1. To be fair he was president of the USA. Commanded the most powerful army in the world. “Inflated” probably not the correct word. His ego definitely fit his position in the world.

    2. @Brent Spiner Ah, and we’ve found a supporter. No, his narcissistic, sociopathic ways were well established before that title came into play.

    3. @Yvonne L. So True!! Glad to see him gone, hope he is someday held accountable for all of his horrendous

    4. @Brent Spiner Just another sucker conned by Trump.If you contributed to Trumps re-election fund I assume that you are happy that he took the money for his personal use.

    1. There are still Trumpists who think he made America great and plenty of Republican senators and representatives that profited from his corruption.

    2. Agreed. Wipe the orange fire stain on of your clothes with FASCIST Be Gone. The brand new detergent from Dictate and Gamble – the new SUPERCORPORATION.

    3. @Rita Hall you don’t even know what cancel culture is. Just another screwed up right wing made up issue. Geez you people have no clue.

  1. Yes amen!!! He’s gone now we can get back to country business. I just pray some how he pays for all he has created.

    1. Tomorrow is Presidents Day! Notice how we are not celebrating Donald tRump, a man who will never make this list and grade!

    2. @Dutch American We heard you defecated and smeared fecal matter in the Capitol Building, is that what you meant by no restraints?

    3. @BostonBruins 88 Do you seriously have nothing better to do than spam things like that in as many comments as you can?

      People need food and help, Diabolical, gov, needs Addicts.

    2. We still have the Trump trial for voter fraud in Georgia, the tax evasion trial in NY and so many others to look forward to!

    3. Yea but now we can use it to keep us warm as we eat our popcorn, and watch him squirm with all the litigation, he will remain in the news a bit, but only as a side note.

    4. Donald tRumps dumpster fire 🔥 is still burning but tomorrow is Presidents Day and we can at forget about him at least that day as he is most Un-Presidential. So let’s all be thankful we are celebrating George Washington, Lincoln, Obama & Joe Biden and not celebrating Donald tRump, Putin or HItler!

  2. Thanks to the cowardly , self serving republican cultists … THIS will never be over , not until diaperdon is sent to PRISON

    1. Thank goodness we are celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln tomorrow on Presidents Day and we can all set aside & forget treasonous Donald tRump tomorrow!

    2. @Joe Mc Whos duty was it to present a case that will win? Ours, thats who. Accepting these excuses is a weakness in our party that must go. Oh, we lost because the opposition did what the opposition does. We do not blame the jurors in a criminal case because the prosecutors didnt deliver. Weakness like this will curtail Biden’s success. Maybe you are a Republican in disguise and should go join the winners. I will demand more from my leaders. We need success, not wishy excuses and cheerleading.

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