WSJ: FBI took 11 sets of classified docs from Mar-a-Lago

The FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents from its search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this week, including some materials marked as "top secret/SCI," The Wall Street Journal reported. The newspaper reported that FBI agents removed about 20 boxes from former President Donald Trump's resort and residence in Palm Beach, Florida — including binders, sets of classified government materials, photographs and at least one handwritten note. CNN’s Katelyn Polantz and Jessica Schneider report. #CNN #News


    1. @Mick Loud so you’re saying that since Hillary Clinton got away with it we should let Donald Trump get away with it? Is that just for laws that your dear leader broke or would you like to apply that theory to every law?

    1. @Alt Delete There is no defense for this. Frankly, I don’t think you’d recognize a fact if it slapped you upside the head. You can’t defend this. Now, go ahead and spout more nonsense, if you want; (and I have no doubt you will), but, I’m done with you. I have more important things to do than banter with you. Have a nice evening.

    2. @toni harmon There is no defense needed when there is no evidence of a crime committed. Obviously if somone wanted to steal documents they would just make copies and turn the originals over to the archive.Put on your thinking cap there will ya.

  1. I had a TS-SCI clearance when I was in the Air Force. I had to go into a special facility called a “SCIF” that was under 24 hour armed guard etc to even have access to that type of information. Unbelievable.

    1. @Connie Kimble Yeah, we under estimated just how low this guy would go.
      Couldn’t imagine a former president of the United States of America, putting everything we have for sell on the International blackmarket.
      But trump showed us exactly what he is….for years.

  2. There’s absolutely NO reason for him to have taken all these unless he planned to sell or give them to another country. Put him in jail, put him in jail. He’s a narcissistic sociopath who would sell his own kids if he thought the profit was big enough.

    1. Read the law. Every president has done so.

      44 U.S. Code § 2204 – Restrictions on access to Presidential records

  3. So, the DoJ had to retrieve 15 boxes of documents previously, Trump having been told he had to return everything, yet he secretly holds on to the most sensitive documents. This reeks of ESPIONAGE.

    1. @Ima Done Trumpers talk about politicization, and then the first thing that they mention is “what about Hunter, Hillary, and Obama”. The irony flies right over their heads.

  4. Seeing as Mr. Trump has one of the ‘world’s greatest memories,’ why didn’t he just memorise every secret document he was given access to?
    Perhaps he just forgot to?

    1. @Kristy Campbell maybe because you didn’t listen to Trump talking about his incredible memory and then on top of it forgetting everything because it was too long ago that’s right the man can’t hold it up and let’s not forget person woman man camera TV. And that was supposed to make him a stable genius, not so much.

  5. I think a President’s criminal behaviour against his own citizens, whom he took a sworn oath to protect, should be dealt with more harshly than an ordinary citizen. Certainly not with kid gloves or worse the absolution of charges just because he’s a President.

    1. Ikr?
      Next they’ll be saying that tampering with classified documents is……I dunno…. “illegal” or something.

  6. Every military member or veteran that ever has or does hold a security clearance needs to pay close attention to this story. Recall your intense training and vetting to proudly hold and follow strict protocols to protect and safeguard your “need to know” information. Hoping there was minimum compromise in this former President’s fiasco.

    1. @Aaa Blur huh? That’s not gonna happen. Don’t be silly.

      This is the world getting smaller. The walls falling in.

      Don’t dig a deeper hole to get buried in.

    2. @G Burn Here in the US we have due process and it still applies no matter what the charge is. This is going to get worse for Trump before it gets better for us. And we will find out just who actually touched those files too.

  7. This opens up a whole new investigation. Who has visited in the last 2 years? Who might have seen those documents? Do the total contents allow for possible sale or use against the United States? Is there any indication those documents have already been passed on? Wow.

    1. @Rockwell Collins Good point.If there was sensitive material in there they would have acted sooner so a pad lock should do the job.

  8. The informant was probably a SS agent that was working there and seen the documents laying around . The SS agents hold a clearance and it is a security violation NOT to report something like this.

  9. Having been been in the US Navy in the early 1970s my “rating” was radioman”. I ended up being stationed for 3 yrs at a top secret facility in the Hawaiian Islands. It was THE communication relay facility connecting the armed forces in Vietnam and the Commander of the Pacific Fleet. In order to be stationed there personnel had to have passed strict background checks. I had Top Secret & SIOP clearance handling top secret communications on a daily basis. The very thought of a president securing any relevant national security documents for their own protection is an insult to all Americans. It would not be any stretch of the imagination to view such an act as treasonous. Even more disturbing is the fact there are millions of “patriots” who see absolutely nothing wrong with a president securing “the people’s work” for their own private advantage. To possibly even cover up illegal, self-serving or treasonous acts committed during an administration. If that’s not self-interest it’s difficult to conclude anything is of a self-interested motivation. The president is a “public servant”. What a president does while in office is of national interest and importance and belongs to the American citizens. It’s one important way of keeping public servants responsible and honest. Those who don’t understand that don’t understand a representative democracy and that those one are elected and appointed to public service are employees of the American people.

    1. @Gail Waters There’s no amount of evidence that will ever persuade idiots. I commend your effort though.

  10. Even if he has clearance and a “need to know” he’s absolutely not allowed to house it outside of a secured government location. Period.

    1. @D1Nonly1 4ever because he doesn’t. He turned over all documents requested and was informed to lock up what else he had. He did what he was told

  11. Why would anyone want to take home with them these type of documents unless they wanted to benefit from them sometime in the future.

    1. There are only two reasons: covering crimes or hoping to profit.
      Most likely the second, since they were not destroyed.

  12. Remember the days when we were taught Nixon was our worst president? How can we have grown older as a society and choose even worse leaders?

    1. Trump had 15 boxes of declassified documents which were already disclosed and known about.
      Obama has several times that many which are classified, as does Bush.

      You guys really don’t see how badly you just got played 🤣

      This was political suicide 😭

    2. @Dino Flagella Not hubris. Narcissism. He thinks he’s the smartest guy on the planet, and everyone else a rube.

  13. *This is what actually happened. This video is not for children, it’s shocking* ALLTIME.ML
    Mr. Dunn – respect

  14. If he mishandled SCI, he is subject to be fully prosecuted under the espionage act. Whomever was his SCI security manager is also screwed. I worked in a SCIF and I am totally pissed.

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