World Opinion Of The U.S. Rebounds Under Biden | MSNBC 1

World Opinion Of The U.S. Rebounds Under Biden | MSNBC


Global opinions of the United States are rebounding under President Biden, according to new PewResearch polling. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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World Opinion Of The U.S. Rebounds Under Biden | MSNBC


    1. @Il Was Like the left wasn’t whining about “Russian collusion” for practically all of Trump’s presidency I’m tired of y’all pretending that you’re morally superior when in reality, you’re just as corrupt

    2. ​@Yvonne Solomon, rubbish. Did you read Mr Mueller’s report? Of course, trumpers don’t really read and lack critical thinking. You just repeat after right wing nuts conspiracy. 45’s campaign staff contacted with russians 140 times at 2016. Did you know what it’s mean? “COLLUSION.” If you are tired, just take a nap. Otherwise, you are going to making a fool out of yourself. SHAME.

    3. ​@Bishop Pope, rubbish. Do I need to refresh your memory? Don’t answer that, I already know. How many years your retrumplicons are going after Hillary? FOUND NOTHING! Since she was a first lady. NOW again crazy rightie is going after Dr Fauci’s emails. BUT BUT BUT his emails. LMFAO. Try again KKKomrade.

    4. @Rurouni Kenshin Be original! The left can’t meme to save their lives. By the way TDS is a real thing. We don’t like Bide, but no need for “BDS” you can’t stay mad at the guy when he falls 3 times going up stairs is just sad, then funny and then sad again.

  1. Meanwhile the leaders of Mexico and Guatemala blame Biden for the problems at the border….

    These numbers are made up.

    1. @iamthe partyone well you saying “these numbers are fake” is pure neoconservative trash talking points to deny the unpopularity of the Republican Party

    2. @Ricochet’s Revenge I’m sorry that you’re such an ignorant sheep and believe everyone has to ascribe to some sort of group think. I’m simply stating the facts, we all know the propaganda media manipulates statistics and and uses trash polls.

      Also, my comment has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican party. I was talking about Biden and the reality of what our neighboring countries leadership is saying about him and his own unpopularity.

      Dont be such an ignorant sheep. The people who support the Republicans or the Democrats are both complete idiots that are destroying this country from within and getting played like pawns. Russia and China are very proud of you both.

    3. Did you see the videos of the people in Guatemala holding signs telling Kamala to go home and saying Trump won?

    1. The way the media covers Biden is funny like those Chuck Norris jokes. They exaggerate so much its comical.

    2. For real. That 75% of the 12 is just the 9 countries that are getting covid aid and vaccine money from us

  2. Saw this headline and just aznerd my coffee all over my desk….propaganda for the masses but hey he hasn’t fallen up the stairs for a while.

  3. I don’t trust MSNBC to give us accurate data. They have a bad track record for being inaccurate and they don’t check their sources. I would question the data on this one.

  4. I know most of us have no respect for J Biden but be careful with the comments………..some CNN brainwashed liberals mite get triggered…….

    1. So much stupid in one sentence. For one it stops at 3. Putting “………..” makes you look like a whack job of an ex who doesn’t get the point. Secondly, did you intentionally misspell might to mite? I understand you might want to be taken seriously, but what?

    2. @crazyeyecarl Did you take “CNN brainwashed liberal” as a summoning call?

    3. @Barry McCreary obviously ur looking at the slanted liberal MSM polls..
      things are better?
      Soaring inflation stagnant job growth 100% open Southern borders other country leaders saying Biden is senile.
      do I need to go on

  5. New poll suggests “Top News” YouTube suggestions have an overwhelming representation of dislikes.

    1. Yes the right-wing trolls can easily overwhelm Western news videos if they decide to swarm. Very soft targets, and very little defense offered by yt or the channels. This is not “new” information unless you were literally born yesterday.

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  7. Hahaha so only when the US is doing its worst in 5 years does the world approve? Seems like maybe we should give a lot less of a sh!t what they think.

  8. Lol, it’s like MSNBC are completely making stories up now. Trust me the world knows Biden is a joke democrats don’t realize it because they can’t see beyond the end of their noses.

  9. This is great, everyone should get some poll numbers for themselves. Ones that they are say they super popular, the best employee, and everyone loves them. Maybe they could become a director or manager of a company, or have a lot of friends, or maybe get a significant other.

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