Worse Than Delta? Health Experts Worry About Future Variants 1

Worse Than Delta? Health Experts Worry About Future Variants


Health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, are worried about future variants that could be even worse. We discussed that with infectious disease expert Dr. Céline Gounder.
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    1. Richard… sounds like you’ve been sleeping with Republicans. My personal recommendation is to visit the clinic, lest your doctor discover your promiscuous lifestyle.

    1. Ratna, how do YOU explain the women in the movement that probably outnumber the men? Now they have female whack jobs representing them in congress, like Bobo Boebert and Momo Greene. Don’t see many blacks support white supremacists… so how do you explain it??? I bet I hear only crickets… surprise me.🤪

    2. More of a human rights issue. Repubs need someone to vote for them so they rally up with folks whom they believe will. Dems say gov has no business controlling what ppl can do with their bodies their lives. Me I’m against killing humans, human babies, human fetus. On the other hand I say ppl have right to do with their bodies their lives as they wish without gov controlling them

  1. No we dont need vaccines for missmanaged leaked bioweapons viruses, we need to not play with bioweapons in the first place!

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 LOOOOL just get your shot man, just wear your mask man. Hey just two weeks to flatten the curve man, hey follow the science now come on!

    1. Oh goody! The right wing took the bait! Didn’t you know Biden knew if he told you Covid was deadly, you’d swear it was a hoax, refuse vaccination, masking and social distancing and get infected and die?

    2. @Demetria Karnavas 1.) Dementia Buyden doesn’t know anything. 2.) He and Karen KommieLa were casting doubt on the Trump vaccine last fall.
      Thank them, Fraudci, CDC and pulling the J&J vaccine off market for the latest vaccine hesitancy.

    3. @Dk Ks You’re making this too easy for us. It’s like shooting the only fish in the barrel that refused to take swimming lessons.

    4. @Dk Ks It’s all good. You’re a source of cheap entertainment while I pass the time waiting for the post man to deliver all my free stuff.

  2. Seriously, let’s put some live video feeds from a few of those Covid wards. That would be Must See TV for all those Covid skeptics, that’s for sure. Let them get up close and personal with real pain and suffering. (I’m sure some patients would gladly sign waivers to allow the truth to be seen.) Why not try it? We need a new approach.

    1. yeah its the elephant in the room. from what i understand of psychology from antvaxxers this is actually the only thing that does work. and we need to do what works

  3. AF Translation “if we don’t do something about stopping this quick, it WILL variate into something even more resistant, and even faster spreading than Delta variant.”

    1. The delta variant is far less deadly than the previous version. It’s more transmissible but far less deadly

    1. we have more experiments than Tuskegee. they have a long history of it yet they only talk about one

  4. The Biden administration will let in EVERY variant though our southern border. Where are you Harris??? Put our people first!!!!!

    1. ​@AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVER! The lambda variant has been found in several states, not just in Texas. Again, the virus and all its mutations fly into our airports–and walls and Border patrols won’t keep it out.

      BTW, I’m curious. Have you been vaccinated and do you wear a mask? If folks had done both, the delta variant wouldn’t be now devastating the unvaccinated and causing breakthrough infections in the vaccinated. We can still keep the lambda variant from spreading further if people would just get the dang shots.

      Stop blaming migrants. We have the means to stop COVID spread but too many refuse to do so. This mess is our fault.

      P.S. If y’all manage to keep all the migrants out, who’s going to pick the food and work in the slaughterhouses?

    2. @Jeweled Bird The people coming across our southern border are from over 150 countries. That has been documented.

    3. ​@Christian 153 As far as COVID is concerned, it doesn’t matter. Like I said several times now, the virus and all its mutations are coming into the U.S. through the airports. Travelers are bringing it them as they legally enter the U.S. Fortunately, Biden is planning on requiring foreign visitors to show proof of vaccination, so hopefully that’ll stop new variants coming here.

      And I’ll ask you what I asked another poster: have you gotten vaccinated? If not, why haven’t you? The only reason why the delta variant managed to spread so widely is because folks refused to get vaccinated.

      Right now, it truly is a pandemic among the unvaccinated, but because the delta variant is so virulent, it’s also causing breakthrough infections among those who are vaccinated. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated would do far more than anything at the border (’cause, you know, airports), yet folks refuse to. They’ve made their refusal into a core tenet of their religion or political beliefs. What they’re really being, though, is akin to toddlers saying no because they can.

      If this continues, we won’t have to worry about outside variants coming into the country. We’ll create our own.

    4. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVER! And you must be the guy who responds to every comment with some version of “You must not be a real American.”

    5. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVER! Unfortunately, a losing incumbent promoting a “voter fraud” hustle, is news.

  5. Waiving the patent and sharing the tech to produce generica as any normal species would do in such a case might help get people around the globe vaccinated. 🙄
    Enforcing the patent is morally and technically wrong and factual genocide.

  6. Me- Hey time, I want to travel in 2025, would covid 19 be exist there as well as me and my job too.
    Time – I am sure about covid 19 but not about the other two..

    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.
    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.
    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 631,299 Covid deaths with 600 more each day.

    1. New Zealand has been in lockdown fro approx 16 months. Do you want the United States to completely shut down, and go into economic collapse??

    2. Yes, that’s certainly how MSNBC is portraying it- as a sporting event. Boo red states! Will we get to the 70 percent mark by August? Place your bets!

    3. @Winston Smith well if red guys would stop ragging on vaccines and masks, maybe the US could be like new zealand.

    4. @pepe6666 Yeah, keep ragging on conservatives and maybe you can bully them into getting vaccinated. Yup, calling people names is the best way to convince them.

  8. Soon the Doctors are going to say, *’I’ll come back when you got some sense! until then you live with the consequences of your decisions.”*

    1. I also think insurance companies should be allowed to stop providing coverage for anything related to covid if the patient chose not to get vaccinated and did not have a legitimate medical reason to skip the vaccine

  9. Funny how they talk about what the vaccine can do to your body in the future.. Do they not think what Covid19 Delta will do to your body in the future what a toss up. NOT

    1. Very nearly *ZERO* long term effects in ANY vaccine. It stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies and then breaks down and is eliminated within a few weeks.

    2. Without knowing the facts, these people believe whatever they want to believe.
      There is a vaccine for Covid. If only, there can be a vaccine for ignorance.

  10. YES. From an analysis by BRITISH ACADEMICS published by the UK Government’s official scientific advisory group, UK scientists believe it is “almost certain” a coronavirus variant will emerge that “leads to current vaccine failure.” This is a forewarning !

    1. @Robert J. Williamson ….if people choose to die, from Covid, instead of live, then there is nothing anyone can do to help them.
      Indeed, people are free to choose but sadly, they are NOT free from the consequences of their choices.

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