1. @Gems hey make sure to not blame the cops if one of the parents got shot by the gunman ok.

  1. This makes it so much worse. They had the training and did nothing. These innocent lives pleading for help, asking these officers to act on their behalf as if they were their own child and yet, they did nothing. I feel so sick to my stomach. My heart is broken.💔

    1. Kinda throw out the window the argument that all you need is a good guy with a gun. In this case, there were at least a dozen of them, and they were supposedly trained, yet did practically nothing. If these supposedly trained officers can’t handle this situation, how can your politicians expect the teachers or the school staff to do it even if they were armed.
      American logic, smh..

    2. It must be a bloody lesson learn for our nation. Please fire the local chief police and on-site commander who had their bad decision by not break through the classroom door. Local polices and school guards must have more training to prevent and hander future tradegies. Where are the FBI field agents? They have more experiences to hander this tragedy. I don’t like much with CNN, but totally approval this video. Good job! BTW. There is one issue with 911 dispatch from the first 12 minutes with shooter was shooting outside the school without quick responding. It is needed to investigate and improve.

  2. These “men” who were at the scene are not men. They’re supposed to sacrifice all to save children. Absolutely pathetic.

    1. @Obama Left Leg IT ‘s not a matter of morals It’s a matter of doing the job you’re hired for.And very well paid for .Which you have SWORN to do!!

    2. @Obama Left Leg that means they dont have business being a police officer… in other countries law officers would do such just to stop the criminals…

  3. One major probably in the US is bureaucracy. It doesn’t matter where you go, someone is in power that should not be in power. Incompetent people everywhere.

    1. @We The People Of Texas Not just the police or government. The work ethic, the national pride is completely absent. Education is not valued, and i don’t mean public education. I mean willingness from people to invest time in their own lives, to build their skills, and to inform themselves. To reject old ideas. Everyone wants to just do the bare minimum, complain and whine. Two weeks later they’ll forget all about this and whine about the next. Everyone is a god damn expert but when you agree and you ask them to put in the work they disappear. Conservatives. Liberals. Cops. Politicians. Educators. Service workers. My god damn doordash driver. and people aren’t ready to hear that they need to WORK HARDER and BE SMARTER. It’s your duty to your country, your race, your species, your bloodline. to human civilization! but no thats too much

    2. yes that is true but communication is important if line of communications were cluttered is very possible they were not 100% aware of the full extent of the live/death situation they were putting the kids in.

  4. Reps: “We just need more guns and security”…
    It seems you had more guns and security but no action.
    Perhaps time to consider other options.
    A view from afar

    1. Well, with the lack of action by the police 🚔 it’s going to be hard to tell parents to get rid of their guns 🔫

  5. No matter how heartbreaking this is, the news that cops are essentially cowards isn’t something we didn’t already know.

  6. 19 flippin’ officers for one person in a school full of babies? That’s complete and utter bs and just to think the parents were tased, pepper sprayed, arrested and barricaded by 19 cops while their babies were 🔫. Parents were armed and ready to go in themselves. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. They need to hold these officers accountable for the lives lost. They wanted to protect their own lives instead of risking their lives to save the children. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

    1. Those officer’s have as much blood on there hands as the killer they could have stopped it much sooner but didn’t

    2. I wanna hear them out, and let them explain why they didn’t charge in in the first place. I can’t judge because I wouldn’t have done it any better, but that could’ve been handled better.

  8. Police: “Active shooter inside!”
    Chief: “We should wait. We only have 19 officers. We need more backup.”
    911: “Please send police. We’re still alive.”
    Chief: “Seems like a hostage situation. Ignore those shots you hear.”

  9. It truly is amazing how flexible the phrase “We feared for our lives”can be when you’re a cop… It can excuse you when you murder an unarmed civilian, as well as excuse you from stopping an armed gunman. Cops are just scared, like all the time. It’s not like they have advanced training for these situ or anything…

    1. @Skip well they were Federal border control but they were federal agents nonetheless they were a special tactical team. But before that there were still federal agents and a SWAT team in full military gear that stood around the parking lot for 80 minutes!! Set the timer on your phone or whatever and sit there for 80 minutes and imagine how long it must have felt to those little babies sitting in there praying that somebody would come save them.

    2. @Chris Albert they are just there to collect a cheque. Not there for any real cop work

  10. Can’t even imagine the pain and disgust the parents must feel when you hear of any mistake—- no amount of money can ever replace their child..the fear that those poor children went thru…

    1. Within 5 minutes of the first 911 call, two police officers were wounded by the shooter as they tried to enter the classroom where the shooter was located. These TWO officers did their jobs and are heroes, even despite the staggering incompetence that followed later on from everyone else involved.

  11. I believe Col. Steven McCraw did a great job in this interview. He admitted a mistake and that the leaks on the events in Uvalde were incorrect. McCraw has done a better job than his boss Gregg Abbott. Legislators could make the jobs of Col. McCraw easier if they would stand up and do something to prevent this from happening again. For all parents; No one wants to be the next parent of the child that is murdered at school. I pray for the souls of the dead children and their close relatives and friends. But I pray more that God will give legislators the courage to at least do something because doing nothing but prayer is not working.

    1. This is not Abbott’s fault. The school district is to blame also. No security in place at all. Shame on a number of people.

    2. Yeah, well the Chevy Vega was a better car than the AMC Gremlin…. But that’s not saying much

  12. This incident and how the police dealt with it, reminds me of being first on the scene of a car crash, where l as a first aider helped a seriously hurt girl in the back seat while by standers phoned the police and ambulance. I could see the girl needed to urgently get to hospital but a police officer said “ we have called for the Fire Brigade to take off the roof to get her out”. I was shocked because the girl needed to get to hospital fast, so l said “ how long before they arrive and how long to cut the roof off” and was told all in likely 3 hours. The door near the girl was open and there was no need for the roof entry so my mind just couldn’t take in what l was being told. Suddenly a fury came over me, and l leaned into the car and whispered in the girl’s ear. I told her that the door was open and she needed to try to get out of the car because she needed to get to hospital fast and to listen to me and do as l said. I had assessed her and checked whether she could move her arms and legs, and where the pain was and it was only her face nowhere else, so she heeded what l said and started to try to get out of the car. I helped her out! I told the police that the girl was coming out and she did, and the ambulance was ready to receive her and rushed her to hospital. The girl had a crushed in skull on the left side, and a serious eye injury. The police came to my house the next day to say the girl had life changing injuries, and lost her eye. To this day, l can’t stand authorities who slow everything down and put obstacles in the way, and waste time when it’s an urgent situation which will end a life or cause worse sufferings and injury if they do it their way!

  13. The primary function of local PDs is to “protect their men.” They prioritize their own lives over the lives of all non-cops—both criminals and victims.

  14. the little kid that survive said on the interview that she can hear adult outside and thinking why they are not saving them, she said she put her friend blood at her body to survive is heartbreaking 💔

  15. My heart goes out to the families that lost their lived ones. But, I also can’t fathom how all the other children that were in school that day will ever recover from what they witnessed. It will haunt them forever.

  16. “Wrong decision” This wasn’t some oh I mad a wrong turn and got into a fender bender. Children are DEAD. 2 beautiful women and teachers are DEAD. Nothing will fix this. Accountability at the highest level. Everyone should be terminated and subject to prosecution. You chose to do a job, you do that job. You don’t get to choose in this situation

  17. These police officers who were scared and ran away to hide from a lone teenage gunman without engaging him for 40 minutes are a complete disgrace

  18. Dereliction of duty: Failure to uphold ones oath and obligations in a shameful manner. No one who signs on the line and takes an oath to protect and serve signs up to get hurt or killed, but you know going in that the possibility of that happening is real. I served 22yrs in the Army and from the first enlistment to the last enlistment I knew what was at stake and I’m blessed to have made it through 2 combat tours and never did I shame the oath I took, and never did I put on someone else something that hadn’t done or was incapable of doing. What these cowards did is 100% indefensible and for the leadership, if you want to call it that to make excuses at first for the lack of action is equally offensive. Families are completely devastated by their cowardice and incompetence ,fear will do 1 of 2 things, spur you to action or paralyze you into doing nothing and we now know what it did to those cowards. Condolences to all of the families and RIP to all the angels in heavens playground.

  19. This was a shoplifter they’d have them laying on the ground with guns drawn , this is a disgrace.

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