Yakima, WA Mayor: Must Keep Workers Safe Because ‘We Feed The Nation’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. To all wannabe heroes spouting “I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.” No, you’ll die alone, on your back, hooked up to a machine because you can’t breathe. And by then, you’ll have passed the infection on to others who don’t share your idiotic philosophy.

    1. @David’s Garden ANDDDDD Ebola and HIV is from Africa :))
      unless you have any evidence to support your ” theory ” , you’re just being racist right now !!!!!

    2. Why do the ‘wannabe heroes’ always get the machines? The people doing the right thing should get to the machines first. IMHO

    1. says the pessimist. How about pessimists don’t care and won’t listen to science. Welcome to the medieval ages!

  2. *Germs hate Trump too. Otherwise POTUS would have Cornonavirus already. Instead Trump has terminal moronavirus.*

    1. *SURVEY: When democrats lose in November, do you think they will record their angry reaction videos…* _(Mark with X)_
      [ ] Horizontally
      [ ] Vertically

    1. Absolutely, we don’t need him pulling a Trump and infecting as many people as possible by holding rallies to soothe his battered ego.

    2. So you’re making fun of the responsible adult? How old are you? You must be just like your Dear Leader.

    3. @Gary King That Kool-Aid is really taking effect on Trump’s cult members, isn’t it.

    4. @The Fruitcake Munchers Club , I’m convinced they might call themselves Republican but they really are Neo KKK who traded in their white sheet and hood for MAGA Ts and caps. The Lincoln Project are the real conservative Republicans, not the sons and daughters of the Confederacy that follow Trumpism and everything disgusting it represents.

    1. funny i thought the virus started in China and they released it on the world and lied about it , but sure it’s all Pres. Trumps fault !

  3. Coronavirus: City life is getting me down.
    Rural Areas: I don’t see what the big deal is.
    Coronavirus: **packs a bag and gets in a car** Let’s get some fresh air!
    Rural Areas: 😲😬

    1. Deplorable – It beats neo-nazi’s & the kkk running the republikkkan Fascist Putridy. 😆 btw, F*cks news = fairy tales, conspiracy fantasies and outright lies for simpletons who can’t think for themselves.🥱

    2. @Doog Yggod
      The leader of Germany between 1939 and 1945 was alive today in 2020 he’d be a Democrat

  4. You need to keep your workers safe so you can have your profit. …Don’t drag me into this by saying you “need” to feed me.
    I’ll handle myself and I don’t care about your workers. I care about my budget. …Because I can’t afford excessive safety measures you want to place that don’t do anything.

  5. Why would this person talking about the real problem masking how many make it alone now if you don’t have a mask you can I get into any stores or any public places without a mask and that’s just simple and say if the people get married they let them get mad but they have to go in public places with a mask on this is not about Votes it’s about Losing lives

  6. America is SICK has double the cases of the next closest country say good buy to your family and friends while your still able to breath and speak

  7. Trump doesn’t wear a mask, and now we know that his cult must follow thier leader and also refuse to wear it at thier meetings. How can we ever become well while these republicans believe that they’re too good to have to help? They aren’t the party of life, they’re the party of death.

  8. Fine people or put people in jail that don’t have a job or the ability to pay songs great these people are idiots

  9. Mask up to open up Yakima. At least try…how sad once again our city is popular for something negative 😢

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