World Leaders Pose For NATO Summit Family Photo | MSNBC 1

World Leaders Pose For NATO Summit Family Photo | MSNBC


World leaders pose on Monday, June 14 in Brussels, Belgium for the NATO family photo. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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World Leaders Pose For NATO Summit Family Photo | MSNBC


  1. I do hope the security there is better than at US Capitol Bldg Jan 6, 2021. But really, that’s not a very high bar.

    1. @Cliff Medina Last time Dumb Donnie attended the G7, the world leaders publicly laughed out loud at him,….lmao

    2. @Cliff Medina FAR better than the cringe worthy humiliating trump tour in which he removed all doubt, on the world stage that he is in fact just as gross, disgusting and stupid as rumors implied. So embarrassed to be call an American under his corrupt leadership. The only thing that will eliminate the shame, is for that skid mark on the presidency to be prosecuted and sent to prison

    3. Mm. I am not sure. Everyone is eyeing Biden in a funny way. As if they are thinking “Is this guy for real”? Three years ago, the same people had been eyeing Trump in a similar way. Are there two Americas, maybe?

    4. They all know what Biden is, and so does the rest of the world. We seem to see more clips of him than most Americans. This is embarrassing for the US, very embarrassing.

  2. On behalf of Great Britain I’d like to apologise for Boris Johnson’s appearance. We have decided over here to just accept his messy look.

    1. @Reuel Rasheedaa You need help. You are so jealous of President Trump and Boris Johnson. You’re a nobody.

    2. I’m still waiting to hear that one achievement of Biden throughout his career in politics.

    3. @Cliff Medina lol yeh cos trump was a real hit, they openly took the p*ss out of him, even Britains royalty stood laughing at trump.. and went home early in a tantrumous little sulk..

    1. Not going to happen. Nancy Pelosi is very worried and Schumer has already said they are going to loose in 2022.

    2. By the time we get to 2022 and it’s even clearer to Democrat voters, other than the soft-headed kids, the Democrats will get battered.

  3. I am German and I do not agree with the assessment that there is uncertainty just because we have a federal election coming up. We will have a colition, as we always have. Germany has, despite all problems, a very stable democracy. The extreme left (Die Linken) nor the extreme right (AFD) will get to govern. I think the commentator is not that informed about German politics.

    1. As a German living in the US, I completely agree with your assessment. Most people here – including journalists and newscasters have no clue about the details of foreign governmental structure but only look at it from a very birdseye viewpoint. Blessings – Schoene Gruesse aus Las Vegas.

    1. Yep. Defending Pence, when he was a spineless poodle for Trump. Just like most of the GOP are now.

    1. Karen and Daren thought that they owned the world and are entitled to go to any meeting cuz Baby Cheesus was the President. You’d never see Biden’s kids doing this.

  4. “We should really tone down the rhetoric about voting rights.” This is usually said by people who do not fear their rights will be endangered.

  5. World Leaders” outcome ~~~ Various multicultural “NATIONS” Democracies coming together can deliver. With Biden’s presence as Chief in Command, they seemed relieved to continue relationships in good faith with the USA. WAY TO GO and great job President Biden!

  6. I was almost in tears to see these distiguished officials together after the summit posing together in unison of what had transpired during the summit. The world may still have a chance to survive whatever challenges might come it’s way. Very proud of our President standing tall in great physique. And proud of all the rest of these dignataries. Thank you all for your services to preserve democracy, peace and harmony among nations.

  7. I can just hear Trump now, “That should be ME standing there! Not Sleepy Joe! I won, I WON!!!”

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