World Takes Note Of Waning Influence Of U.S. Mired In Crises | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. t’rump: Make America Great Again.
    World: I don’t think you quite understand the word “great.”

    1. @Nåmen, tilbage til TIBETSAGEN Not that there’s anything wrong with that!???Bent child, much????

    2. @Markus Stewart You’ve hit the target now (NRA themed response) This could be its own brand of fun!

    1. @Markus Stewart Trump is not the one rioting and looting and burning down private property. That is child molester communist democrats doing that.

    2. @The Alpengeist we are not inclined to participate in any kind of ‘geist’ anymore. Enlightenment is possible for all of us — look around, it’s underway and I prefer a human being be running things than what has been prioritized in the last 3.5 years. Our problem with Trump has been that he would not know the truth if it was constantly scripted for him

    3. @The Alpengeist Wrong, again. Alternate reality, but it’s you reality, so stick to your guns, but not too close. The rioters and looters were a small %; it has stopped at the request of reasonable peaceful protesters. The protests will continue!

    4. @Markus Stewart He’s so easy to laugh at — almost cartoon like — Garfield comes to mind and Kaleigh is his Odie!

    5. @The Alpengeist You’ve got the whole dialog down pat; we can only wait and see, but things are not looking good in battleground states. PA GOP is trying to impeach Wolf for adhering to CDC recommendations. SMH Yet the curve is flattened and we have a good life here in the Commonwealth! [The considerable list of indictable charges is in the hands of the NY court system.] Tii-ii-ii-ime is on our side; yes it is.

  2. Welp, were all screwed. Racism, economic inequality, poor education, and a lack of empathy for our neighbors (domestic and foreign). We are being laughed at across the world.

    1. @Mieke Bruin Me too . Never in my 66 years did I think I would see this happen even though I felt it in my gut. Now my gut feels like all of us might see something happen before November . A good feeling.

    2. @Sean Sparks Been to the states but lack the funds to have fun to go overseas. I have this one saying though ” at once time I knew everything there is to know about the Montreal Canadiens but guess what never played for them been to Montreal once and I have never been to the Forum.
      Even though your posting does have merit it still some of us like myself who began work at 16 to support my family, I had a boozer of a step father who lost jobs on a regular basis. A whooping $2.25 hour job would not had bought me a world tour. I dropped out of school at grade 9. During which time I took many night courses and to make a short story long I finally got my history major at 35. I was tested at Mc Master U for an IQ test and clocked in at 153, when I told them I reach only to grade 9 they tested me again and I clocked in at 154. I read everything and anything and I’m a documentary junkie. So now I’m in force retirement my birthday being just last March and it’s the 32nd anniversary of my 30th birthday.
      So in other words you don’t have to visit these places to know all about them!

    3. @Markus Stewart I’m sorry to hear about your life story, obviously very different to mine.

      In your previous comment you stated that you would like to visit Canada someday but in your last comment you state that you have been to Montreal 🤔I

      With regards to your last sentence… does help!

    1. America needs an alternative colour wave TBH because both parties are just 2 sides of the same coin, neither has the interests of the working class in mind, they both work for corporate interests! 🤷‍♀😑

    2. @Jo so do you plan to vote for Biden? If not you are supporting trump and are a trump supporter. color purple…

  3. US is great again at worldometer. We all laugh at USA. Btw, Trump, Modi will call you very soon. Hehehehehe.

    1. Chump holds the position of representing America, but he does not meet the requirements and responsibilities of the position.

      Chump doesn’t represent America, he doesn’t even represent his small base of support. He represents old, rich, white men.

  4. wow 🤷🏼‍♀️😡 in other words don’t put U.S. military soldiers on civilian streets unless you want dead civilians 😪🤬45 has to be held accountable for that

  5. If the wealth gap continues to grow at the pace it has the past 40 years, this countries economy will collapse in a matter of years.

    1. Well if people are too poor or too sick, or undereducated living in under-resourced communities- well who is going to be spending? who will be buying houses? They will not have $$ to inject into the economy.

    2. It’s already collapsing….. If trump had done what European countries did by keeping people on the payroll & simply paying 80-100% of their wages, then I think America would have had a better chance at recovery….. Instead we just watched the biggest transfer of wealth in modern history and the housing crisis hasn’t even fully hit yet so it’s about to get even worse! 😔

  6. “American Capitalism” is NOT the path to follow. And our political system is paralyzed because one of the two political parties is drowning in its desire to represent the greedy rich.

  7. So, our economic model was working marvelously before Regan. Since all the tax cuts for the rich, working families have not had a REAL increase in wages/consumption, To put it another way, once we started cutting taxes for the wealthy, our economy started tanking–and so it is today. The rich are willing to let the country collapse, because they have successfully bilked it for all it is worth. America is a dry husk.

    1. The raging starving mobs will strip the meat from their bones . And tear their houses asunder !

  8. Oh yes. Trump has had the USA do slow grotesque striptease on the world stage since taking office.
    Nothing much is left unseen now, fake democracy, gerrymandering, toothless Congress, corrupted judicial system, hypocritical foreign policy, bullying trade stances, climate change denial, disdain for international courts of law, racism, insane gun culture etc etc, it’s all on open display.

    1. @MTA Denizen The GOP pushes crony (almost gangster) capitalism, religious zealotry, and hyper-nationalism. The most corrupt and/or incompetent or unconcerned presidential administrations have been Republican (Grant, Harding, Hoover, Nixon, George W. Bush).

    2. @MTA Denizen And you think Biden and the Democrats will change the US for the better? Delusion.
      It doesn’t really matter if the Dems win or Trump wins – either way the corruption, mendacity and decay of American society is on full view and in full effect. The real danger to the world is the US’s enormous nuclear arsenal and its inability to respond appropriately to the unfolding global climate catastrophe, amongst other crises it has helped engender.

    3. @MTA Denizen actually imo republicans & democrats are literally two sides of the same coin…. Neither one have the working class peoples interests in mind, all they care about is the 1% & corporate interests 💵…. Obama had 8 years and still got very little done, even though he controlled both the house and the senate for a time! 😑…..Until America gets money out of politics then nothing will fundamentally change. 🤷‍♀

    4. Some US allies will never forgive America. It’s not just Trump, it’s the idiots who support him.

  9. A bit choice of him to wonder out loud why we are not advising the Iranians on how corrupt their government is when we have a gangster President here looting the treasury.

    1. John Lyons: If you remember, Iran was an “American partner” when Iraq was attacked. Americans have “extra-territorial laws” that over-ride the laws of the country they are in.

    2. You should see the Iranian MIGA propaganda on Trump’s Twitter feed. They have even co-opted the Q Anon imagery and rhetoric, incorporating it to appeal to Trump and his most fervent followers.

  10. Most National Guard units have done combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re every bit as capable of unspeakable violence as any Airborne unit.

  11. Your political model IS FLAWED and pathetic. So in no way should we follow that gerrymandering and voter–suppression trash model. Look to Scandinavia for true democracy.

    1. @Sammie Grammar, grammar, grammar — That’s ‘Scandinavian’ . . . ‘doesn’t’ work; but it could. We’ve seen 3+ years of things run by Trump’s beliefs and feeling and ‘gut’ and it is not working like a charm for many. My belief is that people like the dear leader are social, mental and emotional pariahs. [Do you just have 1 belief or does the country have 1 belief, or are we just allowed 1 belief at a time?????] We are busy at work on those social differences; some are not very workable for some.

    2. Sammie… very true. It’s the difference between a countries working as a team for the greater good and a country polarised by politics and racism.
      A view from afar

    3. @Shawn Wales Blah blah blah…i said what i said tongue-in-cheek. BUT…”racism” by definition has to do with RACE (not numbers). And there are plenty of racist minorities too so let’s not get too excited.

    4. @R Wags I was not saying that Scandinavia was racist. I was referring to liberal Americans (and even then, not seriously) who exalt Scandinavia as the very pinnacle of human civilization.

  12. From the outside your country has certainly gone backwards over the past 3 years under Trump, who gives the impression that the laws don’t apply to him, and he and his crew can run the country anyway they want. Added to this the fact that it appears the position of president is brought by the one with the deepest pockets, rather than one with the best ideas and skills to do the job. Once again Trump appears to be a great example of this. From being a world leader, and the supposed leader of the free world you are now an example of what country with a wannabe dictator looks like

    1. Yet the US interfered in and started wars to go against this exact same thing around the world. Greed and hypocrisy rules the US.

    2. I don’t think our founding fathers meant for the Presidency to be purchased. Actually Hillary didn’t suffer from money. The problem is with low information voters who listed to Faux propaganda and believe it without fact checking it. Our voters have become very lazy and stupid, uneducated vote for President Lump the most.

  13. We use to laugh at the USA and your crazy President. Then we became horrified by his actions, and we stopped laughing. Now we are terrified of Trump, and his potential for destroying humanity. We are also appalled at Americans for allowing this moronic criminal to flourish. What a screwed up country. So glad I don’t live there.

    1. Agreed from a small country in Europe, the US is a hellhole, it was that before but it’s way more obvious now thanks to Trump. You must change your entire system, starting with your Constitution which has run its course and must be replaced

  14. The reason our government no longer works is because we have an entire party of old white guys that refuse to accept that the world is changing and they haven’t kept up with those changes. They’re so intent on keeping their power they’re appointing unqualified judges, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, colluding with foreign governments to interfere in our elections, gerrymandering state districts, suppressing voters rights to the vote, and they continue to practice racism, mysogyny, and partisanship.

  15. Yeah, my country has been laughing at America for about 4 years now. We only see the antics, which with Obama was pure business. I am yet to meet someone from my country who thinks Obama was bad.

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