Would you ride in this driverless taxi? 1

Would you ride in this driverless taxi?


The Robotaxis had to brake repeatedly as jaywalkers and tourists came very close to the vehicles to take photos.

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  1. I can’t wait for them to get into a cyber Riot with a Pizza Hut delivery van, oh the humanity

  2. No. When an accident is going to happen, who’s life is the computer program going to save.

  3. Once all the kinks are sorted out and within city limits, why not? At least the taxi wont be taking you for a “joy ride” and leaving you in a catatonic state from the exorbitant fare!!

  4. Yes, I’m so sick of sitting in cabs that have a driver that smells like another country with poor hygienic practices

  5. I have no doubt that driverless cars will one day be a thing, *a safer option,* but I doubt that will be in my lifetime. I’ll pass for this lifetime. What we’re seeing from companies like Tesla is not the future. The current tech is not there yet.

  6. I would because I do trusted machine more than devils humans

  7. If I was in GTA or Vancouver, I rather driverless because I disliked all cab drivers smells like they not from here

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