1. Money is power be careful who you give your power to!Ignorance is a mental illness that fuels depression and anger which leads to hate! Cancel culture! Cancel the Bullsh!t!!! Cancel the Republicans!!!

  2. Yay 😀, Thank you to the stadium. Thank you to everybody that’s getting a vaccine. Love from Australia

    1. @Stevan R: When people keep dying and you get put into a detention camp for
      people who don’t want a vaccine, remind yourself you said this here.

    2. @kaiss-kc kc: Thank you, thank you very much. You totally surprised me. I moved to a new city and got my own online for the first time last May and never saw anything Time in You Tube until you. I just searched and saw a Time page. I was looking at Time since the 1960s, so I know what it’s like. I’m always commenting and replying about American political news, so now I’m wondering why Time was never a suggested video. And please, what is the relevance of this Molly Ball article? Thanks again.

    3. @Stevan R: Are you saying “Boooo who?” I went for a long walk along the Niagara Gorge for my exercise today, so now I’m stuck inside on You Tube. Even my least favorite girlfriends said it was easy to get a rise out of me.

  3. “It’s a big day here at Yankee Stadium, as the home team, The Vaccinators, take the field. The eager fans are outside, waiting to take the field themselves and get a life-saving inoculation. Here’s the needle…and it’s a direct shot into the arm, going, going, going…and it’s gone, another life saved by Astrazeneca.”

    1. When people keep dying and you are put in a detention camp for those who don’t want
      a vaccination, remind yourself you said this here.

  4. It’s weird that this “underserved” narrative is being told over and over. In my area it’s pretty much the opposite. I’m 70, but can’t get a vaccine. I want some of this equitable you speak of.

  5. In the UK our national health service automatically contacts all citizens in priority group order to come for their vaccine. As someone who is 65 to 70 with no underlying health conditions (group 5) I received my first Astra Zeneca shot today at a local GP surgery. There were no long queues as I was part of a group of about 20 to 30 people in the 11.20 to 11.30 time slot. This system is being repeated at vaccination centres across the country. I will be contacted again in 10 weeks to get my second dose. It’s probably the one thing in the entire mess that has been the UK govt response to the COVID pandemic that the Govt has got right so far.

  6. I heard the U.S. Air Force is going to convert Wart-Hog gun-ships into Porcupine needle-ships,
    capable of vaccinating large crowds a thousand people per minute.

  7. 55,559 China Virus deaths that President Biden is now responsible for. At this rate his first 100 days will include him surpassing Trump in number of China Virus mortalities. With a vaccine available.

  8. Maga cult: “Look at all those mindless sheep, following orders without thinking for themselves!”
    Everyone: “Go on…”
    Maga cult: “The virus is a hoax! We have no proof, but that’s what our leader told us, so it must be true!!!”
    Everyone: 🤔😂🤣

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