'Worst President In American History': Trump Term Ends Under A Cloud, In Calamity | Rachel Maddow 1

‘Worst President In American History’: Trump Term Ends Under A Cloud, In Calamity | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow reviews the collection of crises, court cases and criminal investigations Donald Trump faces and wonders if he, like many Americans, wishes he could take back the last four or five years. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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'Worst President In American History': Trump Term Ends Under A Cloud, In Calamity | Rachel Maddow


  1. Let the public never forget his Republican enablers. They are all his accomplices. We could have impeached him at the beginning of the year. Do not forget.

    1. Melania’s agenda never included being the First Lady. She has a lot of money to gain by staying by her “husband”. I’m so glad she is gone!

    2. @Duane Oxford-Baker BIGLEY UGEEELY OUTSTANDING terrific TRUTHS fantastic wonderful terrific beautiful TRUTHS BIGLEY BIGLEY BIGLEY BIGLEY BIGLEY

    3. I don’t understand. Who’s ever said that Melania is a victim?
      Wait. I get it.
      Melania is a poor feeble woman who is enthralled to the bullying and tormenting trump. Was it something like that that you read on Twitter / Facebook?

    1. @David Miller I was referring to tRump’s place in history.
      Trump- a name which will live in infamy.
      I just made that up with a nod to a great US president, FDR. Feel free to use it.

    2. @Some Guy I understand, but to 74 million of his followers he was NOT a traitor; that’s what I mean so, not in the same league as Benedict Arnold. And, FDR was a miserable son-of-a-b***** to my grandfather; he closed the banks and cost my gf his life savings.

    3. @David Miller I was aware of some of his mistakes while in office, such as forced internment camps for Americans of Japanese descent, and refusing to take in many Jewish immigrants, but I was under the impression that closing the banks was a temporary measure. That’s why he called it a “Bank holiday.” Did the bank that affected your grandfather go under?

      BTW, the reason that FDR is still considered one of the highest rated presidents, despite his mistakes is that he brought us back from the Great Depression, and helped us to win WWII, as you probably already know.

    4. @James Gravil You just listed why Trump has so many followers, they all want to do and be just like him. Have a great day!

    5. @Some Guy I’m quoting my grandfather from 1948 when his loss was fresh in his mind, so I guess the bank went under. I’ve read opinions about FDR’s handling of the Great Depression that say his bungling extended it until WWII came along. There’s also some rumors about his policies toward Japan that caused the attack at Pearl Harbor. Anyway, how history treats President Trump will be written by the “victors”, probably the Democrats and MSM, so you may be right about the “traitor” label, but there are, still, those 74 million.

    1. I think one thing Trump has done is there is likely a generation of voters who will never take voting for granted again. Republicans are going to have some hard elections for a while.

    2. Oh well at least he exposed alot of on both sides. We should get rid of political parties but they never will because of political donations.

  2. of course he would have, with more “panache” even I assume, his brain is apparently wired in a different way… being president is such a huge validation for the ego, everything else is secondary…

    1. I have to agree, think about 74 MILLION followers and the adulation that he has received and continues to get. There Trumpists on the right-wing blogs/vlogs who are openly advocating Civil War II over his “Fraudulent Loss of the Presidency”. A man with his ego and narcissistic tendencies would leap into the challenge and create the chaos he loves. “Panache” should be his middle name!

    2. That’s what I was going to say. Being president feeds his ego even if he left nothing but a wake of destruction in his own life and the lives of others. How could he not do it!

    3. Like the song he had the chopper’s pilot play today on his way to Air Force One.

      He was obviously giving Biden the finger.
      The song was Sinatra’s *My Way.*

      He was obviously telling Biden:
      “Like I’ll stick around till noon for you to rub it in my face that the show is now *YOURS!”*

      *”I* decide when to leave !
      I’ll do it *MY* way!”

  3. If he could of seen 5 years into the future, literally nothing would of changed because he’s not mentally capable of admitting fault.

    1. Yep. “They’re all out to get me”. And in this case, there may be some credibility to that statement! I hope a lot of people are out to get him and see him in prison.

  4. Rachel – I just thought of something. Since this is a pandemic, why haven’t we seen a much higher production of Lysol & other such products flooding the shelves ? I haven’t seen a can of Lysol in forever it seems.

  5. The orange draft dodger changed parties 5 times in the past, he hasn’t always been republican. He just knew if he played the republican card then he could fool the most, and the wealthy would throw money at him.
    It worked.

    1. @The Potato Cloud Potato It’s actually a sentence that was written on the back of Melania’s jacket few years ago, regarding her stance on immigration issue.

    2. @The Potato Cloud Potato That I’m not on chinas payroll, selling out the United states for my own personal gain, the fair election. Yeah totally jealous.

  6. If McConnell confirms he’s going to vote to convict then it’s all over for Donnie. The GOP are smart enough to know they need to put Trumpism in the casket in order to survive.

    1. If not they better move to Florida and align with Trump in being his minions in this supposed civil war that is coming. The Republican party is over. Trump literally stole that from them and made it radically HIS. We still have to wake up tomorrow and be conscious of the 75 million plus people that voted for this Idiotic cult leader and be aware of exactly how much less smarter they are than him. These people are still judges, police officers, military, doctors, nurses, bankers, and many of the other things that are paramount to society. As a black person in the south I know just how much this mess isn’t over.

    2. @Shad Money I wholeheartedly agree, this isn’t over yet. They call people who don’t worship him brainwashed, yet that is precisely what they are. Remain safe.

    3. Rolyat Neet,
      Very good point in your second sentence. Most Republicans probably realize that it’s not just Trump who they need to eliminate from the scene, but Trumpism, itself. You’ve got to figure that probably at least half of Trump voters voted for him for no reason other than that he is in the same party they’re signed on to. I think many of them will finally be convinced that they were wrong and that blind bias for a political party can be a bad thing.

      Many Trump voters were also motivated by the fact that he had been a “reality” TV star, and maybe _they_ will realize that reality TV has no place in high government.

      Trump will still have a following, though, and I hope he lives long enough to run for President is 2024, (most likely from prison). He’ll still probably get at least ten million votes as an Independent, which would hurt the GOP candidate enough to guarantee a Democratic win.

    1. Pence might have overturned the election for him, but he didn’t have the power. Even after trump rallied an angry mob that brought props calling for the demise of Pence, still Pence wouldn’t invoke the 25th. That’s loyalty lol

    2. @Daft Sutra Design wow , you’re right. I would have loved to have been there, the minute that republican enablers realized that tRump is insane I’ll bet their expressions were priceless

  7. He has no inner life, no capacity for such introspection. And if he could do so, why bother to evaluate past behavior that is always superlative by definition?

  8. He would still have run. He would have taken care to have squeezed even more money out of his time in office.
    In his hubris, he must have thought he had another 4 years to grift.
    He knows that with enough money, the worst people can be forgiven for the worst actions.
    History is written by those who can buy it.

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