World must grow up, confront climate crisis: Boris Johnson to UN 1

World must grow up, confront climate crisis: Boris Johnson to UN


U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the world must confront climate change and 'take responsibility' for environmental destruction.

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    1. @reality check Yes, you are correct.. there is a normal warming and cooling on earth… yet that normal pace is being accelerated by the decisions weve made as a society. We have rapidly increased the pace with which climate change is happening. Please educate yourself. This is the world we leave for future generations. We can all do our part to be better to the planet, as well as lobby for companies to start owning up to the problems caused.

    2. Climate change is real, because the environmentalists told me it was. They didn’t know how much energy arrives on Earth from the sun, in their calculations, but hey, they know it all. lol

    1. nah, we are pushing to just let it happen now.. rejoice in your misery… prepare for the inevitable… I’m going to buy an old gas guzzling Cadillac just so I can join in…

  1. I Love Climate Change. The summer was warm and Mosquito free. This fall is nice and rainy Couldn’t be more pleasant

  2. Looking forward to Boris appearing on a new game show entitled “It’s all my fault, please forgive me” in where the starving & cold, and failing businesses, ask “who is to blame”.

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