Years Later, Michigan Officials Are Made To Answer For Flint Water Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Years Later, Michigan Officials Are Made To Answer For Flint Water Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at how former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's suspension of democracy brought about the mistakes that created the Flint toxic water crisis, and only now is Snyder, along with other officials, being held to account for their role in what happened. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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Years Later, Michigan Officials Are Made To Answer For Flint Water Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Fifer McGee Is it possible that Ms Franklin could rise higher in my estimation? What a fine, fine woman she was.

  1. So chilling. So much injustice is being ignored, because we’ve been trying to cope with all the chaos from the top. The sheer cruelty, avarice and self interested mobsterism, invading our shores, must be root and branch ripped from our soil

  2. you would think this only happens to some third world country where the corrupt earn $ and torture the villages with inhumane conditions

    1. Such is the nature of an oligarchy following the mantra of profit is all that matters per Milton Friedman doctrine that all the GOP have followed since reagan. Morticians’ Lives Matter as the 4000 lives lost everyday now make abundantly clear.

    2. @dlee t as important as Covid-19 is, please don’t conflate it with the Flint water issue. These people must be indicted on something more serious than a misdemeanor.

  3. Every Single One Of These Horrible People, Needs To Be Held Accountable, To The Fullest Extent Of The Law. Absolutely, No Deals. No Leniency.

    1. Where is Erin Brocovich? Hitting the responsible parties in their bank account, is the way to hit back.
      Reimburse the injured families with cash! This reporting from Rachel Maddow is excellent

    2. Unfortunately I heard the former governor can only get a MAXIMUM of 1 year in jail. I doubt he serves a day. (P.S. I dont put it pass Trump to pardon him either)

    3. Once again, corporate interest ahead of the people. Oh! Forgot, is this called the so called Republican boogeyman “socialism”? What a terrible thing to do, poisoning your own citizenry. How can you build a strong country when you do not provide your citizens the basics of life, fresh water, good health care and good education?

    1. And a daily enema too since they are full of it , with the water from the Flint river of course, see if their pipes hold up.

  4. I don’t have the words for just how disgusting these people are. Imagine that it was your children poisoned by this water and what you would want to happen to the perpetrators.

    1. Bur it is not! Words don’t matter! Actions do! And there are always certain actions that can be counted upon by ‘the man’! Always!
      So nobody really cares about your words and righteous indignation! Action is what the people seek! Sort their water and as for what you do with the so called perpetrators! Who cares! Their are more just waiting in the wings to replace them!

  5. Republicans having been trying to disenfranchise Black voters for so long, their noses should grow a foot every time they call themselves the party of Lincoln.

    1. That’s the thing, before the alignment switch in the early into mid 1900’s, the conservative party was the Democratic party. In other words, Lincoln wasn’t their president. Reps claiming that they are the party of Lincoln forget that Republicans of that time were what they would refer to as RINOs now.

    1. Corporatism.
      Jesus threw these types “out of the temple” but there are evil people who “pray to money” and will do anything to get it.
      Even poison babies…

    2. @Gee Mcgraff Err. Because the victims are democratic voters and many of them are people of color. Shouldn’t be surprise to anyone.

    1. @James Jones Yes the confederates have hated Democracy since the 1800’s.. they want white ruled fascism with 2 parties of racist. like they had prior to 1960.. they will vote for white supremacy no matter what form it takes..

    2. Honey, you are so right. What a dirty little dictator, he must be held accountable and be jailed for his conduct.

    3. @Colino Deani Ya they down south treated the Nazi prisoners of war that were held down there better then the black soldier in the US Army fighting for their F-ing freedom in WW2!.Funny on a wale boat when it counted on the man next to you to survive this crazy hunt .They paid the black man a equal share ,but on land they did not! What dishonorable cowards do isn’t it! This is your southern ethics they are approving waving the rebel flag ! Ilike the look of it but hate the meaning that every free American would if they knew the truth of its ethic behind it

    1. It’s easier to appeal to their base of ignorance with made up pseudo-science and lies. It’s a sick way to garner the votes from the under educated of this country.

  6. This is what’s wrong with America. People think that they can just make up laws and put who they want in power.

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