1. USA s #1.
    Give it a rest.
    So tired of hearing it. How about you all put on a mask and fix your hiring process?
    The HR department is your DNC and RNC
    They are broken.

  2. Take it from somebody outside the US. You people are exceptional alright.
    Nothing would entice me to live in the USA.

  3. Score: donnie tRUMP and Vladimir Putin= 141,000+ Americans dead and 3,680,000+ COVID 19 cases. American citizens= 0.

  4. America in the movies: Saves the world.
    t’rump’s America in reality: Can’t tie its own shoes without help.

    1. Melvin Gillham You know no-one’s listening to the increasingly desperate and diminishing chants of Trump trollbots, don’t you? Reality has bitten.

    2. @Melvin Gillham we are talking about the worst economy in history, largest national debt, crashed stock markets, failed trade wards, record deaths and impeached racist president

  5. More fake news the numbers are being manipulated , we have proof that they counted a 20 year old that was in a motorcycle accident and killed But had tested positive as a covid death
    And we know other hospitals our reporting 100% on there covid testing rates which is physically impossible

    1. @CShield you should be happy if things aren’t as bad as they’re reporting, here’s another clue the death rate remained the same as before the reporting a this spike
      It’s all above federal dollars for the greedy hospitals

    2. A few keystrokes will find statistics from the rest of the world. Can’t all be “fake news”. If you dismiss it, you might die. If you learn from the information, you might live. It is scary – it would be great if it was “fake news” but sadly it is not. The problem is, as long as there are people who refuse to act on credible information, the pandemic will continue to cause havoc in the US. What will it take? 500 thousand dead? A million? It will happen unless you all get behind a strategy to contain the virus and stop trying to console yourselves with baseless conspiracies.

    1. @V hes potus, you’re not, hes a billionaire, youre not. He doesnt hoard kotex like you idiots.

    2. @Melvin Gillham a BILLIONAIRE? Show his taxes..hoever he is probably a BILLIONAIRE NOW on your TAX dollars lol

  6. Exceptional acts are constantly being forfilled by all cutures.all countries globally. otherwise it’s just egotistical self-righteousness. Practice what you preach for true recognition

  7. New case records set today:
    NV (1447), OR (428), TX (14962), UT (954)
    New death records set today:
    FL (156), TX (151), SC (72)
    126 US counties reported the highest cases today. 28 US counties reported the highest number of deaths today.
    150+ counties have a 100% or greater growth in weekly cases from last week
    200+ counties have a 100% or greater growth in weekly cases from two weeks ago
    This is out of control, especially in the Red states like FL, TX, AZ and all other red states and in CA, WA, OR.
    You can see these records and much more at my new COVID data analytics site. Use the left Nav to navigate around the site

  8. It’s the same way you’ve always bern expectional. “Only in America” = mad as a box of frogs.

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