World leaders condemn arrest of Belarusian opposition activist 1

World leaders condemn arrest of Belarusian opposition activist


A leading Belarusian opposition activist has been arrested in Belarus after President Alexander Lukashenko ordered a fighter jet to escort his Ryanair plane to Minsk, according to Pull Pervogo, Belarusian state broadcaster. CNN's Fredricka Whitfield speaks with Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya about the arrest.
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  1. This is pretty concerning since it was an INTERNATIONAL flight being forcibly diverted by a single country

    1. 2013 the US forced the bolivian presidential plane to get snowden.
      Now that is way worst don’t you think
      CNN your really bad

    2. Haha waiting for nato to be “very concerned” lol cause u can’t to do sh*t viva Israel viva Belarus

  2. Condemning bad behaviour isn’t enough it’s why the world has so much corruption and violence

    1. The guy that arrested promoted and inspired violence and terrorism lol. That is why he was arrested in first place. And US with satellites condemning it because of lost investment in him lol.

    2. @Durka Durka
      So, what?
      Do nothing?
      Like the suspected child predator in the White House right now?
      Do you see how his deliberate weakness has emboldened all the terrorist organizations around the world and now They are making even bigger plans as we speak, right?
      The suspected child predator says china is not a threat, yet the inherently lethal fentanyl supply comes directly from China primarily through the southern border via paid coyote organizations.
      Nobody wants to kill anybody, but if you let the bad guys know that you won’t do anything, they will keep coming at you until they take everything or you’re dead.
      Your position is guaranteed to cause more misery and death than swift action that will Make them think twice before they try anything else.
      How do you deal with a playground bully?
      Your punch him in the face.
      Game over.

  3. Just close the EU borders, let no one get in out. No goods can enter. No money can be sent. All EU airlines should avoid travelling through Belo Ryssian airspace.

    1. @Ver Coda And I no longer discriminate middle Eastern and Eurasian Muslims.
      Because I found out that they are good people and build civilizations.
      But what I am mentioning in that comment are the ones that live in North Africa .

    2. @PavelSTL Someone should tell Putin that he mistakes the amount of fear. Russia is only terrifying the same way as a stumbling drunk.

    3. Well western countries always do something like that with sanctions And blocked in north Korea , Cuba , Iran , Syria , Libya , now you want same with belorus hands of from belorus with ex Soviet brotherhood – sanctions and blocked for making people’s starving and genocide and chaos how many millions people you want to for democracy for bloodiest democracy ? . Western countries make Ukraine people poor and jobless without industry you western countries like if ex ussr republics became a peopleless .

    1. Probably not… most of them have been deplatformed for opposing their governments policies and assertions.

    2. @OfftoShambala They were referencing other world leaders tweeting out their condemnation of the event instead of taking more of an action

    1. @Debbie Cooper Many of us would agree that Obama is a serpent, but if you want to sound coherent you must provide some frame of reference.

    2. @D D Yes that was in the News all Over. It was the President of Bolivia, U.S. and Europe did not Condenmed themselves. See how Hypocrite.

    3. @Mobile App True. If the Trade World Center was Specifically Choosen Targeted in 9/11 last 20 years ago, A Terrorist State still Targeting Specific Building in Palestine and Gaza today. Just listen to News What’s going on in that part of the world from which Certain Building Being Reduce to Rabble Exactly the Same How World Trade Center Reduced to Cramble and fall down.

  4. ‘President’ for 26 years? Yeah I’m gonna take “Obviously a Dictator” for 50, Alex.

    1. @bob builder cuomo has rookie numbers tho. What? 10-15,000 deaths? Only like 10 sex harrasment cases? My guy Donald Trump has like 400,000 deaths after lying about the dangers of a deadly (his words in confidence) virus while holding super-spreader events during a pandemic.. while his daughter invested in Chinese ventilators and bodybags. Plus my guy Donald Trump, the racist lifelong New York Democrat “billionaire” has like 30 sex harrasment/assault cases and even an Epstein case. Your guy Quomo has rookie numbers. He sucks at this

    2. CNN warned us about Trump’s russian ties for 3 years straight, and thats the most important case of corruption that fits the narrative. even though oops, here’s belarus now

    3. @Rob hill I don’t have politically motivated anything. Nothing in my comment even points to that at all. All of my comments point out hypocrisy and ignorance from others.

      You trying to claim otherwise, is you trying to deflect from the truths I commented. Nice try, but you failed hard.

  5. “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities, because it is the quality, which guarantees all the rest.”
    – Winston Churchill

  6. The journalist should listen more carefully. Svetlana was clear that she was saying that she had “taken the same flight, a week earlier, and this could have happened to her.” How did this journalist turn around and say, “so the same thing happened to you.” If the same thing would have happened, she wouldn’t be sitting there talking to this journalist!

    1. @Dixon Uranus You should really stop trolling, son of Israel. You have too many skeletons in your closet which you can’t hide from.

    2. @mikdre I’m an American and I understood what she was saying. It’s CNN trying to steer the narrative. Svetlana was right in correcting her because if she moved on CNN would have driven the anchors words into headlines. And btw, it’s not fake news. It’s brainwashing, get it right

  7. It wasn’t just forced to land. The European civilian plane was intercepted and diverted by a fighter jet in order to detain a opposition journalist flying on board. It mind blowing

    1. @515coldfire correct me if I am wrong, I believe they were looking for Snowden. Morales offered him political asylum.

  8. So when are these countries actually going to do something besides….thoughts & prayers BS…. This man commandeered an international flight is that not an act of terrorism?

  9. Unbelievable! Someone needs to save his life…. that’s poor guy is there right now- if he is even alive

  10. Only “leaders” who had been in power for almost 30 years would have the audacity to think they’re allowed to do this.

    1. Yep! The past and present have taught us that when a head of state has been in power for that long, the head of state is either:
      A. a figurehead monarch, or
      B. a dictator!

    2. @Hiya There I can see why you mention him, since he was a senator from 1973 to 2009, serving as one of 100 people who decide what bills get sent to the Oval Office. Then again, Mitch McConnell has served as a senator since 1985, so his senate career is around as long as Biden’s was by the time the latter became vice-president in 2009.

      For a comparison:

  11. Seriously, how many international flight laws have been broken. How many International treaties. This is exactly the kind of thing the world Court needs to go after.

    1. If only your european-dominated ‘world court’ would go after european people when THEY DO WORSE, like kidnapping foreign citizens in foreign lands to be tortured in foreign lands, then your post could be considered more than just biased hot air.

    2. There should not be a world court they are a danger to all freedom newworld order antichrist system

    3. @Johnny Lightning no not a new one the one that’s already there you know practice is out of the Hague.

  12. Belarus high-jacked an Irish airline containing EU member state citizens travelling between Greece and Lithuania. All of these countries are EU members.

    I’m watching the EU’s response.

  13. Ya’ll gotta put into perspective that the woman being interviewed has to also watch what she says because they can also come for her. Scary stuff.

  14. Thank you for covering that. Such actions of the authoritarian regime are unacceptable !! #freebelarus

  15. I’m really sick of the ineffective “condemn” noises that always come out of the elites in the face of injustice. It’s almost a sure signal that they don’t intend to employ any real consequences.

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