Worrying Trend in Jamaica more Children Perpetrators of Crime | TVJ News – Nov 1 2022


  1. But is what they have being thought they see it on the streets every day they hear it in the music it’s just everywhere

  2. Better Economy, Better Island. Let Singapore be of reference, knowing that they had independence just after us and their GDP is now phenomenal.

    1. And they model their system of the teachings of Marcus Garvey but we ridicule him philosophies smh

  3. Teenagers typically don’t think far ahead and often see themselves with nothing to lose. If we can find a way to also punish their parents for the crimes they commit, teen criminality will be reduced.

    1. This will solve nothing the reason for this is the situation the people live in the have to survive and the government have never done anything for the lower class than to give them promises how can you tell youths to leave crime when it’s there only means of survival? We need to change the system and cut western interference so our infrastructure can grow and the mind of ppl can change or else nothing will

  4. How Pickney Get Involved in This? Where did they get the guns from? Need Answers Please. Mr. Anderson that should be your investigation.

    1. Guns are sold like you go to patty at the patty shop now. When love for family is not there the adults with guns seek to comfort them making them into what they want. They never act for self there’s always a master mind. Hence, they provide them with guns and anything else they need to commit their acts

  5. The problem when you don’t actually educate your country s that many parents don’t understand you have to watch what your kid does. They are lazy to make sure kids aren’t watching violent TikTok’s and other apps and children don’t understand what is right and what is wrong.

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