khan faces criticism after blaming a rise in sexual violence in Pakistan on women wearing "very few clothes" during an interview with Axios.
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  1. Men are not held accountable for their actions there. They are allowed to act on their impulses with no consequences bc it wasn’t their fault… “Did you see the way she dressed?”

    1. YEAH because They can’t never fight back and like Trump said, they let you grab em by the…
      TRUST ME

  2. It really amazes me how some of the most powerful men in the world seem completely unable to control their genitals just cause they’re on the outside of their body.

    1. The powerful man gives the average man the to right to treat the female side of the world as badly as the man wants to treat them.

    2. @Leslley Scotte Equal Rights means equal Fights, Ladies equal Rights and Lefts

    3. Lies!! We all know, that FeFails are addicted to Birthcontrol Pills…
      Nice projection

    1. @Jack Strawb Why do you act like you know the context within which she is living? Have you ever been to an inner city? A foreign country where women do not have even basic human rights? I’m not saying her life is either this or that, good or bad, or otherwise; I’m just saying you haven’t even asked a question and presume to know who/what to understand.

  3. I ran is being such a hypocrite – especially after the stuff he did when he was a jet-setting international cricketer. The word to describe him would be playboy.

  4. A lot of people don’t seem to understand the meaning of “world leader.” The world is made up of countries. Any leader such as President and Prime Minister of any country is essentially a world leader because they represent their country on the world stage. It doesn’t mean that the world leader in question is one of the most influential people in the world or a leader of one of the most influential countries.

  5. Sounds he is saying the men and boys of his country choose to be morally and emotionally too weak. Too bad for girls and women who have to live with these weak men.

  6. “If a man is wearing very few clothes it’ll have an impact on women. Women are not robots,”Taslima Nasrin

  7. He said that maybe men in societies where women dress more freely they will not lose their minds if they see a woman with less clothes on like men that live in places where the women dress more modestly. Sounds like a pretty good reason for more societies to be more Liberal, so that women are able to and do dress as they please without guys being likely to not be able to control themselves.

  8. When you elect a guy who’s claim to fame , is playing with a small BALL , a paddle and sticks …

  9. Pakistan is litterly a sharia state but instead of talking back to China about xinjiang they get so mad about french anti terrorism moves

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